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Jan 2022

JWT English Jan 2022

Thana Culture

Thana Culture Thana Culture is a negative connotation which is used to indicate the non-friendly attitude of the police station (Thana) staff towards the general public. Following notions form part of that perceived notorious Thana culture: Bribery Sifarash Dreadful environment Rude behaviour by the police station staff Misuse of power …

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TAX DISPUTE RESOLUTION The apex revenue authority at the federal level, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), administers four major laws at national level. These are Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, Sales Tax Act, 1990, and Federal Excise Duty, 2005, by Inland Revenue Service (IRS), and Customs Act, 1969 by Customs Group. …

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Understanding Pakistan-Russia Rapprochement

Understanding Pakistan–Russia Rapprochement Until recently, the bilateral ties between Russia and Pakistan remained hostage to historical baggage. Trust deficit (Pakistan’s almost blind pursuit of US strategic objectives and Russia’s continuing strong ties with India), regional dynamics, mutually exclusive geopolitical and geo-economic considerations, economic imperatives and strategic culture of both countries …

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The Quirinale Treaty Post-Merkel power balance in Europe?

The Quirinale Treaty Post-Merkel power balance in Europe? After years of diplomatic tensions, Italy and France, the two biggest economies in the European Union after Germany, have signed an enhanced cooperation treaty. On November 26, the leaders of the two Mediterranean powers long bound by historical, cultural and linguistic ties …

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The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Could rethinking design transform the world? From textiles and plastic, to electrical waste: the world is drowning in rubbish. However, business executives are becoming more aware that the natural resources needed to create products are not infinite. The traditional “linear” economic business model — create, sell, discard …

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