March 2017

An Autopsy on CSS 2017 Exam

CSS 2017 Solved Papers, English Précis & Composition

CSS 2017 Solved Papers, English Precis and Composition

SYNONYMS Fudge: (v); adjust or manipulate, tamper SYN: misreport, tinker with, doctor, juggle Clever accountants fudge the numbers to evade taxes. Levitate: (v); rise or cause to rise and hover in the air SYN: float, hover, glide, waft, fly, soar up The magician levitated the woman. Nicety: (n); a fine or subtle detail or distinction SYN: subtlety, nuance, refinement Legal …

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CSS 2017 Solved Paper (Essay Outline – IS MODERNITY AN UNENDING PROCESS)

CSS 2017 Solved Paper

1. Introduction 2. Modernity and Its Importance 3. Levels of Modernity a. At individual level b. At national level c. At international level 4. Is It So that Modernity is an Unending Task? Yes, it is an unending task; because world is transforming rapidly in: a. Economic Spectrum because of: a cutthroat competition online operative and technical systems just-in-time, SWOT …

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CSS 2017 Solved Paper (Essay Outline – FEMINISM IS NOT ONLY A THIRD WORLD ISSUE)

CSS 2017 Solved Papers English Essay

1. Introduction 2. Meaning and Scope of the Term ‘Third World’ 3. What is Feminism? 4. Feminism: A Global Issue or Merely a Third World Issue? 5. An Overview of Women Inequality in the Developed Nations of the World I. Political inequalities a. Number of women as Heads of State b. Women’s participation in electoral processes c. Fundamental rights II. …

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Pakistan’s Changing Climate Concerns

Pakistans Changing Climate Concerns

Pakistan’s high vulnerability to adverse impacts of climate change, in particular of extreme climatic events, means that the country is in dire need of innovative mitigation and adaptation technologies to effectively manage recurring natural disasters triggering climate change as well as rapidly increasing levels of GHG emissions so as to lessen the damage to life, property, natural ecosystems and economy …

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Soaring Unemployment, Some measures to tackle the challenge

Soaring Unemployment

On January 13, the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) released its 2017 World Employment and Social Outlook report according to which global unemployment is expected to rise by 3.4 million. The increase, while a modest 5.7 to 5.8%, is due to deteriorating labour market conditions in emerging countries, particularly those in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the case …

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In Conversation with OSAMA SHAROON, 30th in Punjab, PMS-2015

In Conversation with OSAMA SHAROON, 30th in Punjab, PMS-2015

JWT helped me a great deal in getting much-needed latest updates on national and international affairs that helped me get through the General Knowledge paper. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Osama Sharoon (OS): I am a law graduate and besides an LLB degree, I have earned a master’s degree in Political …

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Geopolitical Alignments in Asia


China rightfully maintains that the basic purpose of CPEC is to bring about regional integration through generating economic activity. However India doesn’t seem to be too convinced as it claims that CPEC violates the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India as it plans to pass through Jammu and Kashmir, which it claims to be India’s territory. Nor does India look …

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