Can globalization and nationalism co-exist in the long run

Can globalization and nationalism co-exist in the long run

1. Introduction
2. Globalization and its different colours
a. Globalization in political field
b. Globalization in economic field
c. Globalization in social field
d. Globalization in cultural field

3. Nationalism: meaning and ingredients
a. Different definitions
b. Different ingredients

4. Fields where globalization and nationalism can always co-exist
a. Sharing of democratic norms and values
b. Globalized struggle for fundamental human rights
c. Fight against the menace of terrorism
d. Sharing of technology
e. Exchange of knowledge
f. Enhanced tourism
g. Concerted efforts for women empowerment
h. Joint efforts for poverty eradication
i. Globalized banking sector

5. Aspects where globalization causes challenges to nationalism
a. Overseas employments causing brain drain
b. Monopoly of international brands
c. Impacts on moral values and traditions
d. Increased demand for foreign attires
e. Strong influence of international languages
f. Shift in entertainment activities
g. Trends of art and literature
h. Impact on eating habits

6. Responding to the challenges effectively
a. Character-building in educational institutions
b. Strengthening of education sector to thwart educational migration
c. Imposition of checks and balances on social media
d. Allocation of sufficient budget for research and development (R&D)
e. Invigorating local media for promotion of national values
f. Celebration of national days and events with full zeal and zest
g. Creation of employment opportunities to check brain drain
h. Strengthening of local industry

7. Conclusion

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