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June 2022

JWT English June-2022

China’s Global Security Initiative

China’s Global Security Initiative Acting to safeguard world peace Chinese President Xi Jinping has come up with a new global security proposal that upholds the principle of “indivisible security,” a concept also endorsed by Russia, calling out Cold War mentality, hegemonism and power politics as issues that would endanger world …

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Expansion of NATO

Expansion of NATO May 15, Finland and Sweden submitted letters formally applying to join the 30-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato). The Nato Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, personally accepted the Nordic neighbours’ membership applications at the headquarters of the 30-member, US-led defensive military alliance in Haren, in the north-east of …

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Taliban Government in Afghanistan

Taliban Government in Afghanistan Challenges and Opportunities Around nine months have passed since Taliban took over Afghanistan, on 15th of August 2021. Immediately after taking over, Taliban were faced with certain issues in legal, social, cultural, political, strategic and diplomatic domains. The hydra of Ashraf Ghani administration’s persistent hypocritical approach, …

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World in Focus (APR–MAY 2022) National & International With MCQs

Please Login or Register to view the complete Article Send an online deposit slip along with your complete Name & Address through WhatsApp or Email. 0302 555 68 02 English1 Year Subscription Charges =   50002 Years Subscription Charges = 9600 For Online Payments.A/C Title  : Jahangir’s World TimesA/C No.   : …

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The Population Problem

The Population Problem Myth or a Time Bomb? Overpopulation has been springing out great motley of problems like poverty, illiteracy, hunger, unemployment, human trafficking, global warming, depletion of natural resources, political unrest and so on. Therefore, the sooner the population problem is recognized as a serious threat, the better it …

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