Use Your Word Power Right

In the sentences below, choose the words or phrases in parentheses that are correct or preferred usage. Answers follow.

  1. A certain (party, person) whom I won’t mention says she likes you.
  2. She (ought not, hadn’t ought) to go.
  3. Being as, Because, Being that) it’s late, I cannot go.
  4. I’m not going (anywhere, anywheres).
  5. (Regardless, Irregardless, Disregardless) of the price, I’ll buy it.
  6. Is everything (alright, all right)?
  7. He worked only (a half, half a, a half a) day.
  8. You should (of, have) voted for me.
  9. Knowing (as how, that) you like cake, I’ve baked one for you.
  10. When did your brother (graduate from, graduate) college?
  11. I left the mower (in back of, behind) the garage.
  12. He is (most, almost) always in a good mood.
  13. He made an (awful, awfully) bad mistake.
  14. Can you get the lid (off, off of) this jar?
  15. Is she (enthused, enthusiastic) about the party?
  16. Yes, I’m angry, and the reason (why is, is because, is that) you are late.
  17. I (sure, surely) appreciate all you’ve done for us.
  18. She prefers (this, this here) chair.
  19. Put the blueprint (alongside, alongside of) the scale model.
  20. (Most, Almost) anyone could have done better.
  21. What’s that (blond, blonde) hair doing on your coat?
  22. His warning to drive carefully had no (affect, effect) at all.
  23. I hoped the prescribed (anecdote, antidote) would (affect, effect) a cure.
  24. Can we (adapt, adopt) this filing system to fit our files?
  25. Now then, (all together, altogether), let’s sing.
  26. If I had the (capital, capitol). I’d go into business for myself.
  27. There are not tickets available for two on the (aisle, isle).
  28. We hope to (accede, exceed) last year’s sales.
  29. The Senate’s duty is to (advice, advise) and consent.
  30. Do you have (access, excess) to a good library?
  31. It’s (all ready, already) time to leave.
  32. He has (allusions, illusions) of becoming famous.
  33. I would (accept, except) the job (accept, except) for the late hours.
  34. What is your (advice, advise)?
  35. It’s (all together, altogether) impossible!
  36. The painting shows an (angel, angle) (beside, besides) the right hand of God.
  37. Paris is the (capital, capitol) of France, and also its foremost —- or (capital, capitol) —- city.
  38. According to the old joke, the cat put a piece of cheese in his mouth and waited by the mouse hold with (baited, bated) (breathe, breath).
  39. Don’t (accept, except) the package. Send it back.
  40. The left rear tire blew out, and he (braked, breaked) the car to a stop.
  41. What you don’t eat goes to (waist, waste), but what you do eat goes to your (waist, waste)!
  42. This country was founded on the (principal, principle) of individual freedom for all.
  43. The secretary (proceeded, preceded) to take the minutes of the meeting.
  44. How did you fiance (propose, purpose) to you?
  45. (You’re, Your) late for (you’re, your) appointment.
  46. Have you read Tolstoy’s novel War and (Peace, Piece)?
  47. We sailed through the (Straight, Strait) of Gibraltar.
  48. The sun will (rise, raise) at 5:45 tomorrow morning.
  49. Please don’t make (personal, personnel) phone calls during office hours.
  50. (Who’s, Whose) going to pay for all this?
  51. He gave her a box of (stationary, stationery) for Christmas.
  52. Give those (to, too, two) books (to, too, two) me (to, too, two).
  53. It’s already half (passed, past) eight.
  54. We won even though the first three runs were (their’s, theirs).
  55. Name the three (principal, principle) cities in Canada.
  56. I was hired by the (personal, personnel) manager.
  57. We ate dinner and (than, then) saw a movie.
  58. We will have the picnic (whether, weather) the (whether, weather) is good or bad.
  59. Please be (quiet, quit, quite).
  60. Put (their, there, they’re) books over (their, there, they’re).

1. person            2. ought not  3.  Because  4. anywhere  5. Regardless       6. all right
7.  a half or half  8.    have        9.  that        10.  graduate from  11.  behind    12. almost
13. awfully        14. off            15.  enthusiastic     16. is that        17.  surely      18.  this
19. alongside    20. almost     21. blond (also acceptable: blonde)      22. effect
23. antidote; effect   24. adapt 25. all together     26. capital      27. Aisle     28. exceed
29. advise      30. access     31. already     32. illusions     33. accept; except 34. Advice
35. altogether  36.  angel; beside   37. capital; capital  38. baited; breath (baited here is, of course, a pun on bated,)   39. accept    40. braked    41. waste; waist      42. principle
43.  proceeded     44.  propose      45.  You’re; your      46. Peace     47. Strait  48. rise
49. personal         50.  Who’s        51.  stationery     52.  two; to; too  53. past 54.  Theirs
55.  principal 56. personnel  57.  then     58. whether; weather   59. quiet  60. their; there

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