National & International MCQs (Jan – Feb 2019)



1. On Jan 16, Prime Minister Imran Khan constituted an eight-member ministerial committee to negotiate a long-term Strategic Economic Framework arrangement with_____.
(a) Saudi Arabia             (b) Turkey
(c) Qatar                          (d) Malaysia

2. On Jan 16, Prof Dr Zaheer Ahmed Siddiqui, the first registrar of GCU, Lahore, from 2002 to ______ , died.
(a) 2004                   (b) 2006
(c) 2007                 (d) 2008

3. The Supreme Court extended its powers to Gilgit-Baltistan through a written order dated ______.
(a) Jan 17             (b) Jan 18
(c) Jan 19               (d) Jan 20

4. The legendary Pakistani cricketer, Abdul Hafeez Kardar, is affectionately known as ______.
(a) The Skipper             (b) Little Master
(c) The Captain                 (d) The Cricketer

5. The current CM Sindh is ______.
(a) Qaim Ali Shah         (b) Murad Ali Shah
(c) Siraj Durrani           (d) Saeed Ghani

6. On ______, PM Imran Khan ordered the establishment of a CPEC Business Advisory Council comprising leading Pakistani business executives.
(a) Jan 15              (b) Jan 16
(c) Jan 17              (d) Jan 18

7. On Jan 18, K-Electric appointed ______ its new chairman.
(a) Hasan Mujtaba            (b) Ikram Sehgal
(c) Ali Hashwani                (d) Tayyab Tareen

8. On Jan 18, the government issued NOC regarding appointment of Gen (Retd) Raheel Sharif as head of a Saudi Arabia-led, ______-member Islamic Military Alliance.
(a) 41          (b) 47
(c) 49           (d) 51

9. On Jan 18, Maria Espinosa, president of the United Nations ______ started her 5-day visit to Pakistan.
(a) General Assembly
(b) Security Council
(c) Human Rights Commission
(d) None of these

10. On Jan 18, the University of Lahore won the fifth All Pakistan HEC Intervarsity Men’s Ski Championship held in _____ Valley.
(a) Shigar            (b) Naltar
(c) Hunza            (d) Gojal

11. The picturesque Naltar Valley, which is famous for its 7 colourful lakes and natural ski resort, is located in GB’s district ______.
(a) Ghanche         (b) Skardu
(c) Ghizer             (d) Gilgit

12. The tragic incident of killing of innocent people in a CTD operation in Sahiwal occurred on ______.
(a) Jan 18         (b) Jan 19
(c) Jan 20         (d) Jan 21

13. On Jan 20, Pakistan defeated ______ to win the Asian Junior Squash Team Championships
(a) China           (b) India
(c) Japan           (d) Malaysia

14. On Jan 21, Prime Minister Imran Khan was named in the list of top 100 Global Thinkers by the ______ magazine.
(a) Foreign Affairs             (b) The Atlantic
(c) Foreign Policy         (d) Der Spiegel

15. On Jan 21, the University of Sargodha signed an MoU with the International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) a leading ______ think tank.
(a) Turkish                 (b) Iranian
(d) Indonesian          (d) Saudi

16. On Jan 22, the French government announced to provide a loan of € 130 million for the ______ Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project.
(a) Quetta                   (b) Karachi
(c) Peshawar          (d) Sialkot

17. On Jan 22, ______ Ali Haider clinched the Jubilee Insurance U-21 National Championship.
(a) Sindh’s                         (b) Army’s
(c) Balochistan’s              (d) Punjab’s

18. On Jan 23, the Supreme Court upheld the 5-year imprisonment of ______, who stabbed Khadija Siddiqui 23 times nearly three years ago.
(a) Ali Mubeen                     (b) Shah Hussain
(c) Hussain Shahid             (d) Imad Wali

19. On ______, Finance Minister Asad Umar introduced to the National Assembly the Finance Supplementary (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2019.
(a) Jan 20          (b) Jan 21
(c) Jan 22          (d) Jan 23

20. On Jan 24, the federal cabinet approved formation of the ____ Media Regulatory Authority that envisages merger of all bodies regulating media, including print and electronic.
(a) National                (b) Federal
(c) Pakistan            (d) None of these

21. On Jan 24, Pakistan army announced successful ‘training launch’ of ballistic missile______.
(a) Ababeel            (b) Nasr
(c) Ghauri              (d) Hatf-VI

22. Roohi Bano, arguably the best female TV artiste Pakistan has ever produced, died on ______.
(a) Jan 24             (b) Jan 25
(c) Jan 26             (d) Jan 28

23. On Jan 25, the government announced a new visa policy encouraging tourists from ______ countries to avail themselves of visa-on-arrival facility and providing e-visa to citizens of ______ countries.
(a) 40,130                 (b) 50, 175
(c) 60,120                  (d) 63,111

24. On Jan 26, Pakistan was elected as the ______ of UN Environment’s Forum of Ministers of Asia Pacific.
(a) Chair                     (b) President
(c) Vice Chair        (d) None of these

25. On Jan 26, two members of the ECP from ______ retired.
(a) Sindh & KP (b) KP & Punjab
(c) Punjab & Sindh
(d) Sindh & Balochistan

26. On Jan 27, a new report of the ______ entitled “Pakistan Getting More from Water” said Pakistan gets a poor economic return from its significant water resources.
(a) ADB                  (b) World Bank
(c) IMF                   (d) United Nations

27. On Jan 28, Suman Kumari Bodani became Pakistan’s ____ Hindu woman to have been appointed a civil judge.
(a) First              (b) Second
(c) Third               (d) Fourth

28. On Jan 29, the EIU’s Democracy Index 2018 ranked Pakistan as a hybrid regime, ranking just above the authoritarian ______.
(a) South Sudan        (b) Chad
(c) Myanmar          (d) Bhutan

29. Ambassador Zamir Kabulov is Russia’s current Special Representative on ______.
(a) Afghanistan          (b) Pakistan
(c) India                           (d) None of these

30. On the ‘Corruption Perceptions Index 2018’, Pakistan has been ranked ______ out of 180 countries.
(a) 117              (b) 119
(c) 129               (d) 134

31. The government launched ‘Pakistan Banao Certificates’ on _____.
(a) Jan 29                (b) Jan 31
(c) Feb 02                (d) Feb 05

32. On Feb 01, Sayed Zahid Hussain is the incumbent Consultant to President on ______ Affairs.
(a) Political            (b) Economic
(c) Legal               (d) Kashmir

33. The Pak-China fibre optic is an 820-kilometer-long fibre optic cable project from ______ to Khunjerab.
(a) Peshawar       (b) Rawalpindi
(c) Quetta             (d) Havelian

34. On Feb 03, Pakistan’s world-record run of _____ straight Twenty20 series victories came to an end.
(a) 10            (b) 11
(c) 12             (d) 15

35. On Feb 05, Rashid Suhrawardy, the only son of Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, former ______ of Pakistan, died.
(a) President                  (b) Governor-General
(c) Chief Justice            (d) Prime Minister

36. On Feb 06, ______ signed an agreement with Pakistan on offshore oil and gas exploration activities.
(a) Russia               (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Qatar                    (d) Turkey

37. On______, the multinational maritime exercise AMAN-2019 commenced in Karachi.
(a) Feb 04                (b) Feb 06
(c) Feb 08             (d) Feb 10

38. Muhammad Naeem Khan is the current IGP ______.
(a) KP                         (b) Punjab
(c) Balochistan           (d) Sindh

39. On Feb 11, Pakistan women defeated ______ women by four wickets and claimed the series 2-1.
(a) South Africa         (b) Nepal
(c) Australia               (d) West Indies

40. Pakistan Women’s Day was observed on ______.
(a) Feb 12           (b) Feb 13
(c) Feb 14             (d) Feb 15

41. On Feb 12, ______ was appointed the President NBP.
(a) Shams Raza             (b) Arif Usmani
(c) Hussain Lawai         (d) Saeed Khan

42. The Lahore High Court granted bail to Shahbaz Sharif on ______.
(a) Feb 12                  (b) Feb 13
(c) Feb 14                (d) Feb 15


1. On Jan 16, the ICC named India’s ______ as its new CEO.
(a) Mohammad Azharuddin            (b) Shashank Manohar
(c) Manu Sawhney                        (d) Ajay Shukla

2. On Jan 16, the world’s first television channel dedicated to human rights was launched in ______.
(a) New Jersey         (b) London
(c) Paris                      (d) Geneva

3. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was born in the city of Louisville, in ______ state of the USA.
(a) Delaware         (b) Kentucky
(c) Ohio                  (d) Los Angeles

4. On Jan 19, Andry Rajoelina was inaugurated as the President of ______.
(a) Madagascar          (b) Cuba
(c) Venezuela                  (d) Bolivia

5. On Jan 20, the world’s oldest man Masazo Nonaka, who was born in______ died.
(a) 1902           (b) 1905
(c) 1908           (d) 1910

6. On Jan 22, ______ became the first player to win 3 major ICC awards.
(a) M. Shami                   (b) Rohit Sharma
(c) Virat Kohli            (d) MS Dhoni

7. On Jan 22, ______ was named Cricketer of the Year, clinching the Sir Garfield Trophy.
(a) Steve Smith              (b) Hashim Amla
(c) Virat Kohli           (d) Quinton de Kock

8. On Jan 23, ______ announced that its prototype ‘flying car’ has completed its first successful test flight.
(a) Boeing              (b) Airbus
(c) Embraer              (d) Tupoloev

9. Juan Guaidó is the self-proclaimed president of ______.
(a) Brazil                   (b) Venezuela
(c) Nicaragua           (d) Cuba

10. On Jan 25, Donald Trump reached a deal with congressional leaders to reopen the US federal government after a record-breaking shutdown that lasted for ______ days.
(a) 26              (b) 29
(c) 34            (d) 39

11. Yanghee Lee is UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in _____.
(a) Syria            (b) Myanmar
(c) Yemen         (d) Kashmir

12. On Jan 25, the European Commission added Saudi Arabia to its list of countries that pose a threat to the bloc because of lax controls against terrorism financing and money laundering.
(a) Turkey                         (b) Afghanistan
(c) Saudi Arabia          (d) Pakistan

13. On Jan 26, a government-appointed panel recommended that Germany stop burning coal to generate electricity by ______.
(a) 2030           (b) 2038
(c) 2045            (d) 2050

14. On Jan 27, Man Group announced to end its long-running sponsorship of ______ prestigious Man Booker Prizes for Novels.
(a) USA’s                 (b) Britain’s
(c) France’s             (d) Germany’s

15. The current US special envoy for Afghan peace is ______.
(a) John Bass              (b) Zalmay Khalilzad
(c) Richard Olson       (d) Paul W. Jones

16. Rami Al-Hamdallah, who tendered his resignation and that of his unity government on Jan 29, was the Prime Minister of ______.
(a) Palestine           (b) Qatar
(c) Bahrain                 (d) Lebanon

17. On Jan 29, India opened its first national film museum in ______.
(a) Mumbai           (b) New Delhi
(c) Amritsar              (d) Hyderabad

18. Gina Haspel is the incumbent chief of the ______.
(a) CFR              (b) CIA
(b) FBI                (c) None of these

19. On Jan 31, ______ installed a new king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, after the last monarch abdicated in a historic first.
(a) Indonesia        (b) Malaysia
(c) Chad                 (d) Kuwait

20. On Jan 31, ______, France and Germany launched a special payment mechanism that the EU hopes will help save a nuclear deal with Iran by bypassing US sanctions.
(a) Britain               (b) Greece
(c) Norway                 (d) Italy

21. ______ financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March of next year.
(a) Tajikistan’s          (b) Afghanistan’s
(c) India’s                (d) Pakistan’s

22. Saad Hariri is the Prime Minister of ______ while Michel Aoun is that country’s president.
(a) Bahrain                (b) Iraq
(c) Lebanon           (d) Jordan

23. On Feb 01, ______ won their first Asian Cup football.
(a) Saudi Arabia         (b) Qatar
(c) China                      (d) Japan

24. Treaty Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Elimination of Their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, a.k.a. INF Treaty, was signed on ______.
(a) 18 Dec 1986               (b) 20 Dec 1986
(c) 8 Dec 1987              (d) 28 Dec 1988

25. On Feb 02, Kurdish-Iranian journalist Behrouz Boochani won ______ most valuable literary prize, the Victorian Prize for Literature.
(a) Australia’s          (b) Britain’s
(c) Germany’s              (d) France’s

26. On Feb 02, the Central African Republic struck a peace deal with armed groups in ______.
(a) Addis Ababa         (b) Khartoum
(c) Pretoria                  (d) Nairobi

27. On Feb 04, ______ and Egypt’s Al-Azhar Mosque and University signed a document on fighting extremism.
(a) United Nations            (b) Italy
(c) The Vatican              (d) EU

28. On Feb 04, ______ reached an agreement with French authorities to settle 10 years of back taxes.
(a) Apple                 (b) Google
(c) Facebook             (d) Yahoo

29. On Feb 05, Joram van Klaveren, a former ______ MP and right-hand man of anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, converted to Islam.
(a) Hungarian          (b) Swedish
(c) Dutch                (d) German

30. On Feb 06, Macedonia signed an ‘accession protocol’ to become NATO’s ______ member .
(a) 30th          (b) 32nd
(c) 34th             (d) 35th

31. On Feb 07, Donald Trump nominated former US Treasury official ______ to lead the World Bank.
(a) David Malpass        (b) Nikki Haley
(c) Mark Green                  (d) None of these

32. On Feb 09, ______ was announced to be the third official language used in the Abu Dhabi court system.
(a) Chinese              (b) French
(c) Hindi               (d) English

33. At present, the total number of banned outfits in Pakistan is ______.
(a) 52            (b) 67
(c) 79            (d) 87

34. The first ‘World Pulses Day’ was observed on ______.
(a) Feb 05         (b) Feb 10
(c) Feb 12          (d) Feb 14

35. The current Chairperson of the African Union is ______.
(a) Faiz El Saraj of Libya
(b) Paul Kagame of Rwanda
(c) Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt
(d) Moussa Faki of Chad

36. On Feb 10, World Government Summit opened in ______, UAE.
(a) Ajman                (b) Dubai
(c) Sharjah               (d) Abu Dhabi

37. Sibghatullah Mojaddedi, who commanded a mujahideen faction during the decade-long insurgency against the Soviet Union, passed away on ______.
(a) Feb 11            (b) Feb 12
(c) Feb 13               (d) Feb 14

38. On Feb 13, ______ mobster Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman was convicted of crimes spanning a quarter century.
(a) Columbian           (b) Brazilian
(c) Mexican            (d) Cuban

39. India’s paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) faced biggest attack on them in Pulwama (Kashmir) on _____.
(a) Feb 12             (b) Feb 13
(c) Feb 14           (d) Feb 15

40. On Feb 14, US-sponsored conference on Middle East security and peace opened in Warsaw, the capital of ______.
(a) Vietnam         (b) Finland
(c) Austria           (d) Poland

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