National & International MCQs (Nov-Dec 2017)

National & International MCQs (Nov-Dec 2017)


1. The National Assembly passed the 24th Constitution Amendment Bill, 2017, on ______.
(a) Nov 16      (b) Nov 17
(c) Nov 18      (d) Nov 20

2. On Nov 17, the UNGA passed a Pakistan-sponsored resolution on peoples’ right to self-determination. It was co-sponsored by ______ countries.
(a) 65         (b) 75
(c) 100       (d) 107

3. The tragic incident of Baldia factory fire in Karachi happened in ______.
(a) 2010       (b) 2011
(c) 2012     (d) 2014

4. On Nov 17, the federal government appointed ______ the new chairman of the Board of Investment
(a) Muhammad Ashraf Noor
(b) Shabnam Chaudhri
(c) Dr Miftah Ismail
(d) Naeem Y. Zamindar

5. Pakistan won its first gold medal hockey in Asian Games in ______.
(a) 1954        (b) 1958
(c) 1962        (d) 1966

6. On Nov 20, the 8th Round of Strategic Dialogue between Pakistan and China was held in ______.
(a) Islamabad       (b) Beijing
(c) Lahore                  (d) Shanghai

7. On Nov 21, a British-Pakistani woman ______ became the first-ever Muslim and Asian woman to be appointed as detective superintendent of the Scotland Yard.
(a) Shaheen Hashmat
(b) Sajida Vandal
(c) Shabnam Chaudhri
(d) Shehla Qureshi

8. Pakistan’s incumbent Federal Minister for Finance is ______.
(a) Miftah Ismail       (b) Ishaq Dar
(c) Daniyal Aziz         (d) Prime Minister

9. The Country Director United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Pakistan is ______.
(a) Ignacio Artaza         (b) Neil Buhne
(c) Vitalie Muntean           (d) Naoko Takasu

10. On Nov 23, the Election Commission of Pakistan declared ______ the National Voters Day.
(a) Nov 23       (b) Nov 24
(c) Dec 06       (d) Dec 07

11. On Nov 24, the ______ High Court declared the sit-in at the Faizabad interchange an ‘anti-state activity’ and ‘an act of terrorism’.
(a) Islamabad      (b) Lahore
(c) Sindh                   (d) Peshawar

12. On Nov 24, Kamran Akmal made a world-record opening partnership of 209 runs with ______ in the National T20 Cup.
(a) Umar Akmal       (b) Salman Butt
(c) Babar Azam        (d) Sarfraz Ahmad

13. On Nov 24, the Cabinet Secretariat re-designated Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer as ______ minister “with immediate effect”, under an additional charge.
(a) Defence
(b) Defence Production
(c) Information and Broadcasting
(d) Science and Technology

14. The current Chairman of Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) is ______,
(a) Kiran Aftab      (b) Nooruzzaman
(c) Saqib Zia       (d) Salman Alvi

15. On Nov 26, the Australian government announced an AUD500,000 programme to train around 4,000 smallholder farmers from Sheikhupura and ______.
(a) Gujranwala    (b) Faisalabad
(c) Multan                 (d) Lahore

16. On Nov 27, Pakistan’s ______ clinched the title of the 29th Princess Cup Youth Scrabble Tournament
(a) Hammad Hadi Khan
(b) Moizullah Baig
(c) Aatqa Khalid       (d) Abdul Ahad

17. Protesters at the Faizabad interchange called off their countrywide protest on ______.
(a) Nov 25       (b) Nov 27
(c) Nov 28       (d) Nov 30

18. On Nov 27, Minister of State for ______ Mir Dostain Khan Domki tendered his resignation.
(a) Defence Production
(b) Energy and Power
(c) Science and Technology
(d) Law and Parliamentary Affairs

19. On Nov 28, the Peshawar High Court declared the appointment of ______ as chairman of National Tariff Commission void and against the law.
(a) Mahir Masood        (b) Abbas Raza
(c) Sohail Altaf             (d) Qasim M. Niaz

20. On Nov 28, Punjab government approved construction of Dadhocha Dam in ______.
(a) Rawalpindi        (b) Mianwali
(c) Faisalabad              (d) Chiniot

21. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn on April 29, ______.
(a) 1894           (b) 1895
(c) 1896         (d) 1899

22. On Nov 28, the government appointed ______ the new chairman of the National Highway Authority.
(a) Jahanzeb Khan (b) Pervaiz Junejo
(c) Maroof Afzal
(d) Jawwad Rafique Malik

23. On Nov 30, ______ were crowned champions of Brighto Paints presents Cool & Cool National T20 Cup.
(a) Lahore Whites      (b) Lahore Blues
(c) Karachi Blues        (d) FATA

24. On Nov 30, the PCB started a legal battle against the ______ for not honouring a bilateral cricket series agreement.
(a) Cricket Australia       (b) BCCI
(c) Cricket Sri Lanka      (d) BCB

25. A meeting of SCO Council of Heads of Government was recently held in ______.
(a) China                (b) Russia
(c) Kazakhstan      (d) Pakistan

26. Pak-Saudi Special Forces joint counter-terrorism exercise 2017 was named ______.
(a) Thunder 2       (b) Al-Shihab
(c) Barq 2              (d) Al-Shehab-2

27. On Dec 03, the longest underpass in Pakistan namely ______ was inaugurated.
(a) Beijing Underpass
(b) Shanghai Underpass
(c) China Underpass
(d) Shahbaz Sharif Underpass

28. Major Harcharn Singh is the ______ Sikh major in the Pakistan Army.
(a) First        (b) Second
(c) Third         (d) Fourth

29. With its first edition in 2009, the Sindhi Culture Day 2017 was observed on ——.
(a) Dec 01       (b) Dec 02
(c) Dec 03    (d) Dec 04

30. Pakistan’s ______ is the first Asian player to have completed 800 catches in the first-class cricket.
(a) Sarfraz Ahmad      (b) Kamran Akmal
(c) Shoaib Malik          (d) Fawad Alam

31. On Dec 04, ______ was appointed the Chairman Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC).
(a) Ali Salman        (b) Tahir Ali
(c) Raza Abidi        (d) Rizwan Ahmed

32. The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) is a partnership of ______ countries.
(a) 11     (b) 12
(c) 27      (d) 33

33. Pakistan Peoples Party was launched on November 30, 1967 in______.
(a) Karachi             (b) Hyderabad
(c) Rawalpindi      (d) Lahore

34. The tragic incident of the killing of Minhaj-ul-Quran workers in Model Town, Lahore, took place on ______.
(a) June 17, 2012          (b) June 17, 2013
(c) June 17, 2014     (d) June 17, 2015

35. On Dec 10, Pakistan thrashed ______ to clinch Gold Medal in Dubai Baseball Cup.
(a) India                 (b) Bangladesh
(c) South Korea       (d) China

36. The 28th meeting of Economic Cooperation Organisation Regional Planning Council was held in ______.
(a) Ankara               (b) Tehran
(c) Islamabad     (d) Istanbul

37. On Dec 12, the ______ Human Rights Prize was conferred on the Freedom Network, a Pakistani civil liberties organisation
(a) French          (b) American
(c) Australian       (d) Canadian


1. India’s current president is ______.
(a) Venkaiah Naidu      (b) Pratibha Patil
(c) Pranab Mukherjee
(d) Ram Nath Kovind

2. On Nov 17, ______, one of the most feared godfathers of the Sicilian Mafia, died.
(a) Toto Riina          (b) Michele Greco
(a) Luciano Leggio      (d) Nicolo Rizzuto

3. On Nov 20, US President Donald Trump declared ______ a state sponsor of terrorism.
(a) Venezuela              (b) Pakistan
(c) North Korea     (d) Mexico

4. On Nov 21, Robert Mugabe resigned as ______ president
(a) South Africa’s      (b) Zimbabwe’s
(c) Sudan’s                 (d) Somalia’s

5. Roshydromet is the meteorological service of ______.
(a) Italy              (b) Ukraine
(c) Russia       (d) Belgium

6. Saad al-Hariri is the Prime Minister of ______.
(a) Lebanon    (b) Iraq
(c) Jordan           (d) Syria

7. On Nov 22, the UN judges sentenced former Bosnian Serb commander____, dubbed ‘The Butcher of Bosnia’, to life imprisonment.
(a) Milomir Stakic      (b) Ratko Mladic
(c) Zeljko Lelek           (d) Predrag Banovic

8. On Nov 23, ______ and Myanmar agreed to start repatriating refugees within two months.
(a) Bhutan         (b) India
(c) Nepal           (d) Bangladesh

9. A.H. Mahmood Ali is the Foreign Minister of ______.
(a) Bangladesh       (b) India
(c) Afghanistan           (d) Nepal

10. Femicide is the killing of ______.
(a) Girl child         (b) Mothers
(c) Women         (d) Sisters

11. On Nov 24, Lionel Messi of ______ won the European Golden Shoe award.
(a) Italy           (b) Portugal
(c) Brazil        (d) Argentina

12. On Nov 24, armed attackers killed 235 worshippers in an attack on a mosque in Egypt’s ______ province.
(a) Alexandria       (b) Sinai
(c) Beheira             (d) Aswan

13. On Nov 24, the 75-year-old Emmerson Mnangagwa, also known as the ______, was sworn in as president of Zimbabwe
(a) Crocodile     (b) Leopard
(c) Falcon              (d) Lion

14. On Nov 26, Iran and ______ signed a deal with Qatar aimed at boosting commercial ties.
(a) Kuwait             (b) Turkey
(c) Russia              (d) Bahrain

15. The first meeting of a counter-terrorism alliance, the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) was held, in Saudi Arabia, on ______.
(a) Nov 25            (b) Nov 26
(c) Nov 27             (d) Nov 28

16. On Nov 27, Britain appointed ______ as its new permanent secretary to the United Nations.
(a) Mat Rycroft           (b) Jonathan Allen
(c) Robert Brown       (d) Karen Pierce

17. On Nov 27, ______ Ravichandran Ashwin became the fastest bowler to reach 300 Test wickets.
(a) New Zealand’s      (b) India’s
(c) Sri Lanka’s             (d) Bangladesh’s

18. On Nov 27, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of ______ won the Miss Universe 2017 crown.
(a) South Africa      (b) Cuba
(c) Cambodia               (d) Jamaica

19. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is headquartered in ______.
(a) Caracas         (b) Vienna
(c) Moscow        (d) Riyadh

20. Among the following, ______ is NOT an OPEC member state.
(a) Gabon          (b) Indonesia
(c) Russia       (d) Ecuador

21. Iran inaugurated a $1 billion project to expand its southeastern Chabahar port on ______.
(a) Dec 03       (b) Dec 04
(c) Dec 05          (d) Dec 06

22. On ______, Yemen’s Houthi rebels killed their erstwhile ally Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country’s former president and strongman.
(a) Dec 02        (b) Dec 04
(c) Dec 06        (d) Dec 08

23. On Dec 04, ______ Finance Minister Mario Centeno was elected as the new head of the Eurogroup.
(a) Brazilian      (b) Dutch
(c) Mexican       (d) Portuguese

24. On Dec 04, Mohamad Al Jounde, a teenage ______ refugee, won the annual International Children’s Peace Prize.
(a) Ethiopian     (b) Lebanese
(c) Iraqi              (d) Syrian

25. On Dec 05, former ______ King Michael I died.
(a) Moroccan       (b) Romanian
(c) Cambodian     (d) Belgian

26. On Dec 05, the ______ formed a new military and economic committee with Saudi Arabia.
(a) Pakistan         (b) Lebanon
(c) UAE              (d) Yemen

27. On Dec 06, the third UN Environment Assembly was held in ______.
(a) Bangkok        (b) New York
(c) Bonn             (d) Nairobi

28. On ______, US President Donald Trump issued a proclamation recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
(a) Dec 06        (b) Dec 07
(c) Dec 09           (d) Dec 10

29. On Dec 07, ______ signed a $1.3-billion deal with France to buy 12 French-built Rafale fighter jets.
(a) Qatar              (b) Kuwait
(c) Saudi Arabia    (d) Iran

30. ______ is the world’s third largest economy.
(a) EU                        (b) India
(c) South Korea      (d) Japan

31. On Dec 08, Cristiano Ronaldo of ______ won his fifth Ballon d’Or award.
(a) Brazil                  (b) Portugal
(c) Germany            (d) Argentina

32. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway on ______.
(a) Dec 06              (b) Dec 08
(c) Dec 10            (d) Dec 12

33. On Dec 13, India’s ______ became the first batsman to hit three double centuries in One-day Internationals.
(a) MS Dhoni         (b) Rohit Sharma
(c) Virat Kohli       (d) Shikhar Dhawan

34. On Dec 14, Walt Disney Co. agreed to buy key film and television assets of 21st Century Fox, in a ______ deal.
(a) $50.2 billion         (b) $51.7 billion
(c) $52.4 billion     (d) $69.8 billion

35. ______ is the official emblem for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.
(a) Flight            (b) Nature
(c) Yoggl            (d) Winter Dream

36. The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) is headquartered in ______.
(a) Geneva      (b) London
(c) Paris          (d) Berlin

37. The Band-e Amir National Park is located in ______.
(a) Afghanistan     (b) Pakistan
(c) Israel                      (d) Iran

38. Uhuru Kenyatta is the current President of ______.
(a) Nigeria         (b) Somalia
(c) Kenya        (d) Mozambique

39. Time magazine has named ______ Person of the Year for 2017.
(a) The Protesters
(b) The Whistleblowers
(c) The Dreamers
(d) The Silence Breakers

40. ______ hosted the second UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture.
(a) Australia         (b) Switzerland
(c) Germany        (d) Oman

41. “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,” a groundbreaking scientific work by British naturalist Charles Darwin was published in ______.
(a) 1859        (b) 1864
(c) 1876          (d) 1898

42. The Empire State Building is located in ______.
(a) Chicago        (b) Birmingham
(c) London        (d) New York City

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