National & International MCQs (May – June 2018)

National & International MCQs (May - June 2018)


1. The current chairman of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) is ______.
(a) Husain Lawai        (b) Sohail Abid
(c) Asad Baig                     (d) Shamshad Ali

2. On May 16, the Exchange of Data Information (EDI) between Pakistan and ______ operationalized.
(a) USA              (b) China
(c) Turkey         (d) Germany

3. On May 16, Salman Badeni, the Balochistan chief of the proscribed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, was killed in Killi Almas area of______.
(a) Punjab                    (b) Sindh
(c) Balochistan       (d) KP

4. The Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) was inaugurated by CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on ______.
(a) May 15         (b) May 16
(c) May 17         (d) May 18

5. Total length of the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) route is ______.
(a) 25.4 kms       (b) 26.8 kms
(c) 27.1 kms     (d) 29.4 kms

6. On May 18, National Assembly approved a ______ budget for the year 2018-19.
(a) Rs 4.247 tn         (b) Rs 4.958 tn
(c) Rs 5.133 tn         (d) Rs 5.247 tn

7. On May 19, the ______ Police appointed Zobia Musarrat the first lady Muharrar in KP police.
(a) Kohat              (b) Peshawar
(c) Charsadda         (d) Shangla

8. On May 20, Karachi’s Archbishop Joseph Coutts became only the ______ Pakistani archbishop to be elevated to the position of Cardinal.
(a) First        (b) Second
(c) Third       (d) Fourth

9. Cardinal Joseph Cordeiro, the first Pakistani appointed to this position, was elevated in ______.
(a) 1967        (b) 1978
(c) 1987        (d) 1994

10. On May 21, Pakistan beat ______ in the final of the 2nd Kathmandu Int’l Taekwondo Championship.
(a) China        (b) Nepal
(c) India      (d) China

11. Pakistan’s former Olympian Raja M. Fazil passed away on ______.
(a) May 18           (b) May 21
(c) May 25           (d) May 27

12. On ______, the National Assembly passed a constitutional amendment seeking the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
(a) May 24         (b) May 25
(c) May 27             (d) May 29

13. Dawar Khan Kundi, the only MNA who voted against the 31st Amendment, was from ______.
(a) JUI-F           (b) ANP
(c) PML-N        (d) PTI

14. On May 24, Pakistan and ______ agreed to extend the currency swap agreement for another three years, and double its size.
(a) China        (b) Malaysia
(c) Norway        (d) Sweden

15. Pakistanis are the ______ most common non-British nationality in the United Kingdom.
(a) Fourth          (b) Sixth
(d) Eighth       (d) Eleventh

16. Renowned novelist, Mazhar Kaleem MA, who died on May 26, was famous for his novels of ______.
(a) Imran Series                            (b) Jasoosi Dunya
(c) Inspector Jamshed Series          (d) None of these

16. The President announces the election date in consultation with ECP under section ______ of the Elections Act, 2017.
(a) 17 (5)               (b) 45 (2)
(c) 57 (1)             (d) 184 (3)

17. KP provincial assembly passed the Constitution (Twenty-Fifth Amendment) Bill 2018 on ______.
(a) May 26         (b) May 27
(c) May 28         (d) May 30

18. The Spy Chronicles has been co-authored by former Director General ISI Asad Durrani and ______ former chief of India’s RAW.
(a) Arvind Dave       (b) Anil Dhasmana
(c) Vikram Sood       (d) A.S. Dulat

19. On May 28, _____ was appointed the chairperson of the Higher Education Commission.
(a) Nasira Jabeen       (b) Tariq Banuri
(c) Qibla Ayaz              (d) Niaz Akhtar

20. On May 29, Saleem Baig was appointed the chairman of ______ for four years.
(a) PEMRA           (b) HEC
(c) NEPRA               (d) SECP

21. Pakistan’s first-ever National Food Security Policy was announced on ______.
(a) May 27           (b) May 28
(c) May 29        (d) May 30

22. On May 29, a World Justice Project report revealed that people in Singapore feel the safest, while people in _____ feel the least secure.
(a) Afghanistan      (b) India
(c) Pakistan         (d) Sri Lanka

23. The current chairman of Pakistan International Airline is ___.
(a) Zafar Khan           (b) Irfan Elahi
(c) Azam Jabbar        (d) Asim Suleiman

24. On ____, the federal government launched a new channel named PTV Parliament.
(a) May 28         (b) May 29
(c) May 30      (d) May 31

25. On June 01, Pakistan Navy purchased two multirole Type 054A frigates from ______.
(a) China         (b) France
(c) Germany      (d) USA

26. On _____, International Institute of White Collar Crime Investigation was inaugurated at Lahore Garrison University.
(a) June 01        (b) June 02
(c) June 03        (d) June 04

27. On June 02, the Judicial Commission recommended the elevation of PHC Chief Justice ______ to the Supreme Court.
(a) Waqar A. Seth        (b) Anwar Kasi
(c) Qaiser Rashid        (d) Yahya Afridi

28. On June 05, a ______-member caretaker cabinet took the oath to run the day-to-day affairs of the interim government.
(a) 4        (b) 6
(c) 8        (d) 10

29. On June 07, noted British-Pakistani author ______ was awarded UK’s prestigious Women’s Prize for Fiction 2018.
(a) Nadya A.R.                    (b) Umera Ahmad
(c) Kamila Shamsie     (d) Aliya Bukhari

30. On June 07, the ______ allowed physically-challenged candidates to apply for all the 12 occupational groups of civil service.
(a) FPSC          (b) PPSC
(c) SPSC             (d) BPSC

31. The Global Slavery Index 2018 has ranked Pakistan ______ out of 167 countries.
(a) Second        (b) Fourth
(c) Fifth             (d) Sixth

32. On June 11, the ______ unit of Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project started generation of electricity.
(a) First        (b) Second
(c) Third         (d) Fourth

33. On June 13, Pakistan completed a clean sweep of their two-match Twenty20 series against ______.
(a) England              (b) Australia
(c) Sri Lanka            (d) Scotland

34. Chilim Jusht or Joshi festival is held in Bamburet valley of ______.
(a) Peshawar               (b) Ziarat
(c) Chitral                 (d) Quetta

35. The current Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is ______.
(a) Tehmina Janjua         (b) Aizaz Chaudhary
(c) Nafees Zakaria                  (d) Dr M. Faisal

36. The Sindhi Language Authority has selected ______ best authors of 2017 in different genres.
(a) Eight          (b) Ten
(c) Twelve         (d) Fifteen


1. On May 16, ______ 1966 World Cup winning defender Ray Wilson died.
(a) England’s      (b) Portugal’s
(c) Spain’s               (d) Brazil’s

2. On May 17, the EU-Western Balkans summit took place in Sofia, the capital of______.
(a) Greece       (b) Bulgaria
(c) Poland       (d) Romania

3. On May 17, an extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers of Arab League countries was held in ___.
(a) Abu Dhabi        (b) Riyadh
(c) Cairo               (d) Jeddah

4. On May 17, ______ won the Europa League for the third time.
(a) Lokomotiv        (b) Arsenal
(c) Marseille           (d) Atletico Madrid

5. On May 18, an extraordinary summit of the leaders of the OIC member states was held in ______.
(a) Ankara               (b) Cairo
(c) Marrakech        (d) Istanbul

6. Havana is the capital of ______.
(a) Croatia          (b) Cuba
(c) Senegal          (d) Chile

7. On May 20, Koo Bon-moo, the chairman of______, passed away.
(a) Samsung         (b) Daewoo
(c) LG Group    (d) Huwaei

8. On May 20, an Indian diplomat ______ was jailed for three years on charges of passing state secrets to Pakistan’s intelligence services.
(a) Madhuri Gupta     (b) Sidharth Sharma
(c) Manohar Jha               (d) Ashish Kailash

9. On May 21, ______ was declared to be elected as the President of Venezuela.
(a) Henri Falcon               (b) Nicolas Maduro
(c) Javier Bertucci            (d) Henri Falcón

10. On May 21, ______ was sworn in as the director of the CIA, becoming the first woman ever to lead the agency.
(a) Kirstjen Nielsen         (b) Elaine Chao
(c) Gina Haspel            (d) Sarah Sanders

11. On May 21, former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama entered into an agreement to produce films and series with ______.
(a) Fox Group          (b) Netflix
(c) Walt Disney        (d) HBO

12. On May 23, Philip Roth, a dominant force in____ literature in the latter half of the 20th century, died.
(a) American       (b) British
(c) German               (d) Spanish

13. On May 24, North Korea dismantled its nuclear test site, ______ facility in the country’s northeast.
(a) Fangataufa        (b) Amchitka
(c) Reggane             (d) Punggye-ri

14. The ‘People’s Climate Case’ has been brought against the EU by ten families from Europe, Kenya and ____.
(a) Mauritius      (b) Morocco
(c) Fiji                (d) Naurau

15. On May 30, Indonesia and ______ pledged to step up defence and maritime cooperation, with plans to develop a strategic Indonesian naval port in the Indian Ocean.
(a) Japan              (b) China
(c) Malaysia         (d) India

16. On May 30, ______-based Universal Peace Federation (UPF) nominated AJK President Sardar Masood Khan Ambassador of Peace.
(a) Japan          (b) Austria
(c) Norway       (d) Australia

17. On May 31, the ______, world’s largest known freshwater pearl, was sold in the Netherlands.
(a) Catherine         (b) Sander
(c) Batavia              (d) Sleeping Lion

18. On May 31, the Pentagon announced the renaming of its oldest and the largest military command, US Pacific Command, or PACOM, as the ______ Command.
(a) Pacification         (b) Trump
(b) William II           (c) Indo-Pacific

19. On May 31, ______ banned the wearing of face veils in public, joining France and other European countries in outlawing the burqa and the niqab.
(a) Denmark     (b) Spain
(c) Sweden            (d) Australia

20. South West Asian Football Federation (SWAFF) was launched, on May 31, by ______ West Asian and South Asian countries.
(a) 10          (b) 12
(c) 14         (d) 21

21. On June 01, ______ parliament ousted Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and replaced him with Pedro Sanchez.
(a) Greece’s         (b) Poland’s
(c) Tunisia’s        (d) Spain’s

22. On June 03, India test-fired a surface-to-surface nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile ____.
(a) Prithvi III           (b) Agni-V
(c) Nirbhay II           (d) Agni-VII

23. On June 06, ______ was revealed as the best country in the world for excellent service.
(a) Iceland       (b) New Zealand
(c) Finland          (d) Netherlands

24. On June 06, the UN General Assembly elected ______ Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces as its next president.
(a) Brazil’s             (b) Belgium’s
(c) Ecuador’s    (d) Norway’s

25. On June 08, the Golden Pen of Freedom Award 2018 was conferred on Maria Ressa of news site ______.
(a) Yahoo       (b) Alexa
(c) AOL          (d) Rappler

26. On June 08, the UNGA elected Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, ______ and the Dominican Republic as nonpermanent UNSC members for a 2-year term.
(a) Pakistan                (b) Nigeria
(c) South Africa    (d) UAE

27. On June 08, President Xi Jinping gave China’s first Friendship Medal to______.
(a) Ashraf Ghani          (b) Vladimir Putin
(c) Narendra Modi      (d) Mamnoon Husain

28. The 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Council Heads of State Meeting was held in______, China.
(a) Shandong       (b) Shanghai
(c) Qingdao              (d) Beijing

29. On June 09, ______ women team posted the highest score in ODI when they made 490-4 against Ireland.
(a) South Africa’s      (b) New Zealand’s
(c) India’s                   (d) Australia’s

30. On June 10, ______ defeated India to win the Asia Cup 2018, their maiden major title.
(a) Pakistan                (b) Sri Lanka
(c) Bangladesh      (d) Afghanistan

31. On June 10, ______ won his 11th French Open title.
(a) Rafael Nadal         (b) Novak Djokovic
(c) Lleyton Hewitt          (d) Andy Murray

32. On June 12, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un held a historic summit at the Singaporean island of ______.
(a) Sandy            (b) Pulau Berkas
(c) Sentosa      (d) Pulau Ubin

33. After a historic agreement between ______ and Macedonia, the latter’s name has been changed to the Republic of Northern Macedonia.
(a) Bulgaria        (b) Albania
(c) Estonia          (d) Greece

34. Veteran Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari, who was shot dead on June 14, was the editor of Srinagar-based newspaper ______.
(a) New Kashmir          (b) Rising Kashmir
(c) Kashmir Times       (d) Greater Kashmir

35. On June 14, ______ cricketer Amelia Kerr shattered a world batting record in women’s ODI cricket with a blistering 232 not out against Ireland.
(a) England’s              (b) Australia’s
(c) South Africa’s       (d) New Zealand’s

36. On June 14, ______ became the newest team to join the club of test-playing nations.
(a) Ireland      (b) Afghanistan
(c) Nepal         (d) Scotland

37. ______ won the best film award “Palme d’Or” at 2018 Cannes Festival.
(a) Shoplifters         (b) Ayka
(c) Cold War                 (d) Dogman

38. ______ won the 2018 Italian Open tennis tournament.
(a) Roger Federer       (b) Rafael Nadal
(c) Andy Murray         (d) Grigor Dimitrov

39. ______ was awarded the 2018 European Golden Shoe.
(a) Lionel Messi                (b) Mo Salah
(c) Cristiano Ronaldo           (d) Robert Lewandowski

40. The prestigious 2018 Man Booker International Prize for fiction 2018 has been awarded to ______.
(a) Ahmed Badawi         (b) Han Kang
(c) Virginie Des               (d) Olga Tokarczuk

41. _____ is set to host the 2018 Global Wind Summit in September 2018.
(a) Germany        (b) France
(c) Australia            (d) India

42. The first official World Bicycle Day was observed on ______
(a) June 01           (b) June 02
(c) June 03       (d) June 04

43. The host nation for the 43rd World Environment Day event was ______.
(a) Belgium               (b) Norway
(c) South Korea        (d) India

44. US, Canada and ______ will host the 23rd FIFA World Cup 2026.
(a) Mexico       (b) Brazil
(c) Spain             (d) Vietnam

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