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Dr Muhammad Mohiuddin

Dr Muhammad Mohiuddin Dr Mohiuddin received his MBBS (MD) degree from Dow Medical College in Karachi, and after completing his surgical training at Civil Hospital Karachi, he moved to the United States where he completed his first fellowship in Transplantation Biology at University of Pennsylvania (Verdi DiSesa) and later fellowship …

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Women in Judiciary

Women in Judiciary Justice with a gender perspective “A more gender-diverse judiciary will have far-reaching effects on people’s access to justice and the quality of justice.” — Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Conventions of traditional jurisprudence portray the law as a rational and gender-neutral regulation of human conduct, which is …

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The Looming Debt Default

The Looming Debt Default Emerging economies are facing a high risk “The debt crisis facing developing countries has intensified … A comprehensive approach is needed to reduce debt, increase transparency, and facilitate swifter restructuring—so countries can focus on spending that supports growth and reduces poverty. Without it, many countries and …

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Reko Diq Agreement

Reko Diq Agreement A fair deal or a mine of controversies? To ensure sustainable economic activity and growth, it is necessary to improve the investment climate in Pakistan by way of providing incentives in direct and indirect taxes and ease of transfer and repatriation of foreign investments to large-scale foreign …

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Reinvigorating Pakistan’s Economy

Reinvigorating Pakistan’s Economy An 11-point Structural Reforms Package 1. Invest in human capital The young population has to be absorbed not only into the domestic workforce but also into the overseas markets in advanced countries. Investment in human capital through education, not for obtaining degrees and credentials but to assimilate …

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Recovering from 2022 Floods

Recovering from 2022 Floods Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Damage, loss and needs assessment following the unprecedented floods in Pakistan calls for ‘building back better’, based on the principles of the poor first, transparency, inclusion and climate resilience. The assessment estimates total damages to exceed USD 14.9 billion, and total economic losses …

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Peace or War

Peace or War TO BE OPTIMISTIC OR PESSIMISTIC ABOUT THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY? Is media propaganda a weapon for the conquest of human minds, souls and future-making? Come to understand the contemporary issues of the 21st century’s Russian-American and European discord over Ukraine, and the future of oil and gas …

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