CSS 2017 Solved Papers, CURRENT AFFAIRS (MCQs)

CSS 2017 Solved Papers, CURRENT AFFAIRS (MCQs)

1. FIFA World Cup 2018 will be hosted by: Russia

2. Number of OIC Muslim states: 57

3. Number of European Union member states: 28

4. Cold war period: 1947 – 1991

5. NPT is: Non-Proliferation Treaty

6. AFP is the news agency of: France

7. Headquarters of ICJ: The Hague (Netherlands)

8. Oldest satellite site is in: Kazakhstan

9. UK’s Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II

10. Country that once was the colony of UK: Burma

11. Oldest tennis venue: Wimbledon

12. Bishkek is the capital of: Kyrgyzstan

13. Suez Canal connects: Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

14. Last census in Pakistan was held in: 1998

15. First Muslim Nobel Laureate: Anwar Sadat (1978)

16. Objectives Resolution was presented by: Liaquat Ali Khan

17. The world’s largest producer of cotton: China

18. United States bombed on Hiroshima: August 6, 1945

19. Collapse of USSR due to: Economic failure

20. Country having largest gas reserves: Russia

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