Model Paper for PMS General Knowledge Papers

1.In which of the following countries Special Equity Courts exist?

(a) America    (b)    England

(c) Pakistan    (d)    India

2. The Politics is considered as the first book on the art of government, identify the author:-

(a) Socrates    (b)    Plato
(c) Aristotle    (d)    Adam Smith

3.  Thomas Cup is given for the game of:-

(a) Lawn Tennis    (b)    Golf
(c) Table Tennis    (d)    Badminton

4.    The Nobel Prize for Peace is given in the city of:-

(a) Stockholm    (b)    Oslo
(c) Brussels    (d)    Copenhagen

5.    Identify the world’s largest Peninsula :-

(a) Alaska    (b)    Scandinavia
(c) Arabia    (d)    Labrador

6.    What is the length of Great Wall of China?

(a) 2400 km    (b)    2600 km
(c) 3200 km    (d)    3400 km

7.    Which is the largest gland in the human body?

(a) Pancreas    (b)    Lachrymal
(c)     Liver    (d)    Sweat glands

8.    Who is the founder of  Scout Movement?

(a)     Robert Baden Powell
(b)     E. O. Lawrence
(c)     Maccollins    (d)    Nicoba Tesla

9.    Which group of the following countries are not members of UN?

(a)     Laos, Madagascar, Dominica
(b)    Monaco,San Marino, Western Somoa
(c)    Burundi, Cape Verde, Switzerland
(d)   All are members.

10. International Date Line is located on:-

(a)   180o Latitude    (b)    180o Longitude
(c)    90o Latitude     (d)    90o Longitude

11. The first Pakistani who became the judge of International Court of Justice was:-

(a)   Durab Petel
(b)   M. R. Kiani
(c)   Sir Zafarullah Khan
(d)   None of these

12.    The UN Security Council consists of:-

(a)  5 members    (b)    11 members
(c)  15 members    (d)    20 members

13.    The Suez Canal connects:-

(a)   Indian Ocean and Pacific
(b)  Atlantic and South China Sea
(c)  Black Sea and the Mediterranean
(d)  Mediterranean and the Red Sea

14. The headquarters of the ‘Asian Development Bank’ is at:-

(a)  Jakarta       (b) Tokyo
(c)  Kuala Lumpur (d) Manila

15.    Which Strait separates India from Sri Lanka?

(a)  The Palk Strait
(b)  Malaca Strait
(c)  Strait of Hormuz
(d)  None of these

16. The Digital Computer operates on:-

(a)  Binary system
(b)  Octal system
(c)  Hexadecimal system
(d)  Decimal system

17. The constitution of Pakistan 1973, can be amended:-

(a)  With the simple majority vote in the two houses of parliament.
(b) With two-third majority in the National Assembly and a simple majority of the Senate.
(c)  With two-third majority of both the houses of parliament.
(d)  With the approval of Provincial Legislatures.

18.    Identify Software in Computer technology:-

(a) Physical equipment
(b) Collection of programmes
(c)    Graphical representation
(d) None of these

19.   Disarmament conveys the meaning:-

(a) Reduction of armaments
(b) Abandonment of armaments
(c) Reduction of armed forces
(d) All of these

20. The number of chromosomes present in a man, including the two (X&Y), which determine the sex of an organism are:-

(a)    23    (b)    26
(c)    46    (d)    56

21. An ordinance promulgated by the President of Pakistan stands repealed at the expiration of:-

(a)  Three months
(b)  Four months
(c)  Six months
(d)  Nine months

22. No person shall be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan unless he has been a judge of a High Court for a period of:-

(a)  Five years    (b) Seven years
(c)  Nine years    (d) Fifteen years

23.    What is the function of lnternet?

(a)   To receive e-mail
(b)   To advertise commercial products
(c)   To connect one computer to another
(d)   All of these

24.    What do you understand by the term Kerb in foreign currency dealings?

(a)  The exchange rate of currencies in the open market
(b)  The exchange rate of currencies determined by the State Bank of Pakistan
(c)   All sort of monetary dealings in foreign currencies within the stock exchange.
(d)  None of these

25.   In Pakistan, Ushr began to be collected from the:-

(a)  Rabi crop of 1982-83
(b)  Kharif crop of 1981-82
(c)   Rabi crop of 1983-84
(d)   None of the above

26.  Identify Pakistan’s standpoint on Fissile Material Cut off Treaty (FMCT) :-

(a) Existing stockpiles of fissile material should be included in the purview of the treaty
(b) FMCT should ban the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons after the treaty’s cut-off date.
(c)  The issue of reduction of the existing stockpiles should be dealt with at regional or bilateral level.
(d) None of these

27. After the dissolution of Soviet Union, three of its nuclear weapons states have signed Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Identify them from the following:-

(a)  Belarus, Kazakhistan, Ukraine
(b)  Kazakhistan, Estonia, Georgia
(c)  Belarus, Latvia, Turkmenistan
(d) Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan

28.    Which of the following reno-wned Greek political philosopher has written in his famous book ‘The Republic’ that ‘Justice is the interest of the stronger party?

(a)  Plato          (b) Aristotle
(c)  Socrates    (d) Epicurus

29. A group or chain of islands is called:-

(a) Areopagus    (b) Archaeopteryx
(c) Archipenko    (d) Archipelago

30. Indicate the correct answer INVENTION    INVENTOR

(a)  Television    John Logie Baird
(b)   Torpedo    Samuel Morse
(c)  Telegraph    Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky
(d)  Helicopter    Robert Whitehead

31. The famous book on Ushr entitled ‘Kitab al-Kharaj’ was written by:-

(a)   Al-Mawardi
(b)  Abu Yusuf bin Ibrahim
(c)  Yusuf al-Qaradawi
(d)  Imam Abu Hanifa

32.   Under the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, 1999, a person who commits the offence of corruption shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to:-

(a)  12 years    (b) 14 years
(c)  16 years    (d) 20 years

33.  Christopher Columbus was:-

(a)     French navigator
(b)    German navigator
(c)     Italian navigator
(d)    British navigator

34. Itar-Tass’ is a news agency of:-

(a)  Israel                  (b) Iran
(c)  United States    (d) Russia

35.    Which of the following faction wants to retain British rule in the Northern Ireland?

(a)  Sinn Fein
(b)  Irish Republican Army
(c)  Ulster Unionists
(d)  None of these

36.    The book entitled ‘The Punjab Chiefs’ was written by:-

(a)  Percy Brown
(b)  Sir John Marshall
(c)  Gavin Hambley
(d)  Sir Lepel H. Griffin

37. Cr. P.C. stands for:-

(a)  Criminal Police Case
(b)  Criminal Police Code
(c)  Criminal Procedure Code
(d)  Crimes in Police Custody

38.  The ‘Bofors Scandal’ occurred in:-

(a)  Italy       (b) Sweden
(c)  Japan    (d) India

39.  What is ‘Cathy Pacific?

(a) Island             (b) Newspaper
(c) News Agency (d) Airline

40. Moro Islamic Liberation Front is struggling for independence in:-

(a)  Mindanao    (b) Mozambique
(c)  Chechnya    (d) East Java’

41.  Ariana’ is an airline of:-

(a)  Sri Lanka         (b) Iran
(c)  Afghanistan    (d) Turkey

42. Kalabagh is famous for:-

(a) Iron ore    (b) Chromite
(c) Copper     (d) None of the above

43.  What is meant by ‘Summary Trial?

(a)   In camera trial    (b) Open trial
(c)   Short trial before a magistrate
(d)   Trial before any High Court

44. Salt is found in:-

(a) Warcha    (b) Khewra
(c) Kohat       (d) All of the above

45.    Natural gas is found in:-

(a)  Mari            (b) Uch
(c)  Khairpur    (d)    All of the above

46.    After cotton, which is the second highest foreign exchange earner crop of Pakistan?

(a)   Rice               (b) Wheat
(c)  Sugarcane    (d) None of these

47.  Pakistan’s highest mountain peak K-2 is located in the:-

(a) Himalayian Range
(b) Hindukush Range
(c) Karakoram Range
(d) Suleman Range

48.  Identify Pakistan’s first surface-to-surface missile:-

(a)  Shaheen-I    (b) Hatf-I
(c)  Ghauri-I    (d) Anza-I

49. Dir is famous for:-

(a)   Artificial Forests
(b)  Tidal Forests
(c)   Natural Forests
(d)  Bela Forests

50. Pinpoint the Kharif crop:-

(a)  Sugarcane    (b) Wheat
(c)  Barley           (d) Oil seeds

51.  IPP stands for:-

(a)   Internal Programme of Planning
(b)   International Press of Pakistan
(c)   Independent Power Producer
(d)  Internal Power Plant

52. Bonded Labour is mostly prevalent in:-

(a)  Bhatta/Kiln industry
(b)  Motor workshops
(c)  Carpet industry
(d)  Sports industry

53. Pakistan and Iran sought the membership of Baghdad Pact in 1955 which came to be known as:-

(a)  CENTO    (b) SEATO
(c)  ASEAN     (d) OIC

54. The SAARC Secretariat is in:-

(a)  Colombo    (b) Katmandu
(c)  Dhaka         (d) New Delhi

55. Identify the highest ‘Non-operational Award’ of Pakistan Armed Forces:-

(a)  Sitara-i-Jurat
(b)  Tamgha-i-Basalat
(c)   Sitara-i-Basalat
(d)  Tamgha-i-Khidmat

56. The study or science of population is called:-

(a)     Geography    (b)    Demography
(c)     Plutocracy    (d)    Sociology

57.  What is ‘Pentagon’?

(a)  Name of the French Parliament
(b)  Offices of American Defence Ministry
(c)   Official residence of United Nations Secretary General
(d)   A kind of boat used in forming a bridge to let the army cross the river

58. Pinpoint the main objective of ‘World Trade Organisation’ (WTO):-

(a)   Fix a quota for each member country, trading in international market.
(b)   To eliminate quota system and promote free competition in trade.
(c)   To secure Third World markets for American and European goods.
(d) To abolish completely customs duties on items of trade within the member countries.

59. According to the report of World Health Organisation, which infectious disease is causing maximum number of casualties in the world?

(a)    Hepatitis B    (b)    Influenza
(c)    AIDS               (d)    Tuberculosis

60.  The Aeronautical Engineering College of PAF is at:-

(a)    Risalpur    (b)    Korangi Creek
(c)    Kohat         (d)    Karachi

61. Pakistan had joined Baghdad Pact / Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO) in 1955 along with:-

(a)  France, UK, Australia
(b)  Thailand, Philippines, South Korea
(c)   Iran, Iraq, Turkey
(d)   None of these

62. OPEC’s largest oil producing country is:-

(a)    Kuwait               (b)    Iran
(c)    Saudi Arabia    (d)    UAE

63. It was provided under ‘Sharm-el-Sheikh Agreement’ that:-

(a)    Palestinians will be given self-rule in Jerusalem.
(b) East Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestinian State.
(c)     Palestinians will release all Jews captives within two weeks.
(d) Palestinians will be provided safe passage between West Bank and Gaza strip.

64. When only one single government operates at the central level and no regional governments exist, the system is called:-

(a)    Federal    (b)    Confederacy
(c)    Unitary    (d)    Presidential

65. There are four numbers. Average of the first three is 15 and that of the last three is 16. If the last number is 19, find the first number.

(a)    16    (b)    18
(c)    20    (d)    21

66.  A second class magistrate can give the sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding:-

(a)     One month    (b)    Three months
(c)     One year        (d)    Three years

67. In which of the following constitutional cases, Kelson’s theory of ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ was first applied in Pakistan:-

(a)   The State Vs. Dosso
(b)  Asma Jilani Vs. Government of Pakistan
(c)   Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan Vs. Federation of Pakistan
(d)  Begum Nusrat Bhutto Vs. Federation of Pakistan

68.   Pedagogy is a science of:-

(a)  Bodily diseases
(b)  Stamp collecting
(c)   Languages
(d) Teaching

69. A man is five years older than his wife who is ten times as old as her daughter. If the daughter attains the age of eight in three years time, what is the age of the man?

(a)  45 years    (b)    55 years
(c)  60 years    (d)    65 years

70. If 40 per cent of women are voters and 52 per cent of the population are women, what per cent of the population are women voters?

(a)    18.1%     (b)    20.8%
(c)    26.6%    (d)    38.2%

71. The main cause of earthquakes is:-
(a)   Sudden cooling and contraction of the earth’s surface.
(b)  Coming into activity of some dormant volcanoes.
(c)   Due to internal heat, sometimes water changes into steam and expands.
(d)   All of these

72. Which of the following statement is NOT true?

(a)   Chechens are fighting against Russian subjugation.
(b)   Daghistanis are Christians living near Chechnya’s neighbourhood.
(c)   Grozny is the capital of Che-chnya.
(d)  Dashkiria is a Muslim dominated area in Russian federation.

73. After USA which country is the second biggest arms seller in the world?

(a)    Britain    (b)    Russia
(c)    France    (d)    Germany

74. During the period of martial law (1977-85) the Constitution of 1973 was:-

(a)     Aborgated
(b)    Held in abeyance
(c)     Partially abrogated
(d)     None of the above

75.  Digital Computer was invented by:-

(a)  Vannevor Bush
(b)  John Harrison
(c)   M. R. Bissel
(d)  Howard Aiken

1. b    2. c    3. d    4. b    5. c
6.    7. c    8. a    9. b    10. b
11. c    12.    13. d    14. d    15. a
16. a    17.    18.b     19.    20. b
21. a    22.    23.    24. a    25. a
26. c    27. a    28.    29. d    30. a
31. b    32. b    33. c    34. d    35. c
36.   37. c    38. d    39. d    40. a
41.    42. a    43. c    44.    45. d
46.   47.    48. a    49. c    50. a
51. c    52.    53. a    54. b    55. c
56. b    57. b    58. b    59. c    60. b
61. c    62. c    63. d    64.    65. a
66.    67. d    68. d    69. b    70. b
71. d    72.    73. c    74. b    75. d

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