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Professions of the Future

Professions of the Future Breakthrough careers revealed While the digital economy is booming, the demand for many traditional, high-paying professionals like lawyers, accountants, academics and middle management is decreasing due to what’s being called the robot revolution. This doesn’t mean these jobs will disappear by any means but the competition …

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Pakistan Current Political Polarization

Pakistan Current Political Polarization Causes, effects and solutions Pakistan is suffering from political polarization like the rest of the world. Elite disunity, radicalization, socioeconomic decline and politicization of science, religion and technology are major contributors to political polarization in Pakistan with spillover effects. This division can be resolved by taking …

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Influencing the Youth!

Influencing the Youth! Social Media Influencers and Their Claim What are social media influencers? According to, the helpful definition of social media influencer is as under: “A social media influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in the specific industry. A social media influencer has …

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6TH INTER SCHOOL SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP Aitchison College Lahore Saturday 1st October 2022 Last Date of Submission 23rd September 2022 Certificate of participation and souvenirs will be distributed among all the players Trophies will be awarded to the top three players in each category All participants and faculty members will be …

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THE NELSON MANDELA RULES AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM OF PAKISTAN Internationalization of Criminal Justice Legal philosophers like Kelsen and Professor H.L.A Hart of the University of Oxford had historically raised serious ontological questions about international law, questioning the very nature of its legal content as it lacked any enforcement and …

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Russia, Iran and Turkey Hold Tehran Summit

Russia, Iran and Turkey Hold Tehran Summit While the Paranoid West Views it Suspiciously Western leaders sceptical of Tehran summit Most Western leaders enjoin lingering suspicion if President Putin, President Ebrahim Raisi and President Erdogan will meet or could produce any tangible outcomes of Tehran Summit. Despite political discord, they …

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