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CODING & DECODING 1. In a certain code, BASIC is written as DDULE. How is LEADER written in that code? Ans. NHCGGU 2. In a certain code, SPRING is written as UNUFRC. How will the word MOBILE be written in that code language? Ans. OMEFPA 3. In a certain code, …

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75 Years of Pakistan

75 Years of Pakistan Seventy-five years of Pakistan’s independence has been like a tumultuous journey for the Pakistani nation. But, hardly any sane person would deny that even today we are facing acute crises in almost all domains of life. Alas, on this auspicious occasion, instead of joy and happiness, …

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World Times English Aug-2022 Edition

World Times English Aug-2022 Edition Jahangir’s World Times E-mail: Ph: 0302 555 68 02 English 1 Year Subscription Charges = 4200 2 Years Subscription Charges = 8000 Urdu 1 Year Subscription Charges = 3500 Send an online deposit slip along with your complete Name & Address through whatsApp or …

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Phenomenology The study of things as they appear Phenomenology, as a philosophical doctrine, has been a component of Continental Philosophy, one of the most challenging movements that emerged in the mainland European continent during the 20th century. It is rather difficult to come up with an agreed-upon definition of what …

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Dr Abdul Qadir

Dr Abdul Qadir PhD in Environmental Biology Jahangir’s World Times: In which category would you place the loss of Lahore’s tree cover? Dr Abdul Qadir (DAQ): Lahore is losing its green cover fast, though it cannot be said that it is going on at a high pace, yet it is …

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