National & International MCQs ( Oct-Nov 2017 )

National & International MCQs ( Oct-Nov 2017 )


1. On Oct 16, representatives of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the US met in ______, to rejuvenate the Quadrilateral Coordination Group.
(a) Moscow        (b) Muscat
(c) Beijing          (d) Islamabad

2. On Oct 16, ______ won a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Council for the Asia-Pacific group.
(a) Qatar          (b) Pakistan
(c) India           (d) China

3. On Oct 17, ______ became the first Pakistani to win the World Grand Masters title.
(a) Khalil Ahmad                   (b) Syed Ali Ahmad
(c) Mahmood Lodhi        (d) Zohaib Hassan

4. On ______, the federal cabinet decided to go ahead with delimitation of constituencies on the basis of provisional census data.
(a) Oct 16         (b) Oct 18
(c) Oct 19         (d) Oct 20

5. As per data released by the ECP, there are ______ registered voters in the country.
(a) 87 million          (b) 89 million
(c) 94 million          (d) 97 million

6. On ______, former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and son-in-law were indicted in the London properties reference.
(a) Oct 17               (b) Oct 19
(c) Oct 22              (d) Oct 24

7. On Oct 19, ______ was appointed the Inspector General Balochistan Police.
(a) Bashir Ahmad
(b) Moazzam Jah Ansari
(c) Raja Umar Khitab
(d) Sardar Abdul Majeed

8. ______ represented Pakistan at the 9th summit of the D-8 held in Istanbul on Oct 20.
(a) President                      (b) Foreign Minister
(c) Interior Minister         (d) Prime Minister

9. On Oct 20, Prof. Shahida Hasnain of ______ was named co-laureate of the UNESCO Carlos J. Finlay Prize 2017 for microbiology.
(a) PU                  (b) QAU
(c) NUST              (d) IBA

10. On Oct 20, ______ rated Pakistan in top five highest private participation investment (PPI) countries.
(a) Moody’s            (b) World Bank
(c) IMF                    (d) ADB

11. Pakistan won the ____ medal in the 2017 Men’s Hockey Asia Cup.
(a) Gold                  (b) Silver
(c) Bronze           (d) Consolation

12. Justice (R) Hamid Ali Mirza, who died on Oct 23, served as the Chief Election Commissioner from ______.
(a) 2003 to 2006           (b) 2006 to 2009
(c) 2009 to 2012        (d) 2013 to 2015

13. On ______, the Senate of Pakistan passed a bill to bring back the bar on those disqualified to become a lawmaker from holding a party.
(a) Oct 20                 (b) Oct 21
(c) Oct 22                (d) Oct 23

14. On Oct 24, US Secretary of State ______ reached Pakistan on an official visit.
(a) Mike Pence                 (b) James Mattis
(c) Rex Tillerson         (d) Steve Bannon

15. On Oct 26, Punjab Food Authority imposed a complete ban on use of ______ to ripen various fruits and vegetables before time.
(a) Iodine                (b) Acetylene
(c) Ethylene            (d) Calcium carbide

16. The current Director General of Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is ______.
(a) Anjum Sardar                 (b) Asif Bilal
(c) Noor ul Amin Mengal
(d) Syed Bilal Haider

17. “Perween Rahman: The Rebel Optimist” won the ______ prize for best documentary at the 11th Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival.
(a) Second          (b) Third
(c) Fourth              (d) Fifth

18. “Perween Rahman: The Rebel Optimist” has been directed by ______.
(a) Tahira Gulfaraz            (b) Mahera Omar
(c) Shoaib Mansoor           (d) Maha Sharmeen

19. Oct 30, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime appointed ______ its National Goodwill Ambassador.
(a) Mahira Khan              (b) Shehzad Roy
(c) Atif Aslam                   (d) Jawad Ahmad

20. On Oct 30, Lt. Gen. Nadeem Raza was installed as the ______ Colonel Commandant of the Mujahid Force.
(a) First                 (b) Second
(c) Sixth                    (d) Eighth

21. On Oct 31, ______ was elected President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) for 2017-18.
(a) Qamar Zaman Qureshi
(b) Pir Kaleem Khurshid
(c) Safdar Hussain Tarar
(d) Muhammad Siddique Alam

22. Gilgit-Baltistan celebrates its Independence Day on ______.
(a) Oct 28              (b) Oct 30
(c) Oct 31            (d) Nov 01

23. Pakistan has been ranked ______ in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business 2018’ report.
(a) 121st              (b) 130th
(c) 147th           (d) 158th

24. Dina Wadia, the daughter of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, passed away on ______.
(a) Oct 31              (b) Nov 01
(c) Nov 02          (d) Nov 04

25. The 2017 World Press Freedom Index has ranked Pakistan _____ out of 180 countries.
(a) 132nd           (b) 139th
(c) 144th            (d) 146th

26. The 2017 World Press Freedom Index has been prepared by the_____ based Reporters Without Borders.
(a) Rome           (b) Geneva
(c) Berlin           (d) Paris

27. On Nov 03, ______ was appointed Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII).
(a) Dr Abdul Hakeem
(b) Raghib Hussain Naeemi
(c) Dr Qibla Ayaz
(d) Khursheed Nadeem

28. As per the law, the CII should have a minimum of 8 and maximum of ____ members, including its chairman.
(a) Twelve              (b) Fifteen
(c) Eighteen           (d) Twenty

29. On Nov 06, the SECP approved the appointment of ______ as managing director Pakistan Stock Exchange.
(a) Gavin William        (b) Richard Morin
(c) Michael Fallon       (d) Musharraf Cyan

30. Pakistan has been ranked ______ in the 2017 World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap index.
(a) 138th          (b) 141st
(c) 143rd       (d) 144th

31. On Nov 11, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Cricket ______ signed a five-year agreement to play three T20 matches series on a reciprocal basis.
(a) Bangladesh            (b) Australia
(c) West Indies       (d) Zimbabwe

32. Pakistani passport has got ______ position in the Global Passport Power Rank 2017.
(a) 78th                (b) 91st
(c) 75th                 (d) 66th

33. On Nov 13, Pakistani film ______ scooped the Best Foreign Film Award at the 11th annual Alexandria Film Festival held in Virginia, USA.
(a) Moor              (b) Dukhtar
(c) Saawan       (d) Mah-e-Mir

34. On Nov 13, President Mamnoon Hussain removed Finance Minister Ishaq Dar from the Council of Common Interests and replaced him with ______.
(a) Zahid Hamid            (b) Ahsan Iqbal
(c) Riaz Pirzada              (d) Khawaja Asif

35. On Nov 13, the Sindh Assembly passed a resolution to revive student unions in the province.
(a) Punjab               (b) KP
(c) Sindh             (d) Balochistan

36. On Nov 14, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi announced a 10-year development package for ______.
(a) Sindh                      (b) KP
(c) Balochistan      (d) Gilgit-Baltistan

37. The 2018 Asian Cricket Council Emerging Nations Cup will be hosted by ______.
(a) Sri Lanka             (b) India
(c) Pakistan           (d) Bangladesh


1. On Oct 16, India’s capital New Delhi and ______ capital Sao Paulo were declared the world’s worst megacities for sexual violence against women.
(a) Chile’s             (b) Mexico’s
(c) Brazil’s        (d) Portugal’s

2. “Change the Future of Migration. Invest in Food Security and Rural Development,” was the theme of the ______ celebrated on Oct 16, 2017 .
(a) World Food Day
(b) World Vegan Day
(a) World Savings Day
(d) United Nations Day

3. The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty falls on ______.
(a) Oct 16            (b) Oct 17
(c) Oct 18            (d) Oct 20

4. On Oct 18, Saudi airline ______ made the first commercial flight from Riyadh to Baghdad since 1990.
(a) Flynas           (b) ASACO
(c) Flyadeal          (d) Mid East Jet

5. On Oct 18, India, ______ and South Africa signed the IBSA Trust Fund Agreement.
(a) Brazil           (b) Bangladesh
(c) Bulgaria          (d) Belgium

6. The week-long 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China commenced at the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing on ______.
(a) Oct 16             (b) Oct 18
(c) Oct 20             (d) Oct 22

7. The ninth summit of the Developing Eight Organisation for Economic Cooperation (D-8) was held in ______.
(a) Kuala Lumpur         (b) Jakarta
(c) Istanbul                (d) Islamabad

8. D-8 Member States include, ______, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.
(a) Afghanistan           (b) Azerbaijan
(c) Bangladesh       (d) Tajikistan

9. ______ won the 2017 Men’s Hockey Asia Cup tournament, held in Dhaka.
(a) Malaysia               (b) India
(c) Japan                    (d) S. Korea

10. On Oct 22, ______ Prime Minister Shinzo Abe swept to a resounding victory in a snap election.
(a) Australian           (b) Japanese
(c) Brazilian               (d) Latvian

11. House of Representatives, the lower house of Japan’s National Diet consists of ______ members.
(a) 398                   (b) 434
(c) 465                 (d) 500

12. On ______, China’s president, Xi Jinping, was elevated to the pantheon of China’s most powerful leaders as his name was enshrined in the Communist Party constitution alongside Chairman Mao.
(a) Oct 18            (b) Oct 24
(c) Oct 26             (d) Oct 30

13. Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong, the architect of its market reforms ______ and the current Chinese President Xi Jinping have their names in the party constitution.
(a) Sudan                (b) Deng Xiaoping
(c) Jiang Zemin     (d) Liu Shaoqi

14. On Oct 24, Russia used its veto power at the Security Council ______ time to block action targeting Syria.
(a) Ninth              (b) Twelfth
(c) Fourteenth       (d) Fifteenth

15. On Oct 26, Qatar signed a defence agreement with ______.
(a) China           (b) Russia
(c) Iran              (d) USA

16. Setsuko Thurlow, an 85-year-old survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, will accept the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize with the ICAN on ______.
(a) Nov 30           (b) Dec 05
(c) Dec 10          (d) Dec 25

17. On Oct 27, ______ passport was declared the world’s most powerful.
(a) China’s                   (b) USA’s
(c) Singapore’s      (d) Canada’s

18. On Oct 27, ______ became the first ever nation to leave the International Criminal Court.
(a) Burundi           (b) Gambia
(c) Botswana             (d) South Africa

19. The 14th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in Law Conference and 11th SAARC Chief Justices Conference were held in ____.
(a) Islamabad           (b) Dhaka
(c) Colombo          (d) New Delhi

20. On Oct 29, South Africa’s ______ smashed the fastest century in Twenty20 International Cricket.
(a) JP Duminy               (b) Ab de Villiers
(c) David Miller        (d) Hashim Amla

21. ______ has been appointed Britain’s new defence secretary replacing Michael Fallon.
(a) Jeremy Hunt           (b) Michael Gove
(c) Sajid Javid               (d) Gavin Williamson

22. On Nov 03, the 39th Unesco General Conference was held in______.
(a) London              (b) Paris
(c) Geneva               (d) New York

23. On Nov 03, the US Senate confirmed ______ as the next US ambassador to India.
(a) David Hale              (b) Kenneth Juster
(c) Marcia Bernicat     (d) John Bass

24. On Nov 04, the US launched a drone attack on IS fighters in ____, its first in this Horn of Africa nation.
(a) Ethiopia                  (b) Djibouti
(c) Somalia               (d) Eritrea

25. On Nov 04, ______ passed legislation to punish anyone who disrespects the national anthem with up to three years in prison.
(a) Afghanistan         (b) Bangladesh
(c) China                  (d) India

26. On Nov 04, Saad al-Hariri, the Prime Minister of ______ resigned.
(a) Kuwait              (b) Lebanon
(c) Qatar                 (d) Yemen

27. The Saudi Arabian government launched a sweeping anticorruption purge on ______.
(a) Oct 30             (b) Nov 01
(c) Nov 05         (d) Nov 08

28. On Nov 05, the ICIJ released 13.4 million files of offshore companies in an episode named ______
(a) Panama 2       (b) Paradise Papers
(c) Tax Havens    (d) Panama Plus

29. On______, Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled illegal the ousted Catalan parliament’s recent vote to declare the region independent from Spain.
(a) Nov 08        (b) Nov 10
(c) Nov 12            (d) Nov 14

30. The Louvre Abu Dhabi opened on ______.
(a) Nov 08        (b) Nov 10
(c) Nov 12            (d) Nov 14

31. On Nov 08, the Geneva-based ILO closed its probe into alleged mistreatment of foreign workers in World Cup 2022 host ______.
(a) Mexico           (b) Venezuela
(c) Qatar           (d) Russia

32. The UK’s current Minister for International Development is ______.
(a) Priti Patel                           (b) Elizabeth Truss
(c) Penny Mordaunt        (d) Brandon Lewis

33. On Nov 09, ______ appointed first women to Shura Council.
(a) Kuwait          (b) Qatar
(c) Iran                (d) Saudi Arabia

34. On Nov 11, Surendra Kumar Sinha, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of ______, tendered his resignation.
(a) Nepal             (b) Bangladesh
(c) Myanmar      (d) India

35. The 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit was held in ______.
(a) Jakarta            (b) New Delhi
(c) Danang        (d) Manila

36. On Nov 14, American group Mattel unveiled its first hijab-wearing Barbie doll in honour of US fencer ___.
(a) Cécilia Berder
(b) Ibtihaj Muhammad
(c) Inés Boubakri                  (d) Zahra Lari

37. Zimbabwe’s military took control of the country on ______.
(a) Nov 12               (b) Nov 13
(c) Nov 14               (d) Nov 15

38. The winner of the 2017 Man Booker Prize is ______.
(a) Zadie Smith         (b) Colin Thubron
(c) George Saunders
(d) Sebastian Barry

39. The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference was held in Bonn, ______.
(a) Australia            (b) Switzerland
(c) Germany        (d) France

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