CSS 2017 Solved Paper (Essay Outline – FEMINISM IS NOT ONLY A THIRD WORLD ISSUE)

CSS 2017 Solved Papers English Essay

1. Introduction

2. Meaning and Scope of the Term ‘Third World’

3. What is Feminism?

4. Feminism: A Global Issue or Merely a Third World Issue?

5. An Overview of Women Inequality in the Developed Nations of the World

I. Political inequalities

a. Number of women as Heads of State
b. Women’s participation in electoral processes
c. Fundamental rights

II. Economic inequalities

a. Number of women in the list of richest persons of the world
b. Difference between men and women in per-hour income
c. Women’s economic dependence on men
d. Women’s count in government jobs

III. Social inequalities

a. Parents desire to have a male rather than a female one
b. Ratio of rapes on women
c. Cases of physical and mental torture
d. Use of women as a tool for sexual pleasure of men

IV. Administrative inequalities

a. Availability of conducive environment at workplaces
b. Implementation of laws
6. Causes of Women’s Deprivation across the Globe
a. Historical reasons
b. Male psyche of dominance
c. Women’s psychological factors
d. Biological reasons
e. Men as most of the legislators
f. Poor role of education sector
g. Ineffective role of media
h. Men’s role in wars and in the face of natural calamities

7. Impacts of Women’s Deprivation

8. An Overview of the Feminist Movements across the Globe

a. Activities from the platform of the United Nations
b. Efforts made by NGOs
c. Struggle at the level of states
d. Role of media

9. Recommendations for Ameliorating the Situation

a. UN to lead from the front
b. Proper allocation of resources
c. Sharply-focused role of educational institutions
d. Mature and target-oriented role of media
e. Enactment of stringent laws
f. Spread of awareness through media campaigns
g. Effective role of educational institutions

10. Conclusion

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