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Fear and Politics

Fear and Politics What is fear? Fear is an emotion that is caused by specific behavioural patterns related to threats. It generates a particular pattern of adaptive behaviour to cope with the threat. The realms of mental life are mainly governed by emotions, motives and desires. The mental structures governed …

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Cyber Crimes, Beware!

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes, Beware! Cybercrime, in its simplest connotation, means a crime in which a computer or an information technology system is either the object of a crime or is a tool for the commission or completion of an offence. The motives behind this form of crime range from using computer …

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MINISTERIAL DUTIES A rucksack of Conventions Practically, Conventions work together as a cluster of high moral standards for senior government machinery to abide by. The first to stand out is the confidence principle. Under it, the government is expected to get its proposal through the Commons and Lords usually in …

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JUDICIARY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT An efficient justice system can boost business growth It is often said that an effective judiciary plays a critical role in ensuring economic development of a country. Well-functioning judicial systems play a crucial role in determining economic performance, notably by guaranteeing the security of property rights …

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Climate Change and Global Droughts

Climate Change and Global Droughts In the face of the pandemic, the environmental crisis has been somewhat overshadowed. Its impact, however, rages on. We are now reaping the consequences of climate change with extreme weather conditions becoming increasingly common. This year, in particular, ominous droughts have impacted regions all over …

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