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Jul 2022

JWT English Jul 2022


Phenomenology The study of things as they appear Phenomenology, as a philosophical doctrine, has been a component of Continental Philosophy, one of the most challenging movements that emerged in the mainland European continent during the 20th century. It is rather difficult to come up with an agreed-upon definition of what …

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Dr Abdul Qadir

Dr Abdul Qadir PhD in Environmental Biology Jahangir’s World Times: In which category would you place the loss of Lahore’s tree cover? Dr Abdul Qadir (DAQ): Lahore is losing its green cover fast, though it cannot be said that it is going on at a high pace, yet it is …

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The Population Surge

The Population Surge Thinking beyond Orthodoxies Population surge is the mother of all evils in a society, yet, regrettably, it is not conceded as such. The United Nations commemorates the World Population Day on July 11 every year. The global body sets forth different themes each year, pushing the governments …

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The Concept of Learning

The Concept of Learning What distinguishes human beings from other creatures is the characteristic of learning. Though animals and birds have some inborn skills, they do not learn acquired skills except a few for which their genes and physical structures allow. Not only this skill distinguishes human beings from animals, …

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Islamic Socioeconomics and Finance

Islamic Socioeconomics and Finance The history of the disciplinary development of economics is characterized by debates about the scientific or social science nature of economics. The pursuit of the classical economic school of thought advocates for the development of economics along the lines of physics as an exact science. This …

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