August 2017

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August 2017 Complete Issue

World in Focus (June-July 2017)

NATIONAL June 16: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the French Development Agency (AFD) approved loans worth over $400 million to help Pakistan improve reliability and sustainability of the energy sector. ADB Country Director Xiaohong Yang and Secretary of the Economic Affairs Division, Tariq Mahmood Pasha signed the agreement. June 17: The OGDCL awarded 80 scholarships under ‘OGDCL-HEC Need-based scholarship …

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Remembering Iranian Genius Maryam Mirzakhani, The Only Woman to Win Fields Medal

Maryam Mirzakhani, the Iranian mathematics genius, was born in Tehran in 1977. She attended school there and obtained her BSc in mathematics in 1999 from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. In 1994, while still in school, Mirzakhani achieved the gold medal level in the International Mathematical Olympiad, becoming the first female Iranian student to do so. In the 1995 …

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A REGION AT RISK, The Human Dimensions of Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific

On July 14th, the Asian Development Bank released a report on the impacts of climate change on the Asia and Pacific region. The report warns that a business-as-usual approach to climate change will be disastrous for Asia, undoing much of the phenomenal economic growth that has helped it make vast inroads against poverty. It also says that Myanmar, the Philippines, …

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What CSS Requires? 1. Devoted study 2. Good writing style 3. To-the-point approach 4. Basic command over English and Aptitude 5. Good grasp over current affairs 6. Quality material and guidance 7. Patience and self-confidence Choosing Optional Subjects Keep following things in mind while making this critical decision: 1. Interest and understanding in the subject 2. Analysis of the syllabus …

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Analytical Reasoning

Question 1-3: From exactly seven objects – R, S, T, U, X, Y, and Z – a group of exactly four objects must be selected in accordance with the following conditions: If R is selected, T must also be selected. If S is selected, U must also be selected. If X and Y are both selected together, T cannot be …

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