Relevance of OIC in Global Political Scenario and its Role in Promoting Interests of the Muslim World (PMS-2017)

Relevance of OIC in Global Political Scenario and its Role in Promoting Interests of the Muslim World (PMS-2017)

1. Introduction
2. History and structure of OIC
a. Creation of OIC
b. Major objectives
c. Organizational structure

3. Relevance of OIC in present global scenario
a. Successful role of many organizations e.g. ASEAN, SCO, NATO.
b. Unresolved political issues of Muslim states
c. Ongoing war on terror in Muslim countries
d. Abysmal economic and social conditions in Muslim states
e. No other representative platform of Muslim states
f. Widening gap between Muslim and non-Muslim states
g. Sectarian divide within the Muslim bloc

4. Role of OIC in promoting and protecting interests of Muslim states
a. Positive role
i. Role in keeping the Palestine issue alive
ii. Resolutions against abuse of human rights of Muslims
b. Negative role
i. Unresolved issues of Palestine and Kashmir
ii. Armed aggression by foreign states against Muslim countries
iii. Blatant denial of fundamental human rights to Muslim population in non-Muslim as well as Muslim states
iv. Widening gulfs within Muslim states
v. Persistent prevalence of backwardness in Muslim states
vi. Deteriorating image of Islam and Muslims at global level
vii. Low volume of trade among Muslim states
viii. Biased approach of the US and the UN toward Iran as compared to Israel

5. Causes of failures of OIC
a. Lack of capacity of the organizational structure
b. Lack of unity among Muslim states
c. Negative role of religious leaders
d. Leadership crisis
e. Personal interests and motives of Muslim rulers
f. Economic divide between Muslims sates
g. Evils of illiteracy and backwardness
h. Absence of single representative electronic media channel

6. Recommendations for enabling OIC to protect interests of Muslims
a. Internal conflict-resolution (ending of Shia-Sunni divide)
b. Effective role of religious leaders to end sectarian hatred
c. Restructuring of OIC in accordance with the contemporary needs
d. Promotion of democratic values within Muslim states
e. Strengthening the system of Zakat to end economic disparities
f. Formation and implementation of meticulous policies to end backwardness and illiteracy
g. Launching of representative media network

7. Conclusion

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