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Social Change in Pakistani Society

Social Change in Pakistani Society In sociology, social change is defined as the alteration of mechanisms within the social structure, characterized by changes in cultural symbols, rules of behaviour, social organizations or value system. Simply, it is the study of shifts in attitudes and behaviours that characterize a society. Since …

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REGIONAL CONNECTIVITY A recipe for Economic Growth Rapid transportation, easy communication and minimizing tariff and non-tariff trade barriers between countries and regions are the key to economic growth and prosperity. By enabling all countries to reap fruits of their shared development and economic growth, these measures lead to inclusive growth …

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America-Led NATO in Afghanistan

America-Led NATO in Afghanistan Crimes against Humanity Call for Accountability “After 9/11, America-led NATO’s invasion of Afghanistan was a revulsion against truth as it was in complete disconnect to the living consciousness of global community,” wrote David Corn in his “Is the President a Pathological Liar? Bush’s unhealthy relationship with …

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Population Policies and Islam

Population Policies and Islam Sensing gravity of population explosion, international organizations and world community, led by developed countries, took concrete measures and laudable steps for reducing the population growth rate and, hence, were successful in reducing or controlling it, to a large extent. The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set …

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Future Challenges of Population Growth

Future Challenges of Population Growth Rights and choices are the answer The reason behind celebrating World Population Day is to highlight the difficulties created by overpopulation and increasing awareness about how overpopulation may harm the ecosystem and progress of humanity. The day also discusses family planning, poverty, sexual equality, maternal …

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