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Confabulating with Engr. Dileep Kumar Malhi

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Confabulating with

Engr. Dileep Kumar Malhi

Assistant Director Oil & Gas Energy Department

Government of Sindh

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Please tell us about your educational background
Engr. Dilip Kumar Malhi (DKM): I did my matriculation from D.U.Q. Govt. High School, Mirpurkhas, in 2008, and intermediate from SZABIST Intermediate College, Mirpurkhas, in 2010. Later, for securing selection in my desired university and department, I studied 8 hours a day and, ultimately, got 25th position (out of 62 seats) for the Sindh Rural quota in the Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, to join my desired field of Petroleum & Gas Engineering in 2011. I completed my degree in 2015 in first division. During my studies, I did an internship in OGDCL. After graduation, in July 2016, I got a job as Drilling Engineer in CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited (CCDC), Pakistan branch, which further enriched my professional experience.

JWT: How long did it take you to prepare for the Assistant Director Oil & Gas (Energy Department) exam?
DKM: I took off from my job in 2019 and started preparations for this competitive exams. I have taken various one-paper exams, provincial competitive exams as well as three attempts of CSS – the result of my last CSS attempt, i.e. 2022, is yet to be announced. During the preparation phase, I applied for this post which was advertised through Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC). Luckily, I made it this time and secured a desired position for my career ahead.

JWT: What were your principal resources?
DKM: There were multiple resources which helped me throughout my journey of competitive exams. Among them, reading Dawn newspaper on a daily basis and JWT magazine on a monthly basis were the core sources which not only helped me cover the current affairs section but also provided me in-depth understanding of various dimensions of, and insights into, domestic and international issues.

JWT: How was your experience at World Times Institute during your preparations?
DKM: WTI has played a vital role in my preparation because it provided me with an environment I was looking for. The first motivational lecture by Sir Adeel Niaz really inspired me a lot. It provided me with confidence in myself that I can be a public servant as well who can serve the nation. At WTI, I was taught how to make lengthy and short notes, from where to study and extract valuable information as well as which books are worth reading for the competitive exams. The WTI has competitive and cooperative mentors who helped me to overcome my weak points and enrich my writing skills.
To be honest, I consider WTI a university for competitive exams and my experience there was marvellous. Because, the way teachers teach and engage with the aspirants is notably outstanding. The WTI basically trains aspirants in a way that they can establish their career successfully. Mentors were available to guide us all the time.

JWT: How new aspirants should start preparations for the various one-paper exams?
DKM: I would suggest a few tips to the beginners.
First, have a good command over the field of study you have done your degree(s) in.
Second, do read English newspapers on a daily basis and extract the information related to your field.
Third, read as many books as you can so as to relate your basic knowledge with different perspectives on various issues to hone your analytical skills.
Fourth, make short notes in bulleted form by using lots of flowcharts, diagrams, key terms, ideas and headings, etc. Your notes should be structured in a way that when you look at them for revision, a single line should bring to your mind the whole topic.
And lastly, write what you have learned and get your work evaluated.

JWT: What areas should they focus?
DKM: By looking at the syllabus and getting basic information about every topic, the aspirants should analyze it in multiple directions covering its social, economic, political and ideological dimensions. Also, they should work relentlessly on developing their writing skills.

JWT: What is, in your opinion, an ideal time table for a sound preparation?
DKM: In my case, I never decided how many hours a day to study. I simply used to decide the topics to cover for a day and complete them as quickly as I could.

JWT: What strategy should the in-job aspirants adopt as they have scant time at their disposal?
DKM: For the in-job individuals who wish to prepare themselves for any competitive exam, I would suggest that they should follow my strategy: Decide the topics to cover on a daily basis keeping in view the spare time they have.

JWT: How did you handle the interview pressure while before the panel?
DKM: Well, it was an amazing experience! I believe multiple things helped me in overcoming the interview pressure. For example, I had prepared myself with significant knowledge related to my field, my previous job experience helped me too and tremendous grip on current affairs provided me an extra edge. This had really boosted my confidence for the interview.

JWT: Please share some questions the panellists asked during the interview?
DKM: The panel started the interview by asking me about reason behind my university’s name ‘Dawood’ and about his personality. Some other personal questions like why I prefer government job than a private one, why I was not moving to the Middle Eastern countries for work, etc. were also asked. Later on, they asked me a raft of questions related to my degree, thesis and internship experience. Furthermore, a technical panellist asked various technical questions related to my job experience and about the post I would be joining. In the end, they asked me a few questions about current and historical dynamics of oil industry and about relationship of global economy with world politics in regard to oil and gas. Some question about OPEC+, and surge in oil prices amid Ukraine-Russia war as well as Venezuelan crisis were also asked.

JWT: On the basis of your experience, what tips you would give to the prospective aspirants?
DKM: On the basis of my experience, I would say, always have strong faith in divine energy and your own capabilities. Stay positive, committed and focused as you can ace any exam with your perseverance, consistency and hard work. Avoid daydreaming; work for your dreams instead. Divide your topics on a daily basis and get evaluated your work regularly. Last but not least, take care of your health, proper intake of nutrients and water as well as good sleep.
Good luck to all aspirants!

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