1. Introduction

2. Classification of states on the basis of power
a. Superpowers
b. Middle Powers
c. Small Powers

3. An overview of superpowers of the modern era
a. United States of America
b. China
c. The United Kingdom
d. France
e. Russia

4. Are superpowers responsible for making the world blood-littered?
Yes, they are!
Various events mentioned below lend enough credence to the fact that only superpowers are responsible for committing atrocities.

a. The World War I
i. Serbia: dreams of ethnic unification triggered war
ii. Russia: a show of force turns to tragedy
iii. Germany: expansion at the cost of blood
iv. The US: idealism is the best solution

b. The World War II
i. Germany: spirit of revenge turns into suicide
ii. Italy: expansionism at any cost
iii. Japan: ambitions of domination burned millions of people
iv. Soviet Union: buy communism or face death
v. The US: adopt democracy and get aid for survival

c. The Palestine Issue
i. Britain: fear of Jewish immigration
ii. Germany: Holocaust a way to nationalism
iii. Jews: Palestine minus Arabs

d. The Iraq Invasion
i. The US: mobilize oil or face execution
ii. Britain: oil — all that I need

e. The Syria Issue
i. Russia: warm waters – an aspiration
ii. The US: no place for Russia in the Middle East

f. The creation of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Syrian Democratic Forces
i. The US: a weapon against Bashar al-Assad
ii. The US: al-Qaeda, a tool to defeat Russia in Afghanistan
iii. The US and Its Allies: In the name of Democracy

g. The Arab Spring
i. The US: democracy spring – a fountain of blood

5. Why superpowers have been spilling blood?
a. Toothless United Nations.
b. Growth of aggressive nationalism
c. Big powers’ tussle for hegemony
d. Lust for resources
e. Nefarious interplay of strategic interests
f. Security concerns and balance of power
g. Vicious desire to sell ideology

6. Impact of atrocities committed by superpowers on the world
a. Hapless situation of peace
b. Emergence of terrorist groups
c. Economic and political instability
d. Rise of scepticism and cynicism
e. Diversion from major global and national issues
f. Arousal of animosity among different states
g. Mass killings, refugee issue and colossal destruction

7. Blemish–free and peaceful world: a way forward
a. Productive role of the United Nations
b. Strong legal safeguards against human rights violations
c. Mature role of leaders and educational institutions
d. Devising of common regional security network
e. Following the principles of good governance
f. Eradication of terrorist organizations
g. Sensible role of superpowers
8. Conclusion

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