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March, 2022

  • 2 March

    یوکرین تنازعہ

    یوکرین تنازعہ امریکہ روس جنگ کا خطرہ یوں لگتا ہے، بڑی طاقتیں سال کے اختتام سے قبل اپنے اہم تنازعات نمٹانے پر تلی ہیں۔حالیہ پیش رفت کے نتیجے میں یوکرین تنازعے پر نیٹو اور روس کے درمیان ایک بار پھر فوجی تصادم کا خدشہ ظاہر کیا جارہا ہے۔اطلاعات کے مطابق …

  • 1 March

    ووٹنگ رائٹس بل (Votting Rights Bill)

    ووٹنگ رائٹس بل  امریکی سینٹ قوانین میں ترمیم کا معاملہ گزشتہ امریکی انتخابات میں ٹرمپ کی طرف سے دھاندلی کے الزامات اور پُرتشدد مظاہروں نے امریکی جمہوریت کا بھرم کھول دیا اور امریکا میں انتخابی اصلاحات اور قوانین میں ترمیم کی بحث شدومد سے جاری ہے۔ حالیہ پیش رفت میں صدر جوبائیڈن …

  • 1 March

    ZEALANDIA The Eighth Continent

    ZEALANDIA The Eighth Continent Till now, we knew that the Earth is divided into 7 continents, i.e. Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica, and Australia. But, it’s time to revisit Geography books now. Scientists have discovered a new continent under the Pacific Ocean: Zealandia. Introduction The world’s encyclopaedias, …

February, 2022

  • 28 February

    Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2022

    Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2022 What is Wetland? A wetland is a land area that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, such that it takes on the characteristics of a distinct ecosystem. The Convention on Wetlands uses a broad definition of wetlands. It includes all lakes and rivers, …

  • 28 February

    Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul Freight Train

    Islamabad–Tehran–Istanbul Freight Train Another step to materialize the dream of regional connectivity On January 05, the first Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) train, carrying goods from Pakistan to Turkey via Iran, rolled into the Turkish capital of Ankara. Departing from the Margalla station in Islamabad, the train embarked on its 5,981-kilometre (3,666-mile) journey …

  • 26 February

    Russell Tribunal on War Crimes in Kashmir 2021

    Russell Tribunal on War Crimes in Kashmir 2021 Decolonization, settler-colonialism, crimes against humanity, genocide and nuclear threats emerging from the disputed territory of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) were marked at the inaugural Russell Tribunal in Sarajevo which was held on December 17-19, 2021. Organized by Kashmir Civitas, a …

  • 26 February

    Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Strategy

    Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Strategy The world has gone through a series of watershed moments in the recent years, clearly reshaping contemporary politics among nations. The new war theatre between states is the global financial markets and, unlike traditional warfare tactics and strategies, nations are now applying the proxies of commercial …

  • 25 February

    Kashmir Delimitation

    Kashmir Delimitation Narendra Modi-led BJP-RSS government in India is hell bent on depriving the Muslims of Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) of all their democratic rights. With an illegal act of repealing articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian constitution, the fascist regime has now issued another nefarious …

  • 24 February

    Major Reasons for Increased Tax Litigation

    Major Reasons for Increased Tax Litigation A fresh spate of litigation cases has been seen in the recent past against the actions of the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue), which was established during the tax year 2012 to take stringent action against tax evasion and money laundering. …

  • 22 February

    Gender Stereotypes

    Gender Stereotypes Stereotypes of women and men The origin of the current stereotypes of women dates back to the 19th century. This was the era of Industrial Revolution. As a result of the Revolution, the economy shifted from agriculture to factories (industry). This huge shift forced men to leave the …