National & International MCQs (June-July 2018)

National & International MCQs (June-July 2018)


1. On June 18, the World Justice Project listed Pakistan ______ in its evaluation of the country’s civil justice.
(a) 107th         (b) 110th
(c) 112th            (d) 113th

2. As per the Small Arms Survey 2018, Pakistan is on ______ position on the list of 25 countries in which civilians hold firearms.
(a) Second            (b) Fourth
(c) Eighth             (d) Twelfth

3. On June 20, ______ was appointed the Attorney General for Pakistan.
(a) Khuram Khosa              (b) Farogh Naseem
(c) Khalid Jawed            (d) Ashtar Ausaf Ali

4. Renowned satirist Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi passed away on ______.
(a) June 16                 (b) June 20
(c) June 22                 (d) June 24

5. On June 22, ______ became the first ever female DG of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).
(a) Ayesha Hamid                      (b) Zunera Akmal
(c) Amna Imran Khan        (d) Ayesha Mumtaz

6. On June 22, the government removed chairperson of the BISP ____.
(a) Ayesha Pasha             (b) Envar Baig
(c) Kishmala Tariq          (d) Marvi Memon

7. On June 22, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, Pakistan’s ______ ambassador to the US, presented his credentials to President Donald Trump.
(a) 28th             (b) 33rd
(c) 36th                (d) 39th

8. On June 22, former chief justice of ______ Raja Khurshid Kiani died.
(a) Lahore High Court             (b) AJK Supreme Court
(c) Federal Shariat Court        (d) Peshawar High Court

9. As per a report presented before the Supreme Court of Pakistan, during the FY2016-17 a staggering amount of ______, was transferred abroad through banking channels.
(a) US$10.436 bn                (b) US$12.235 bn
(c) US$13.939 bn                (d) US$15.253 bn

10. Pakistan has been ranked ______ out of 113 countries in the 2017-18 edition of the Rule of Law Index issued by World Justice Project (WJP).
(a) 98             (b) 102
(c) 105         (d) 112

11. On June 23, the banned TTP confirmed the death of its chief Mullah Fazlullah in a US drone attack in ______.
(a) N. Waziristan        (b) S. Waziristan
(c) Chaman                  (d) Kunar

12. On June 23, the TTP appointed ______ its new chief.
(a) Mufti Hazrat            (b) Noor Wali
(c) Khan Said                 (d) Hazrat Wali

13. University of ______ is the first public sector university from Pakistan to join China’s Belt and Road (South-South Cooperation Agricultural Education, Science & Technology Innovation League).
(a) Gujrat                  (b) Sahiwal
(c) Balochistan        (d) Sargodha

14. On June 26, ______ was appointed the new chairperson of the FBR.
(a) Rukhsana Yasmeen          (b) Tariq Pasha
(c) Saleem Bajwa                            (d) Abdul Lateef

15. On June 26, ______ was sworn-in as the first-ever visually impaired judge of Pakistan.
(a) Zubair Sabir           (b) Yawar Ali
(c) Sana Afzal               (d) Yousaf Saleem

16. National Security Adviser (NSA) Lt. Gen (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua resigned on ______.
(a) June 24            (b) June 26
(d) June 27         (d) June 30

17. Karkey Karadeniz Elektrik Uretim is a Rental Power company of ______.
(a) China                (b) Turkey
(c) Malaysia           (d) Sweden

18. On June 28, Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth took oath as the chief justice of the ______ High Court.
(a) Balochistan           (b) Peshawar
(c) Sindh                      (d) Lahore

19. On June 28, Muhammad Saleem was appointed the Chairman ______ for four years.
(a) Irsa                   (b) Pemra
(c) Nepra               (d) Wapda

20. The FATF officially notified Pakistan on its ‘Grey List’ on _____.
(a) June 29           (b) June 30
(c) July 02               (d) July 04

21. On June 29, Dr Muhammad Suleman Khan was made national coordinator of______.
(a) PNRA               (b) FIA
(c) Nacta             (d) IB

22. On June 29, Ihsan Ghani was made the Director General of ______.
(a) FIA             (b) Nacta
(c) IB              (d) Nadra

23. On June 30, the Tax Amnesty Scheme was extended till ______.
(a) 31 July         (b) 31 Aug
(c) 30 Sep            (d) 31 Dec

24. On July 04, the Supreme Court ordered immediate construction of two dams – Bhasha and ______.
(a) Manda                    (b) Sabakzai
(c) Mohmand          (d) Nai Gaj

25. On July 07, Pakistan was ranked ______ in the list of 25 most powerful countries in the world.
(a) 22         (b) 23
(c) 24           (d) 25

26. On July 08, the United Nations appointed______, a British-Pakistani legal scholar, as UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran.
(a) Fakhar Sultan          (b) Javaid Rehman
(c) Safdar Shahzad        (d) Saleem Shah

27. On July 09, surgeons at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of ______ implanted the Left Ventricular Assist Device, commonly known as a ‘mechanical pump’.
(a) Sukkur             (b) Multan
(c) Lahore             (d) Karachi

28. On ______, Awami National Party senior leader and provincial assembly candidate for PK-78 Haroon Bilour was killed in a suicide attack.
(a) June 08            (b) June 10
(c) June 11              (d) June 12

29. On July 12, an unprecedented meeting of heads of intelligence agencies from Russia, China and Iran was held in ______.
(a) Shanghai                  (b) Tehran
(c) Islamabad            (d) Moscow

30. Former premier Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz were arrested on ______.
(a) July 13          (b) July 14
(c) July 15              (d) July 16

31. On July 14, Nooh Dastagir Butt became the ______ youngster from the country to ever win a gold medal at the International Weightlifting Federation 2018 World Junior Championships.
(a) First               (b) Second
(c) Third                (d) Fourth

32. Former senior diplomat Mahdi Masud, who passed away on June 19, topped the CSS examination of ______.
(a) 1952         (b) 1954
(c) 1955            (d) 1956

33. Pakistan has launched two satellites—the Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite-1 and Pakistan Technology Evaluation Satellite-1A—that would operate at an altitude of 640 km and______, respectively.
(a) 610 km        (b) 680 km
(c) 696 km           (d) 790 km

34. ______ is the new Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer for UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP).
(a) Antony K. Luce                    (b) Stephanie T. Williams
(c) Jose Eladio Alcain        (d) Per Gustaf Lodin

35. Pakistan signed as a Member State of International Organization for Migration in ______.
(a) 1992             (b) 1994
(c) 1996               (d) 1998


1. On June 17, ______ launched a Glonass – M positioning satellite by using a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket.
(a) Russia           (b) China
(c) Japan                (d) United States

2. On June 17, ______ and Macedonia signed a historic preliminary agreement to rename the latter as the Republic of North Macedonia.
(a) Bulgaria           (b) Greece
(c) Denmark         (d) Romania

3. SIPRI, an international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament, is based in ______.
(a) Södermanland        (b) Solna
(c) Stockholm           (d) Skane

4. World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (WDCD) is observed every year on ______.
(a) June 16        (b) June 17
(c) June 18        (d) June 20

5. President Trump ordered the establishment of a sixth branch of the military to clear the way for American dominance of space on ______.
(a) June 15           (b) June 16
(c) June 17           (d) June 18

6. On June 19, England broke their own all-time record for the highest total ever scored in a men’s ODI when they posted 481 for 6 against ______.
(a) India                  (b) Pakistan
(c) Sri Lanka          (d) Australia

7. On June 19, the ______ announced to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council.
(a) Hungary          (b) USA
(c) Palestine         (d) Thailand

8. The Blue Samurai is the national football team of ______.
(a) Japan          (b) Sweden
(c) Egypt              (d) Belgium

9. On June 20, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind approved the imposition of Governor’s Rule in ______.
(a) Haryana         (b) Jammu & Kashmir
(c) Delhi               (d) Jharkhand

10. The Secretariat of the SAARC Development Fund is located in _____.
(a) Kirstjen Nielsen          (b) Dhaka
(c) Thimphu                   (d) Colombo

11. On June 20, ______ parliament adopted a controversial package of laws penalising NGOs that help migrants.
(a) Norway’s            (b) Hungary’s
(c) France’s              (d) Iceland’s

12. Tadawul is the stock exchange of ______.
(a) Saudi Arabia     (b) Kuwait
(c) UAE                         (d) Qatar

13. The G7 country that has recently legalised recreational use of marijuana nationwide is ______.
(a) UK                    (b) France
(c) Germany         (d) Canada

14. Researchers at the University of ______ in the US have developed the world’s smallest computer “Michigan Micro Mote”.
(a) Texas Austin              (b) Pennsylvania
(c) Michigan                 (d) Washington

15. On June 22, ______ and Nepal agreed to build a railway connecting Tibet with Kathmandu.
(a) Japan           (b) India
(c) Bhutan         (d) China

16. Kim Jong-pil, who passed away on June 23, was a former premier of ____.
(a) South Korea           (b) Japan
(c) North Korea                (d) Mongolia

17. Saudi women drove their cars publically for the first time on ______.
(a) June 20           (b) June 24
(c) June 26           (d) June 28

18. The first Chief Justice of the USA was John Jay whereas 17th and the current CJ is ______.
(a) Earl Warren                (b) Warren Burger
(c) John Roberts         (d) William Rehnquist

19. On June 27, ______ brought a case against the UAE at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.
(a) Qatar               (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Kuwait               (d) Syria

20. On June 28, Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi was appointed the new Chief Justice of ______.
(a) Indonesia          (b) Bangladesh
(c) Maldives        (d) Malaysia

21. On June 29, António Manuel de Carvalho Ferreira Vitorino of ______ was elected as the International Organization for Migration’s next DG.
(a) Brazil’s             (b) Argentina’s
(c) Mexico’s           (d) Portugal’s

22. On June 30, the 42nd session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee (WHC) meeting was held in Manama, the capital of ______.
(a) Qatar             (b) Bahrain
(c) Algeria           (d) Panama

23. The first-ever UN International Day of Parliamentarism was celebrated on ______.
(a) June 28         (b) June 30
(c) July 01           (d) July 04

24. On July 01, the 5th Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership intersessional ministerial meeting was held in ______.
(a) New Delhi           (b) Bangkok
(c) Jakarta                 (d) Tokyo

25. On July 02, ______ was elected as the new President of Colombia.
(a) Ivan Duque Marquez         (b) Juan Manuel Santos
(c) Enrique Gil Botero                    (d) Gustavo Petro

26. On July 02, ______ ended direct aid to the Palestinian Authority.
(a) USA                        (b) Turkey
(c) Australia            (d) UAE

27. The record for highest individual score in T20 International is held by Aaron Finch of ______
(a) West Indies         (b) Australia
(c) South Africa        (d) England

28. On July 09, British Foreign Secretary ______ resigned.
(a) Boris Johnson       (b) David Davis
(c) William Hag                (d) Sajid Javid

29. On July 09, Ethiopia and ______ declared that the ‘state of war between the two countries has ended’.
(a) Nigeria          (b) Eritrea
(c) Somalia         (d) Kenya

30. On ______, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was sworn in for his second term as head of state of Turkey.
(a) July 04          (b) July 06
(c) July 07          (d) July 09

31. On July 09, Samsung Electronics opened the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturing plant in ______.
(a) Noida               (b) Mumbai
(c) Ludhiana            (d) Varanasi

32. On ______, the UNSC adopted Resolution 2427 which is aimed at further crystallizing the protection of children in armed conflicts.
(a) July 06             (b) July 08
(c) July 09          (d) July 10

33. On July 10, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed General Hulusi Akar the ______ minister of Turkey.
(a) Industries          (b) Finance
(c) Education          (d) Defence

34. Turkey has the second largest force in Nato after the ______ which has almost 1.5 million.
(a) Germany         (b) United States
(c) Greece              (d) France

35. On July 12, ______ scientists performed the first-ever 3-D, colour X-ray on a human.
(a) England’s                 (b) Australia’s
(c) South Africa’s          (d) New Zealand’s

36. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is located in ______.
(a) Helsinki              (b) Geneva
(c) Hamburg            (d) Seoul

37. Binali Yildirim was the last Prime Minister of ______.
(a) Turkey            (b) Ghana
(c) Libya                  (d) Tunisia

38. A meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government was held on July 11-12 in ______.
(a) Toronto               (b) Brussels
(c) New York            (d) Paris

39. On July 13, ______ took the seat vacated by United States at the UN Human Rights Council.
(a) Iceland           (b) South Africa
(c) Norway              (d) New Zealand

40. On July 14, ______ won the 2018 women singles’ Wimbledon tennis tournament.
(a) Anca Barna               (b) Cilly Aussem
(c) Annika Beck             (d) Angelique Kerber

41. On July 15, ______ tennis star Novak Djokovic claimed a fourth Wimbledon title as he beat South African Kevin Anderson.
(a) Serbian            (b) Czech
(c) Swedish               (d) Croatian

42. On July 15, France won the World Cup for the ______ time.
(a) First                   (b) Second
(b) Third                 (d) Fourth

43. The theme for the 2018 World Population Day (WPD) was ______.
(a) Family planning – Say what you need
(b) Family Planning – Call for people
(c) Family Planning – Save Earth
(d) Family planning is a human right

44. As per a recent report, ______ tops the list of the countries with highest military expenditure per capita.
(a) Saudi Arabia           (b) USA
(c) Finland                          (d) Qatar

45. The International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) is observed every year on first ______ of July.
(a) Monday           (b) Tuesday
(c) Friday               (d) Saturday

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