National and International MCQs (Jan-Feb 2017)


National MCQs

1. On Inclusive Development Index 2017, Pakistan has been ranked _____.
(a) 45th        (b) 52nd
(c) 65th        (d) 72nd

2. The first-ever artiste to co-chair the World Economic Forum is ______.
(a) Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
(b) Oprah Winfrey
(c) Beyoncé    (d) Kate Winslet

3. On the 2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, Pakistan has been ranked ____ out of 118 countries.
(a) 85th        (b) 111th
(c) 115th        (d) 117th

4. On Jan 19, ______ became the first Pakistani to join the list of joint-fastest player in history to score 1,000 career runs in ODI cricket.
(a) Khalid Latif    (b) Sharjeel Khan
(c) Sarfraz Ahmad    (d) Babar Azam

5. The current president of the National Bank of Pakistan is ______.
(a) Farrakh Ali    (b) Masood Karim
(c) Munir Kamal    (d) Tariq Kirmani

6. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the Metro Bus project in Multan on ______.
(a) Jan 20    (b) Jan 22
(c) Jan 24    (d) Jan 26

7. On Jan 24, Pakistan tested Ababeel missile that has maximum range of ______ kilometres.
(a) 1600        (b) 2,200
(c) 2500        (d) 3000

8. On Jan 25, the Sindh Assembly passed the Sindh Prohibition of Employment of Children Bill, 2017, that bans the employment of children below the age of ______.
(a) 10 years    (b) 12 years
(c) 13 years    (d) 14 years

9. Noted film director Pervaiz Rana died on ______.
(a) Jan 25     (b) Jan 26
(c) Jan 27    (d) Jan 28

10. Pakistan has been ranked ______ on the Corruption Perception Index 2016, issued by the Berlin-based Transparency International.
(a) 110th        (b) 114th
(c) 116th        (d) 118th

11. The KSE-100 index crossed psychological barrier of 50,000 points for the very first time on ______.
(a) Jan 24    (b) Jan 26
(c) Jan 28     (d) Jan 30

12. On Jan 27, ______ won the National One-Day Cup for Regions.
(a) Karachi    (b) Quetta
(c) Peshawar    (d) Lahore

13. On Jan 28, Pakistan’s first mobile TV app ______ was launched.
(a) Tapmad TV    (b) TVPlayer
(c) Livestream    (d) Geyser

14. On Jan 31, ______ president Mehmoud Abbas reached Pakistan on a three-day visit.
(a) Libyan    (b) Algerian
(c) Palestinian    (d) Nigerian

15. On Feb 02, Mohammad Zubair was sworn in as ______ governor of Sindh.
(a) 27th        (b) 28th
(c) 30th         (d) 32nd

16. On ______, the National Assembly passed the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Bill-2016, giving constitutional cover to jirga and panchayat systems.
(a) Jan 30    (b) Jan 31
(c) Feb 03    (d) Feb 08

17. On Feb 03, ______ was appointed Federal Secretary for Finance.
(a) Dr Irshad    (b) Tariq Bajwa
(c) Yunus Dagha    (d) Ismail Memon

18. Iconic novelist, playwright and short story writer Bano Qudsia passed away on ______.
(a) Feb 01    (b) Feb 02
(c) Feb 03    (d) Feb 04

19. Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) is headquartered in ______.
(a) Jhelum    (b) Wah Cantt.
(c) Islamabad    (d) Karachi

20. On Feb 07, the government extended the Afghan refugees’ stay from March 31, 2017 to ______.
(a) June 30, 2017    (b) Dec 31, 2017
(c) Mar 31, 2018    (d) June 30, 2018

21. On Feb 08, Malik Amin Aslam Khan was elected the ______ of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for 2017-20.
(a) President    (b) Vice- President
(c) Secretary    (d) Director General

22. On Feb 08, ______ became the first Pakistani woman cricketer to reach the milestone of 100 ODI wickets.
(a) Javeria Khan    (b) Sidra Nawaz
(c) Sana Mir    (d) Anam Amin

23. On Feb 08, ______ blind cricket team made a record of 373 runs.
(a) West Indies    (b) India
(c) Australia    (d) Pakistan

24. On Feb 10, former governor of State Bank of Pakistan ______ died.
(a) Zahid Husain    (b) V.A. Jaffery
(c) Kassim Parekh    (d) S. Usman Ali

25. On Feb 10, the Pakistan Cricket Board provisionally suspended Sharjeel Khan and ______ under the Anti-Corruption Code.
(a) Wahab Riaz    (b) Khalid Latif
(c) M. Irfan    (d) Rizwan Ali

26. On Feb 12, ______ won the 11th Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally.
(a) Qasim Jan    (b) Nadir Magsi
(c) Ilyas Bagga    (d) Roni Patel

27. On Feb 14, senior diplomat ______ became the first woman to have been appointed foreign secretary.
(a) Tasneem Aslam  (b) Maleeha Lodhi
(c) Tehmina Janjua  (d) Abida Imam

28. On Feb 14, the ______ High Court directed the FPSC to conduct CSS examination from 2018 in Urdu.
(a) Lahore    (b) Sindh
(c) Peshawar    (d) Balochistan

29. On Feb 14, ______ was appointed Secretary Revenue Division and Chairman FBR.
(a) Tariq Bajwa    (b) Dr Irshad Ahmad
(c) Hasan Ismail    (d) Tariq Mahmood

30. Pakistan’s new ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, has replaced ______.
(a) Maleeha Lodhi     (b) Abdul Basit
(c) Kamran Ahmad (d) Jalil Abbas Jilani

31.  The theme of the Pakistan’s multinational naval exercise “AMAN 2017” was ______.
(a) Peace for World  (b) Live Peacefully
(c) Together for peace (d) Bring Peace

International MCQs

1. The International conference for peace talks between Israel and Palestinians was held in ______.
(a) Geneva     (b) Washington
(c) Paris         (d) Berlin

2. On Jan 16, a US company ______ launched constellation of 10 satellites into orbit.
(a) Alpha     (b) SpaceX
(c) Outer Space     (d) Delta

3. On Jan 17, Antonio Tajani of ______ was elected the new President of European Parliament.
(a) France     (b) Italy
(c) Brazil     (d) Germany

4. The first freight train from China reached Britain on ______.
(a) Jan 18    (b) Jan 19
(c) Jan 22    (d) Jan 24

5. On January 19, ______, was sworn-in as the new President of Gambia.
(a) Dawda Jawara  (b) Adama Barrow
(c) Yahya Jammeh (d) Saihou Sabally

6. The newest associate member of European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is ______.
(a) Pakistan     (b) Maldives
(c) India         (d) Bangladesh

7. International Vaccine Institute (IVI) is headquartered in ______.
(a) Germany     (b) Brazil
(c) South Korea     (d) France

8. Jacob Polley of ______ won the 2016 TS Eliot Prize for poetry.
(a) UK         (b) USA
(c) S. Africa     (d) Malaysia

9. On Jan 20, Donald Trump was sworn in as the ______ President of the United States.
(a) 44th        (b) 45th
(c) 46th        (d) 48th

10. The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) was officially launched at the 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) to create new vaccines for ______.
(a) Chikungunya    (b) Poliomyelitis
(c) Emerging Infectious Diseases
(d) Swine Flu and Ebola

11. The headquarters of the Indian Ocean Rim Association is in ______.
(a) Indonesia     (b) India
(c) Mauritius     (d) Australia

12. Pir Sayyid Ahmed Gailani, the head of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council, died on ______.
(a) Jan 21    (b) Jan 23
(c) Jan 26    (d) Jan 27

13. On January 23, ______ was appointed the new Prime Minister of Mauritius.
(a) Navin Ramgoolam
(b) Pravind Jugnauth
(c) Anerood Jugnauth
(d) Cassam Uteem

14. On Jan 24, US President Donald Trump pulled out of the negotiating process of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a mega trade deal of ______ Pacific Rim countries.
(a) 10        (b) 12
(c) 15         (d) 16

15. On ______ Mary Tyler Moore, the Emmy award winning actress of the United States passed away.
(a) Jan 25    (b) Jan 27
(c) Jan 28    (d) Jan 30

16. Buchi Emecheta, who died on Jan 21 was a famous ______ writer.
(a) Moroccan     (b) Nigerian
(b) French    (c) Kenyan

17. The first foreign leader to visit President Donald Trump was ______.
(a) Shinzo Abe    (b) Justin Trudeau
(c) Theresa May    (d) Angela Merkel

18. According to Boston Consulting Group 2016 analysis, ______ was the world’s most innovative company.
(a) Tesla         (b) Apple
(c) Google     (d) Amazon

19. ______ has been bestowed with the Venezuela’s first-ever Hugo Chavez Prize for Peace and Sovereignty for his fight for peace.
(a) Vladimir Putin     (b) Barack Obama
(c) Nicolas Maduro (d) Juan Santos

20. On Jan 27, ______ successfully launched its first-ever military communications satellite “Kirameki -2” into orbit.
(a) Brazil     (b) South Africa
(c) Japan     (d) China

21. “Club Med” consists of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and ______.
(a) Denmark    (b) Germany
(c) Malta        (d) UK

22. The world’s largest solar park has been built at the Longyangxia Dam in the western province of ____ in China.
(a) Jiangsu    (b) Qinghai
(c) Sichuan    (d) Guizhou

23. On Jan 28, ______ won the 2017 Women’s Singles Australian Open tennis tournament.
(a) Simona Halep      (b) Serena Williams
(c) Venus Williams     (d) Angelique Kerber

24. On Jan 29, Roger Federer won his ______ Grand Slam title by winning the Australian Open final.
(a) 12th        (b) 16th
(c) 18th        (d) 20th

25. Miss Universe 2017 is ______.
(a) Pia Wurtzbach    (b) Iris Mittenaere
(c) Paulina Vega    (d) Gabriela Isler

26. The 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup was hosted by ______
(a) India         (b) South Africa
(c) England     (d) New Zealand

27. The world’s first-ever digital ambassador was created by ______.
(a) Denmark     (b) India
(c) Portugal     (d) Malaysia

28. On Jan 30 ______ was appointed the new chairman of the Commission of the African Union.
(a) Jean Ping     (b) Nkosazana Zuma
(c) Thomas Quart    (d) Moussa Faki

29. The theme of 2017 World Wetlands Day was ______.
(a) Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction
(b) No wetlands – no water
(c) Fish for tomorrow?
(d) Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People

30. On Feb 01, the US Senate confirmed ______ as President Donald Trump’s secretary of state.
(a) Rex Tillerson (b) Mike Flynn
(c) Jeff Sessions (d) Andrew Puzder

31. Micra Transcatheter Pacing System is the world’s smallest ______.
(a) Watch    (b) Cell Phone
(c) Pacemaker    (d) Computer

32. The first country to completely divest from fossil fuels is ______.
(a) Canada    (b) Latvia
(c) Ireland     (d) Germany

33. ______ won the 18th Asian Junior Team Squash Championship-2017.
(a) Pakistan    (b) India
(c) Jordan    (d) Malaysia

34. On Feb 05, —— won the African Nations Cup.
(a) Kenya        (b) Cameroon
(c) Libya        (d) Egypt

35. World Athletics Championship 2017 will be held in ______.
(a) New York    (b) Atlanta
(c) London    (d) Moscow

36. The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is observed on ______.
(a) Feb 05     (b) Feb 06
(c) Feb 07     (d) Feb 08

37. On Feb 08, —— was confirmed as new US attorney general.
(a) Jeff Sessions    (b) Wilbur Ross
(c) Betsy DeVos    (d) Tom Price

38. The Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp is located in ______.
(a) Iran        (b) Pakistan
(c) Kenya    (d) Australia

39. ______ won the T20 Blind World Cup 2017.
(a) England    (b) Pakistan
(c) India        (d) Australia

40. International Day of Women and Girls in Science is observed on ______.
(a) Feb 06    (b) Feb 08
(c) Feb 10    (d) Feb 11

41. “Army and Nation: The Military and Indian Democracy since Independence” was written by ______.
(a) Anatol Lieven     (b) Mike Jaffrelot
(c) Bruce Riedel     (d) Steven Wilkinson

42. Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is nicknamed ______.
(a) Big Apple    (b) Marvellous City
(c) Windy City    (d) Redeemer City

43. Chikungunya is a ______-borne disease.
(a) Bacteria    (b) Air
(c) Water        (d) Virus

44. Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khomeini remained in exile for nearly______.
(a) 14 years    (b) 18 years
(c) 23 years    (d) 26 years

45. Sir Winton Churchill died on 24 January ______.
(a) 1960        (b) 1965
(c) 1970        (d) 1975

46. The Soviets launched world’s biggest space station, Mir, in ______.
(a) 1969        (b) 1976
(c) 1983        (d) 1986

47. “The Karachi Deception” has been authored by ______
(a) Mazhar Abbas  (b) Ali Salman
(c) Ayaz Amir     (d) Shatrujeet Nath

48. The novel “The Book Thief” has been authored by ______.
(a) Mary Shelley    (b) Markus Zusak
(c) Maya Angelou     (d) John Boyne

49. “Welcome to Nowhere” has been written by ______.
(a) Dar Olusoga     (b) Malorie Black
(c) Revathi Suresh (d) Elizabeth Laird

50. The writer of the Great Divide Britain–India–Pakistan is ______.
(a) Ian Talbot    (b) Hector Bolitho
(c) H. V. Hodson    (d) Ayesha Jalaln

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