National & International MCQs (Feb-March 2019)



1. Akhtar Hussain Langove of ______ is the current chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in Balochistan provincial assembly.
(a) BNP-M                 (b) BAP
(c) JUI-F                       (d) PTI

2. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman arrived in Islamabad on his first official visit to Pakistan on _____.
(a) Feb 16                   (b) Feb 17
(c) Feb 18                   (d) Feb 19

3. During Prince Mohammad’s visit, 7 MoUs worth _____ of investment were signed between the two countries.
(a) $15 billion                   (b) $18billion
(c) $20 billion              (d) $25billion

4. On Feb 18, Saudi Crown Prince announced to establish a health centre in ______, the hometown of a Pakistani hero Farman Ali Khan.
(a) Haripur               (b) Charsadda
(c) Mardan                (d) Swat

5. On Feb 18, the FBR placed the revised Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation with ______, enabling both sides for access of information on banking and financial details.
(a) Sweden            (b) Switzerland
(c) UK                    (d) Panama

6. On Feb 18, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was conferred ______, Pakistan’s highest civil award.
(a) Nishan-e-Pakistan
(b) Sitara-e-Pakistan
(c) Hilal-e-Pakistan
(d) Tamgha-e-Pakistan

7. On Feb 19, the 8th ROPME Sea Area Hydrographic Commission (RSAHC) meeting started in ______.
(a) Karachi                                (b) Beijing
(c) Islamabad                       (d) Shanghai

8. RSAHC, a body established, in 2000, by the International Hydrographic Organisation, has ______ members.
(a) 4                   (b) 5
(c) 6                   (d) 7

9. The current Chairman of RSAHC, which includes North Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and Hormuz Strait is ___.
(a) Pakistan                    (b) Oman
(c) Bahrain                         (d) Qatar

10. On Feb 19, ______ signed a partnership with the UNDP and the WFP to contribute $10.6 million to help fight malnutrition; improve livelihoods and increase resilience to natural disasters in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.
(a) Australia                  (b) Italy
(c) Switzerland             (d) Japan

11. On Feb 20, Shakirullah, a Pakistani prisoner who belonged to the city of ______, was lynched at a jail in Indian state of Rajasthan.
(a) Daska                 (b) Sheikhupura
(c) Karachi                  (d) Faisalabad

12. NAB arrested Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani in connection with corruption allegations on ______.
(a) Feb 18                  (b) Feb 20
(c) Feb 22                  (d) Feb 24

13. On ______, the National Assembly passed a unanimous resolution against India for its baseless propaganda against Pakistan over the Pulwama attack.
(a) Feb 20                (b) Feb 22
(c) Feb 24                   (d) Feb 26

14. The Buffalo Research Institute (BRI) is located in ______.
(a) Sialkot                  (b) Sahiwal
(c) Pattoki              (d) Mianwali

15. On Feb 21, the Punjab government launched ‘Insaf Afternoon Schools’ programme under its new 5-year education policy titled ______.
(a) Education: The Punjab Way
(b) Parha Likha Punjab
(c) Roshan Punjab
(d) The New Deal 2018-23

16. On _____, the government clamped immediate ban on Jamaatud Dawa and Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation, which work under the leadership of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.
(a) Feb 20                  (b) Feb 21
(c) Feb 22                  (d) Feb 24

17. On Feb 21, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres appointed Major General Ziaur Rehman of Pakistan the Force Commander of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in ______.
(a) Western Sahara                (b) CAR
(c) Mali                                            (d) South Sudan

18. Major (Retd) Khwaja Safi Wasiuddin, who passed away on Feb 22, was a grandson of former Governor-General and Prime Minister of Pakistan, ______.
(a) Iskander Mirza                                      (b) Khwaja Nazimuddin
(c) Ghulam Muhammad                            (d) None of these

19. The only person who served as Pakistan’s Governor-General and Prime Minister was ______.
(a) Quaid-i-Azam                                           (b) Ghulam Muhammad
(d) Iskander Mirza                                         (d) Khwaja Nazimuddin

20. On Feb 22, international player ______ won the National Junior Squash Championships.
(a) Huzaifa Zahid                 (b) Sara Mehboob
(c) Hamza Niaz                 (d) Ushna Sohail

21. On Feb 23, former opposition leader in _____ Assembly and prominent PPP leader Rana Shaukat Mahmood passed away.
(a) Punjab                          (b) Sindh
(c) Balochistan                      (d) National

22. Nasl al Bahr is a naval exercise held between Pakistan and ______.
(a) Kuwait                          (b) Qatar
(c) Saudi Arabia                (d) UAE

23. Pakistan Navy participated in the International Defence Exhibition (Idex) and Naval Defence Exhibition (Navdex) that were held in ______.
(a) Dubai                          (b) Abu Dhabi
(c) Doha                            (d) Riyadh

24. Farhat Hussain Saddique, a former national ______ player and father of cricketers Imran Farhat and Humayun Farhat, passed away on Feb 24.
(a) Table Tennis                (b) Hockey
(c) Cricket                           (d) Badminton

25. On Feb 25, the ______ High Court rejected Nawaz Sharif’s petition seeking suspension of his sentence in Al-Azizia case on medical grounds.
(a) Lahore                        (b) Islamabad
(c) Peshawar                    (d) Sindh

26. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to allow registered Afghan refugees to open and maintain bank accounts in Pakistan, on ______.
(a) Feb 22                          (b) Feb 24
(c) Feb 25                        (d) Feb 28

27. On Feb 26, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the country’s first National ______ Bank to facilitate digital transfer of remittances from across the world.
(a) Challenger             (b) Wire
(c) Money                         (d) Forex

28. On Feb 27, two Indian Air Force ______ aircraft were shot down by the Pakistan Air Force pilots in Kashmir.
(a) Sukhoi                 (b) Tejas
(c) Dassault              (d) MiG 21

29. On Feb 28, mobile phone services were launched in______, the headquarters of South Waziristan agency.
(a) Wana               (b) Sararogha
(c) Birmil                 (d) Makin

30. On Feb 28, Prime Minister appointed Sajjad Hussain Toori, the chief whip of the PTI in the ______.
(a) Senate of Pakistan                         (b) National Assembly
(c) Punjab Assembly                                   (b) Sindh Assembly

31. The captured IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was handed over to India on ______.
(a) Feb 28                      (b) Mar 01
(c) Mar 03                     (d) Mar 05

32. Ms Faaria Bugti, who accompanied the Indian pilot at the Wagah border crossing, is Director ______ Desk at the Foreign Office.
(a) Regional                   (b) Asia
(c) South Asia                (d) India

33. On Mar 02, the Ministry of ______ floated Sukuk (Islamic bonds) worth Rs200 billion for Islamic banks.
(a) Industries                 (b) Commerce
(c) Energy                    (d) Finance

34. President Pakistan Olympic Association, Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan was re-elected as the vice president of the Olympic Council of Asia on ______.
(a) Mar 03                (b) Mar 04
(c) Mar 05                    (d) Mar 06

35. On Mar 04, the World Bank agreed to launch $2 billion projects in ______ to turn it into one of the most developed and beautiful cities of the world.
(a) Skardu                  (b) Lahore
(c) Islamabad            (d) Karachi

36. On Mar 05, the Ministry of Finance notified ______ private directors of Sarmaya-e-Pakistan Limited (SPL).
(a) 4                  (b) 6
(c) 8                 (d) 10

37. On Mar 05, Pakistan challenged the decision of the ______ Court of International Arbitration of awarding a penalty of $21 million to the country in the Broadsheet LLC case.
(a) London            (b) International
(c) Hague                  (d) New York

38. On Mar 06, Syed Samsam Ali Bukhari took oath as provincial ______ minister, Punjab.
(a) Local Govt                (b) Trade
(c) Culture                      (d) Information

39. The newly-installed civil courts in erstwhile FATA became functional on ______.
(a) Mar 11                  (b) Mar 12
(c) Mar 14                    (d) Mar 15

40. On Mar 12, Pakistan and ______ signed a Host Government Agreement for implementation of up to $8 billion TAPI gas pipeline.
(a) Shams Raza                 (b) Turkmenistan
(c) Hussain Lawai            (d) Afghanistan

41. On Mar 15, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) appointed ______ its secretary general.
(a) Asma Sherazi                      (b) Ansar Burney
(c) Haris Khalique              (d) Arif Nizami


1. On Feb 16, ______ revered and internationally celebrated novelist and poet Charles Mungoshi died.
(a) Chile’s                            (b) Mexico’s
(c) Zimbabwe’s              (d) Portugal’s

2. On Feb 16, archaeologists discovered an Incan tomb in the north of ______.
(a) Peru                   (b) Colombia
(a) Chile                     (d) Italy

3. The three-day international security conference entitled Munich Security Conference concluded in Munich, Germany, on ______.
(a) Feb 16                  (b) Feb 17
(c) Feb 18                  (d) Feb 20

4. On Feb 17, the Saudi Arabian Military Industries signed an agreement with a _____-government-majority firm Naval Group to boost the kingdom’s navy.
(a) French            (b) American
(c) British                (d) German

5. On Feb 17, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Israel Katz his country’s ______.
(a) Foreign Minister                   (b) Finance Minister
(c) Interior Minister                         (d) War Minister

6. On Feb 17, Iran launched a new locally-made submarine named _____.
(a) Yazd                         (b) Fateh
(c) Aab Ju                     (d) Zulfaqar

7. On Feb 19, ______ US states sued Donald Trump’s administration over his decision to declare a national emergency to fund a wall on the southern border with Mexico.
(a) 12                  (b) 14
(c) 16                 (d) 24

8. On Feb 20, US President Donald Trump signed an order outlining his vision for a new “Space Force” that could be the____branch of US military.
(a) Fourth                 (b) Fifth
(c) Sixth                 (d) Seventh

9. The seat of the International Court of Justice is at ______ in the Hague, the Netherlands.
(a) De Bijenkorf                  (b) Peace Palace
(c) Mauritshuis                    (d) The Binnnenhof

10. On Feb 20, a Chinese military court sentenced General Fang Fenghui, a former chief of a top defence department, to ______ after finding him guilty of corruption.
(a) Death                                      (b) Life Imprisonment
(c) 12-year imprisonment         (d) 20-year imprisonment

11. On Feb 21, West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle broke ______ record of most sixes in international cricket.
(a) Rohit Sharma’s                       (b) Tendulkar’s
(c) Shahid Afridi’s                   (d) Jayasuriya’s

12. On Feb 22, the Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, swore in ______, leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, as interim CM of the Bangsamoro region.
(a) Ghazali Jaafar                   (b) Murad Ebrahim
(c) Nur Misuari                         (d) Hashim Salamat

13. On Feb 23, US President Donald Trump nominated Kelly Craft, currently the US ambassador to______, as his envoy to the United Nations.
(a) Japan               (b) Canada
(c) Israel                (d) UK

14. On Feb 23, President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir named Mohamed Tahir Ela, as his country’s new______.
(a) Prime Minister                       (b) Finance Minister
(c) Interior Minister                           (d) Foreign Minister

15. On Feb 24, European and Arab leaders gathered in ______ for the first EU-Arab League summit.
(a) Alexandria                 (b) Cairo
(c) Abu Dhabi                  (d) Doha

16. On Feb 24, voters on the Japanese island of ______ rejected the relocation of a controversial US military base.
(a) Yaeyama            (b) Sakishima
(c) Okinawa         (d) Ryukyu

17. On Feb 24, Princess Rima bint Bandar was named as Saudi Arabia’s first woman ambassador to ______.
(a) China                  (b) UK
(c) USA                   (d) Canada

18. On Feb 25, ______ spin king Rashid Khan became the first bowler to take four wickets in four balls in a Twenty20 International.
(a) Afghanistan’s           (b) Pakistan’s
(c) UAE’s                              (d) Bangladesh’s

19. On Feb 27, ______ incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari won another term in office.
(a) Niger’s                (b) Algeria’s
(c) Nigeria’s         (d) Kenya’s

20. On Feb 27, the world’s first 5G-powered, telementored operation was carried out in ______.
(a) France                    (b) USA
(c) Spain                   (d) Lithuania

21. On Feb 28, the US-North Korea summit in ______ ended abruptly without a deal.
(a) Singapore                (b) Vienna
(c) Hanoi                    (d) Panama City

22. On Feb 22, ______ stripped citizenship from Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden.
(a) Qatar              (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) UAE                 (d) Russia

23. On Mar 02, ______ allowed a US extradition request for an executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei.
(a) Sweden               (b) Canada
(c) UK                        (d) France

24. On Mar 03, the 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer became the _____ male player to win 100 tour-level tournaments in professional arena.
(a) First                    (b) Second
(c) Third                   (d) Fourth

25. On Mar 04, the United States deployed its advanced THAAD missile defence system temporarily to ______ for a joint military exercise.
(a) Afghanistan            (b) South Korea
(c) Israel                     (d) Egypt

26. On Mar 04, Indonesia and ______ signed a long-awaited multi-billion-dollar trade deal, some nine years after negotiations first started.
(a) Kuwait                  (b) Australia
(c) Qatar                      (d) Saudi Arabia

27. On Mar 05, ____ became a member of the International Criminal Court.
(a) Indonesia                (b) Maldives
(c) Malaysia              (d) Philippines

28. The first country to quit the International Criminal Court was ______.
(a) USA                        (b) Burundi
(c) Thailand                (d) Philippines

29. On Mar 05, ______ was declared to be the world’s most polluted capital city in 2018.
(a) New Delhi                (b) Beijing
(c) Mogadishu                   (d) Tokyo

30. On Mar 05, US President Donald Trump announced his plan to end preferential trade treatment for India and ______.
(a) Turkey                     (b) Pakistan
(c) South Korea                (d) China

31. On Mar 06, Japanese architect Arata Isozaki was awarded the Pritzker Prize, _____ highest honour.
(a) Engineering’s                 (b) Music’s
(c) Architecture’s           (d) Literature’s

32. On Mar 08, Prime Minister of ______ Juha Sipila and his centre-right government resigned.
(a) Latvia                       (b) Georgia
(c) Finland                (d) Poland

33. On Mar 08, former media executive ______ resigned as President Donald Trump’s communications director.
(a) Robert Mueller             (b) Bill Shine
(c) Bill O’Reilly                   (d) Hope Hicks

34. On Mar 08, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appointed cleric Ebrahim Raisi head of the country’s ______.
(a) Parliament                    (b) Judiciary
(c) Army                              (d) Police force

35. On Mar 08, India signed a $3 billion deal to lease a third______ nuclear-powered submarine for 10 years.
(a) French                     (b) Israeli
(c) Russian                (d) German

36. On Mar 10, the Palestinian president Mahmood Abbas chose Mohammed Ishtayeh as his new______.
(a) VP                                  (b) Foreign Minister
(c) Prime Minister      (c) Chief Justice

37. The current commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ elite Quds Force is ______.
(a) Abdul Ali Mazari                    (b) Qassem Soleimani
(c) Mohsen Sazegara                   (d) Imad Mughniyah

38. The “Order of Zulfaqar” is the highest military award of ______.
(a) Afghanistan                   (b) Bahrain
(c) Iraq                                  (d) Iran

39. On Mar 11, ______ President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his withdrawal from a bid to win another term in office.
(a) Kenya’s                       (b) South Sudan’s
(c) Algeria’s                  (d) Somalia’s

40. As per the latest report by SIPRI, a Sweden-based think tank, ______ was the world’s second largest importer of major arms in 2014-18, accounting for 9.5 percent of the global total.
(a) Israel                    (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) India                  (c) Iraq

41. On Mar 14, ______ Cabinet approved proposals to allow foreigners to own property and be granted residency at the same time.
(a) Saudi Arabia’s                (b) UAE’s
(c) Qatar’s                          (d) Oman’s

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