PMS 2009 Solved General Knowledge Paper

1. Press freedom day is observed on _______;

A: May 3     B: May 15
C: May 17    D: May 27

2.    _______ is the US Ambassador to the Middle East.
A: George Mitchell
B: Robert Gates
C: Richard Holbrooke
D: None of these

3.    Swat is situated in the range of _______;
A: Hindukush
B: Himalayas
C: Karakoram
D: None of these

4.    _______ is the President of the World Bank?
A: Robert Bruce Lohaf
B: Bill Gates
C: Robert Brace Zorllick
D: Robert Brace Gate

5.    US will withdraw its forces from Iraq by _______.
A: 2009    B: 2010
C: 2011    D: 2012

6.    Kadima is the political party of _______
A: Israel    B: Lebanon
C: Syria    D: Egypt

7.    Marti Ahtasari, the famous Noble Prize winner, is the president of _______
A: Finland    B: Sweden
C: Norway    D: Switzerland

8.    Ethnology deals with _______
A: Human race
B: Genes
C: Psychology
D: Families
9.    Aramco is the oil company of _______
A: US                      B: Britain
C: Saudi Arabia    D: Russia

10.    Asiana Airline is the airline of _______
A: Malaysia
B: Indonesia
C: South Korea
D: Japan

11.    Brain Drain means _______
A: Migration of the skilled labour
B: Migration of the intellectual people
C: Migration of the technical people
D: Migration of the doctors and engineers

12.    Which organisation came into being first _______.
A: OIC    B: D-8

13.    In which country the Kurd people are in majority.
A: Iran         B: Iraq
C: Turkey   D:  Syria

14.    Which country has the oldest anthem in the world?
A: Japan    B: Britain
C: US         D: China

15.    Hamas was founded by _______
A: Khalid Mashaal
B: Ahmad Yasin
C: Yasir Arafat
D: Ismail Haniya

16.    The chairman of African Union belongs to _______
A: Nigeria    B: Libya
C: Sudan     D: Ethiopia

17.    Seine is the river of _______
A: Germany   B: Italy

C: Spain         D: France

18.    CPU stands for _______
A: Central processing unit
B: Ccentral power unit
C: Computer processing unit    D: Central programming unit

19.    Skin disease is caused due to the deficiency of the vitamin _______
A: B    B: K
C: D    D: C

20.    40 % world oil passes through _______
A: Strait of Marmora
B: Strait of Hormuz
C: Black Sea       D: Red Sea

21.    UAE gave Pakistan the power plant of _______ mw.
A: 300    B: 310
C: 320    D: 340

22.    Who is largest trading partner of Pakistan _______
A: Saudi Arabia
B: Japan    C: US
D: Britain

23.    Khmer Rouge is the political party of _______.
A: Vietnam    B: Thailand
C: Cambodia    D: Malaysia

24.    IMF headquarter is situated in _______
A: New York    B: Paris
C: Brussels
D: Washington, DC

25.    Which area is the largest producer of opium in Afghanistan?
A: Helmand    B: Khandhar
C: Kabul          D: Jalalabad

26.    Hung Parliament means ______
A: Majority of a party
B: No political party gets majority
C: Alliance govt.
D: Dictator govt.

27.    Russia sends gas to Europe via _______
A: Hungry    B: Poland
C: Ukraine    D: Romania

28.    Who is the author of The Way of the World _______.
A: Ron Suskind
B: Michal Korgan
C: Samuel Gutter
D: William Congreve

29.    Parcel Islands are disputed between _______
A: China-Korea
B: China-Vietnam
C: Vietnam-Philippine
D: Indonesia-Malaysia

30.    Marco Polo was a _______
A: Thinker    B: Philosopher
C: Geographer
D: Traveller

31.    Which country celebrated the end of 240 years monarchy in 2008?
A: Nepal    B: Maldives
C: Bhutan    D: Sri Lanka

32.    Anemometer is used for measuring _______
A: Electric current
B: Pressure
C: Speed of the wind
D: Waves of the sea

33.    Insomnia is the problem of _______
A: Lung       B: Liver
C: Sleep       D: Tooth

34.    Which Parliament was founded in 930 A.D?
A: British      B: Japan
C: Russia      D: Iceland

35.    Who was the last king of Afghanistan?
A: King Zahir Shah
B: King Habiburrehman
C: King Dawood
D: King Yaqub

36.    FIFA World Cup 2010 took place in _______
A: Japan        B: South Africa
C: China         D: London

37.    Which is the largest searching engine.
A: Yahoo        B: Gmail
C: Google       D: Hotmail

38.    Name the Russian new agency.
A: Itar-Tass    B: APP
C: AFP             D: Sotar


1.    A    2. A    3. A    4.C
5.    C    6. A    7. A    8. A
9.    C    10.   11.A    12.A
13.C    14.A    15.B    16.B
17.D    18.A    19.D    20.B
21.   22.C    23.C    24.D
25.A    26.B    27.   28.D
29.B    30.D    31.A    32.C
33.C    34.D    35.A    36.B
37.C    38.A

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