CSS 2017 Solved Paper (Essay Outline – IS MODERNITY AN UNENDING PROCESS)

CSS 2017 Solved Paper

1. Introduction

2. Modernity and Its Importance

3. Levels of Modernity

a. At individual level
b. At national level
c. At international level

4. Is It So that Modernity is an Unending Task?

Yes, it is an unending task; because world is transforming rapidly in:

a. Economic Spectrum because of:

  • a cutthroat competition
  • online operative and technical systems
  • just-in-time, SWOT analysis and quality procedures
  • advanced research and development

b. Political Spectrums because of:

  • globalization
  • scientific advancements
  • geopolitical and global political interests
  • increased terrorism and extremism
  • advanced military weapons for defence

c.    Social Spectrums because of :

  • protection and empowerment of women
  • complex antiterrorism and anti-extremism     procedures
  • rapid urbanization
  • population explosion
  • spread of education
  • emergence and spread of media

5. Some Disadvantages Of Modernity

a. Isolation
b. materialistic approach
c.  psychological unrest
d. anxiety, depression and jealousy factors
e. easy access to unethical content
f.  individualism
g. affected balance of power

6. Reasons behind Slow Modernity in Some Countries

a. Illiteracy and backwardness
b. Impotent and non-visionary leadership
c. Grappling with fundamental problems
d. Poverty and unemployment
e. Conservative mindset
f. Non- contributive role of media
g. Lack of access to mediums of modernity

7. Recommendations for Encouraging the Wave of Modernity

a. Providing education and awareness
b. Ensuring contributive role of media
c. Promising encouraging role of leadership
d. Curtailing poverty and backwardness
e. Ensuring solutions to fundamental problems
f. Promoting internet and mass media services in backward areas

8. Conclusion

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