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Nuclear Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation We will be celebrating the 24th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear weapon tests – conducted on May 28, 1998 – this month. The day marks the historic achievement of nuclear deterrence capability that was pressingly needed against the adversaries as well as the confidence to be recognized as …

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The New IPCC Climate Report

The New IPCC Climate Report It’s ‘now or never’ to limit warming! After a contentious session where scientists and government officials went through the Working Group III’s contribution to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, which assesses literature on the scientific, technological, environmental, economic and social aspects of mitigation of climate …

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Global Food Crisis

Global Food Crisis A looming disaster in the wake of Russia’s Ukraine War The effects of war in Ukraine are already being felt across the world, from rocking world energy markets to spurring a growing refugee crisis in Europe. But the conflict could have more ripple effects, including sparking a …

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Equilibrium within International Economic and Environmental Laws

Equilibrium within International Economic and Environmental Laws The implications of international economic law for transferring environment-friendly technologies and protecting non-economic values have become a major concern in governing economic relations around the world. In the last decades, the international environmental laws have had noteworthy influence on international economic law. It …

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