National & International MCQs (February-March 2017)


 National MCQs

1. On Feb 16, ______ introduced “The Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction”.
(a) Pan Macmillan    (b) Barnes & Noble
(c) Bloomsbury    (d) Barron’s

2. On Feb 17, Pakistan was ranked ______ out of 186 economies on the Index of Economic Freedom 2017.
(a) 141st        (b) 147th
(c) 15st        (d) 171st

3. The National Green Day was observed on ______.
(a) Feb 16    (b) Feb 18
(c) Feb 22    (d) Feb 25

4. On Feb 20, ______ was appointed the in charge of the Joint Directorate of Intelligence (JID).
(a) Brig. Sarfraz Shamim
(b) Brig. Imran Mushtaq
(c) Brig. Aslam Munir
(d) Brig. Tariq Rafi

5. On Feb 20, Justice Chaudhry Muhammad Ibrahim Zia was appointed Chief Justice of the ______.
(a) Peshawar High Court
(b) Balochistan High Court
(c) Sindh High Court
(d) AJK Supreme Court

6. On______, ex-Senator and former President of LHC Bar Association, Muhammad Kazim Khan died.
(a) Feb 18    (b) Feb 20
(c) Feb 22    (d) Feb 25

7. On Feb 20, Pakistan shipped first consignment of vegetables to Dubai via sea route under a(n) ______ project.
(a) AUSAID    (b) USAID
(c) ADB        (d) UNDP

8. On Feb 20, the world’s third largest smart-phone maker, ______ launched in Pakistan.
(a) Huawei    (b) Samsung
(c) Nokia        (d) Xiaomi

9. Historical Derawar Fort is located in ______ district.
(a) Bahawalpur    (b) Muzaffargarh
(c) Layyah    (d) Multan

10. On Feb 21, ______ was appointed the chairman of Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority.
(a) Ghulam Qadir    (b) Sardar Alamgir
(c) Salman Ghani     (d) Hasnat Qureshi

11. On Feb 22, the status of ______ as the winter capital of the Balochistan province was restored.
(a) Ziarat        (b) Gwadar
(c) Kalat         (d) Dera Bugti

12. Veteran TV actor Farooq Zameer died on ______.
(a) Feb 20    (b) Feb 22
(c) Feb 23    (d) Feb 25

13. On Feb 23, The 5th meeting of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSCC) of Pakistan and Turkey was held in ______.
(a) Istanbul    (b) Islamabad
(c) Lahore    (d) Ankara

14. Pakistan’s famous women’s rights activist, Nigar Ahmad, died on ______.
(a) Feb 22    (b) Feb 23
(c) Feb 24    (d) Feb 25

15. On Feb 24, the Pride of Punjab Award was conferred on known Seraiki poet ______.
(a) Iqbal Qureshi    (b) Ramzan Gaddi
(c) Riffat Abbas     (d) Shakir Shujabadi

16. On Feb 28, the meeting of Council of FMs of Economic Cooperation Organization was held in ______.
(a) Ankara    (b) Tehran
(c) Islamabad    (d) Dushanbe

17. On Feb 28, Pakistan Ulema Council appointed ______ its new chairman.
(a) Tahir Ashrafi    (b) Zahid Qasmi
(c) Muneeb Shah    (d) Ismail Qureshi

18. On Mar 01, the 13th ECO Summit was held in ______.
(a) Lahore    (b) Karachi
(c) Tehran    (d) Islamabad

19. On Mar 01, famous Pakistani artist ______ was conferred the ECO Award of Excellence.
(a) Irfan Khoosat    (b) Jamal Shah
(c) Aftab Iqbal    (d) Abid Ali

20. On Mar 01, Pakistan’s Amjad Hussain B. Sial assumed the office of secretary general of ______.
(a) TAPI forum     (b) Saarc
(c) OIC        (d) ECO

21. On Mar 01, ______ won the 13th West Asia Baseball Cup defeating Pakistan in the final.
(a) Nepal        (b) Sri Lanka
(c) India        (d) Iran

22. On Mar 02, ______ was appointed the PM’s Coordinator/ Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis.
(a) Daniyal Aziz    (b) Javed Malik
(c) Zubair Gull    (d) Farooq Sattar

23. On ______ the government approved a set of steps to be taken for proposed merger of the Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
(a) Feb 26    (b) Feb 28
(c) Mar 01    (d) Mar 02

24. On Mar 04, ______ was appointed the Chief Secretary Balochistan.
(a) Zahid Naveed     (b) Saifullah Khan
(c) Shoaib Mir     (d) Ahmad Umrani

25. According to a University of Pennsylvania’s ranking “US News & World Report,” Pakistan is the ______ best country in the world.
(a) 15th        (b) 20th
(c) 24th        (d) 36th

26. On Mar 05, Peshawar Zalmi defeated ______ to clinch the Pakistan Super League title.
(a) Lahore Qalandars
(b) Karachi Kings
(c) Islamabad United
(d) Quetta Gladiators

27. According to Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer, overall bribery rate in Pakistan is ______.
(a) 30%        (b) 35%
(c) 40%        (d) 57%

28. The Pakistan Education Statistics 2015-16 show that ______ of Pakistani children are out of school.
(a) 44%        (b) 49%
(c) 53%         (d) 57%

29. On Mar 08, ___ High Court ordered government to block blasphemous content from social media.
(a) Lahore    (b) Islamabad
(c) Peshawar    (d) Sindh

30. On Mar 08, ______ was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Sindh government.
(a) Bilquis Edhi    (b) Shahla Raza
(c) Sultana Siddiqi (d) Maheen Khan

31. The National Assembly unanimously adopted the Hindu Marriage Bill, 2017, on ______.
(a) Mar 01    (b) Mar 08
(c) Mar 09    (d) Mar 12

32. On Mar 10, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar launched first-ever registered premium prize bond of ______.
(a) Rs 25,000    (b) Rs 40,000
(c) Rs 50,000    (d) Rs 60,000

33. Operation Raddul Fasaad was launched on ______.
(a) Feb 20    (b) Feb 22
(c) Feb 24    (d) Feb 26

34. On Mar 10, former national ______ champion Tayyaba Gill passed away.
(a) Badminton    (b) Tennis
(c) Squash    (d) Table Tennis

35. ____ won the Pakistan Derby 2017.
(a) Big Bravo    (b) No Regards
(c) Lahori Queen    (d) Punjabi Babu

36. On Mar 13, ____ was appointed the Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court.
(a) Justice Irfan Saadat Khan
(b) Justice Munib Akhtar
(c) Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh
(d) Justice Nadeem Akhtar

37. On Mar 15, Pakistan’s largest-ever population census kicked off in ______ districts of the country.
(a) 59        (b) 63
(c) 76        (d) 89


1. The Munich Security Conference, the 53rd edition of which held in Muncih, Germany, in February, was established in ______.
National and International Current Affairs MCQs(a) 1956         (b) 1960
(c) 1963        (d) 1964

2. The 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup will be held in ______.
(a) India         (b) England
(c) Bangladesh     (d) Australia

3. On Feb 17, scientists revealed that New Zealand sits atop a previously unknown continent that should be recognised with the name ______.
(a) Zounds    (b) Zealandia
(c) Bermuda    (d) Oceania

4. On Feb 18, Australian scientists made world’s strongest material ____.
(a) Graphene    (b) Carbyne
(c) Adipocyte    (d) Bitumen

5. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who won the World Tennis Tournament, is a ______ player.
(a) German     (b) French
(c) Czech     (d) Danish

6. On Feb 19, Kaci Kullmann Five, a ______ political and the chairwoman of the committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize, died.
(a) French     (b) Belgian
(c) Norwegian    (d) Swede

7. The director of ‘Moonlight’ – the film that won the best movie award at the Oscars 2017 – is _____.
(a) Naomie Harris (b) Damien Chazelle
(c) Barry Jenkins     (d) Tarell McCraney

8. As per a recent report by SIPRI, ______ was the world’s largest arms importer during 2012-16.
(a) India         (b) Pakistan
(c) Yemen     (d) Saudi Arabia

9. On Feb 20, Rania Nashar became the first female CEO of a listed ______ commercial bank.
(a) Indian    (b) Saudi
(c) Bangladeshi    (d) Iranian

10. The UN World Day of Social Justice is annually observed on ______.
(a) Feb 18        (b) Feb 19
(c) Feb 20        (d) Feb 21

11. On Feb 20, ______ ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, died.
(a) Norway’s     (b) Russia’s
(c) Kazakhstan’s    (d) Romania’s

12. International Mother Language Day is observed every year on ______.
(a) Feb 18        (b) Feb 20
(c) Feb 21        (d) Feb 24

13. On Feb 21, ______ President Ilham Aliyev appointed his wife, Mehriban Aliyeva, as first vice-president.
(a) Kazakhstan’s     (b) Azerbaijan’s
(c) Tajikistan’s     (d) Kyrgyzstan’s

14. The International Defence Exhibition and Conference, one of the largest arms fairs in the Middle East, was held in ______, UAE.
(a) Ajman    (b) Abu Dhabi
(c) Dubai        (d) Sharjah

15. WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement entered into force on ____.
(a) Feb 20    (b) Feb 21
(c) Feb 22    (d) Feb 23

16. On Feb 23, the first Strategic Dialogue between ______ and China was held in Beijing.
(a) India        (b) Russia
(c) Sri Lanka    (d) USA

17. On Feb 23, Spain’s National Court handed a jail sentence of four years and six months to Rodrigo Rato, a former chief of the ______.
(a) World Bank    (b) IMF
(c) ICJ        (d) FIFA

18. The 2017 Oscars was the ______ edition of the Academy Awards.
(a) 85th         (b) 87th
(c) 88th        (d) 90th

19. The incumbent Director-General of the WTO is ______.
(a) Roberto Azevêdo (b) Renato Ron
(c) Mike Moore    (d) Pascal Lamy

20. A study by ______ Research Center has revealed that Islam will be the world’s most popular religion shortly after 2050.
(a) Smithsonian     (b) Gallup
(c) PEW        (d) OXFAM

21. The 9th edition of BRICS Summit will be held in ______.
(a) South Africa    (b) Brazil
(c) China        (d) Russia

22. The youngest person ever to have received Nobel Prize for Economics to date is ______.
(a) Elinor Ostrom    (b) Kenneth Arrow
(c) Jean Tirole    (d) Alvin E. Roth

23. On Mar 02, Indian Navy test-fired an anti-ship missile for the first time from an indigenously built INS Kalvari submarine.
(a) INS Arihant    (b) INS Kalvari
(c) INS Viraat    (d) INS Shakti

24. The book titled “Kohinoor: The Story of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond” has been written by ______.
(a) Anita Anand    (b) Anthony Leon
(c) William Dalrymple
(d) Anatol Lieven

25. The headquarters of International Air Transport Association (IATA) is located in ______.
(a) Geneva     (b) Montreal
(c) Bonn        (d) Paris

26. The 2017 Mobile World Congress was held in ______.
(a) Barcelona    (b) Tokyo
(c) Dubai        (d) Shanghai

27. Mahershala Ali has become the first Muslim to win an acting Oscar when he won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in ______.
(a) Moonlight    (b) La La Land
(c) Milestones    (d) Casablanca

28. World Wildlife Day is annually observed on ______.
(a) Mar 01    (b) Mar 02
(c) Mar 03    (d) Mar 08

29. On Mar 05, Harvard University awarded the 2017 Artist of the Year Award to ______.
(a) Viola Davis    (b) Emma Stone
(c) Emma Watson    (d) Meryl Streep

30. On Mar 06, US President Donald Trump signed a new executive order, excluding ______ from his previous list of 7 banned nations.
(a) Iraq         (b) Iran
(c) Yemen    (d) Syria

31. Indian Ocean Rim Association Leaders’ Summit 2017 was held in ______.
(a) Tokyo    (b) New Delhi
(c) Jakarta    (d) Kuala Lumpur

32. “Peace in the Home” programme has been launched by ______.
(a) World Bank     (b) UN
(c) Commonwealth of Nations

33. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of ______ Commonwealth realms.
(a) 14        (b) 16
(c) 18        (d) 38

34. “Lincoln in the Bardo” has been written by ______.
(a) Zadie Smith    (b) George Saunders
(c) Marie Claire    (d) Junot Díaz

35. On Mar 09, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps successfully test-fired a naval missile, called the ______.
(a) Shahab    (b) Faras
(c) Hormuz 2    (d) Emad

36. “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” was the theme of International Women’s Day which was observed on ______.
(a) Mar 06    (b) Mar 08
(c) Mar 08    (d) Mar 12

37. Donald Tusk, the current President of the European Council, is a former Prime minister of ______.
(a) Poland     (b) Norway
(c) Sweden    (d) Belgium

38. George A. Olah, who passed away on Mar 08, won Nobel Prize in Chemistry in ______.
(a) 1986        (b) 1989
(c) 1994        (d) 2001

39. The writer of “Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth” is _____.
(a) William Dalrymple
(b) Ishtiaq Ali Sukhera
(c) Mubarak Ali Khan
(d) Audrey Truschke

40. The additional charge of Defence Minister of India is with  ______.
(a) Narendra Modi    (b) Rajnath Singh
(c) Nitin Gadkari     (d) Arun Jaitley

41. ______ will host the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April 2017.
(a) Malaysia    (b) UK
(c) Australia    (d) Canada

42. ______ topped the list in the Mercer’s 2017 Quality of Living index.
(a) Vienna    (b) Munich
(c) Frankfurt    (d) Geneva

43. On Mar 10, South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye was removed from office, becoming the country’s ______ democratically elected leader to be ousted.
(a) First        (b) Second
(c) Third        (d) Fourth

44. The Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,300 kilometres, is in ______.
(a) New Zealand    (b) Australia
(c) Canada    (d) Brazil

45. World Consumer Rights Day is observed on ______.
(a) Mar 10    (b) Mar 12
(c) Mar 14    (d) Mar 15

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