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Charismatic Politics

Charismatic Politics The concept of charismatic politics is derived from the theoretical perspective presented by Max Weber in his Theory of Power. Weber argues that when an individual derives authority from his charisma, it is called charismatic authority. This authority is based on irrational personal attraction towards the leader. The …

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The 6th Summit of CICA

The 6th Summit of CICA Recently, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) held its sixth summit in Astana, Kazakhstan. Presidents of as many as 11 countries, including from Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Russia, Tajikistan, Türkiye, and Uzbekistan – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko …

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20th CPC Congress and Xi’s Re-lection

20th CPC Congress and Xi’s Re-lection China’s starts its new journey Chinese President Xi Jinping secured an unusual third term as leader of the Chinese Communist Party, the country’s most powerful position, after a weeklong Party congress session that ended on Oct. 22. During the meeting, some key Communist party …

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8 Tips for Writing Effectively

8 Tips for Writing Effectively Writing is a medium through which one can articulate one’s ideas and access wider audience without uttering a single word. Also, writing carries special significance for the youth, for it is an essential part of competitive exams, e.g. CSS and PMS, which have, of late, …

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An Overview of The Prince

An Overview of ‘The Prince’ If one is interested in having the accumulated wisdom of different generations, one should read the stories of great men and opinions of the great thinkers who tried to convey their experience and wisdom through the medium of books. I have selected one such book …

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The Flood Disaster

The Flood Disaster Causes and Management The death toll has, so far, crossed the grim milestone of 1400 and it is likely to rise further. Around 33 million people – one out of every seven Pakistanis – are sleeping outside, in the open sky. Close to one million homes have …

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The Economy Of Pakistan

The Economy Of Pakistan Challenges and Prospects Let’s start with the consuming attitude of the people. It is a fact that in Pakistani society, people spend more than what they earn. Our domestic saving rate is 12.3% (2019) while this rate in India and China is 29.32% and 44.9%, respectively. …

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