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July, 2021

  • 26 July

    Pakistan-India Relations

    Pakistan-India Relations The precarious path to peace Khan’s statement was neither impromptu nor surprising. The prelude came from army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa in early February when he said that Pakistan was committed to the ideal of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence and that “it is time to extend …

  • 24 July

    Pakistan Economic Survey 2020-21

    Pakistan Economic Survey 2020-21 FY21 Year of Revival The government has launched the Economic Survey 2020-21 which shows that Pakistan has surpassed the annual growth target of 2.1 percent and touched 3.94 percent with the help in growth in manufacturing and services sectors. According to the Survey, current account posted …

  • 24 July

    Pakistan’s Demography

    Pakistan’s Demography Challenges and Opportunities Throughout the history of human civilization, the size of a country’s population has been viewed as the most important pillar of its national power as it is crucially important for defence and labour. The human population remained almost stagnant during the Middle Ages because a …

  • 24 July


    THE PRIMACY OF FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAW IN NATIONAL SECURITY Modern states use their coercive authority through criminal law, which derives its legality and legitimacy through constitutional law. This linkage between a state’s penal and coercive power and its criminal law is not only to be found in Western democracies, but …

  • 24 July

    Federal Budget 2021-22

    Federal Budget 2021-22 Make-in-Pakistan, Growth-focused Plan The government unveiled, on June 11, a Rs8.48 trillion pro-growth and relief-oriented federal budget for the fiscal year 2021-22. The budget focuses on pursuing all-inclusive, sustained and robust economic growth through comprehensive planning and development. In the new budget, the government have revisited their …

  • 24 July

    The New Atlantic Charter

    The New Atlantic Charter New Rules for New Threats Before the Second World War, states acted as they wished in international affairs, limited only by their resources and power. These circumstances began to change in August 1941, before America joined the allied cause. On a battleship off the coast of …

  • 19 July

    Vaccine Poverty

    Vaccine Poverty Inequitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution and its effects he scientific community has succeeded in producing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccines in record time; however, some countries are just receiving their first doses while others, such as the United States of America, have had vaccines since December 2020. The gap …

  • 19 July

    Global Humanity Paralyzed by Covid-19

    Global Humanity Paralyzed by Covid-19 The Politics of Conflicts Looks for Change and Unity The Covid-19 Pandemic Demands Critical Thinking and Human Unity We are living in a connected world of virtual reality – people in one part of the globe cannot be separated by the Covid-19 pandemic and continued …

  • 17 July

    Israel Lost This Round

    Israel Lost This Round The Jewish state is stunned by Palestinian and world response Israel-Palestine conflict is there for more than seven decades, mired in series of hostilities escalating every year and subsequent bombardment by Tel Aviv of Gaza Strip. Slaughtering of men, women and children is not new to …

  • 17 July


    CARBIS BAY G7 SUMMIT What have the wealthy democracies agreed on? Eleven leaders representing more than 2.2 billion people and over half of the world’s economy convened for the Group of Seven summit in Cornwall, UK, from June 11 to 13. This was the first G7 summit since 2019, with …