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May 2022

JWT English Magazine May-22

The Rise of Taliban and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

The Rise of Taliban and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy The cross-border infiltration, repatriation of Afghan refugees, counterterrorism policy, harbouring of terrorist organizations and tariff and non-tariff barriers in bilateral and transit trade are some issues that have contributed to the trust deficit between Afghanistan and Pakistan and marred the bilateral ties. …

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Taxation for Growth

Taxation for Growth Direct taxation theories support taxation for redistribution of income from high-income earners to low-income earners so as to reduce income inequalities and to ensure equity that is essential to promote societal welfare, the ultimate objective of a state. In recent decades, taxes have largely been used to …

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Reko Diq Deal

Reko Diq Deal The federal and Balochistan governments and two international firms — Antofagasta PLC and Barrick Gold Corporation — have reached an agreement in principle on a framework to reconstitute the development project at Reko Diq which is one of the largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits globally, capable …

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LIFE IMPRISONMENT What does it mean? Imprisonment is, undeniably, one of those legal concepts that are misconstrued equally by the legal fraternity and the laymen. At the very initial point of this study, one should be clear that no specific term is prescribed for life imprisonment anywhere in the Pakistan …

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