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SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE Afghanistan is more than the “graveyard of empires.” It’s the mother of vicious circles. So this general with the background in intelligence who is supposed to conquer Afghanistan can’t even figure out what Rolling Stone is? We’re not talking Guns & Ammo here; we’re talking the …

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Pulses 10th February 2022

Pulses 10th February 2022 World Pulses Day 2022 Pulses are considered a poor man’s food and poor people are disparagingly called ‘pulse-eaters’. In addition, some linguistic groups are called pulse-eaters just out of prejudice and without acknowledging the fact that due to their nutritional value, pulses are in no way …

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RELIGIOUS NATIONALISM Definition According to philosopher Ernest Renan, nationalism is a kind of spirit and soul that binds the community or a group into a whole. Nationalism typically refers to the animating spirit of a community of people with an aspiration to be politically self-determining. Religious nationalism includes any religious …

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Omar al Khayyam

Omar al Khayyam The polymath who married science and literature Omar Khayyam, the celebrated Persian who lived in the late 11th and early 12th centuries, earned fame at home and afar as a genius mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. But in the West, his chief claim to fame and stardom has …

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Net Zero

Net Zero One outcome of the recent UN Climate Summit, or COP26, was that 136 countries pledged to reach net zero, with countries responsible for nearly half of global emissions aiming for 2050, while others have target dates further in the future.  To avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change, …

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