National & International MCQs (Dec ’18 – Jan 19)



1. On Dec 16, Pakistan was elected as the ______ and the Rapporteur of the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC, at COP24 in Katowice, Poland.
(a) President            (b) Vice President
(c) Secretary             (d) Chair

2. On Dec 17, ______ was elected as the leader of opposition in the Balochistan Assembly.
(a) Malik Sikandar         (b) Naseer Barohi
(c) Manzoor Bugti               (d) Ahmed Baldini

3. The current Director General of the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (PILAC) is ______.
(a) Abbas Najmi                       (b) Liaquat Niazi
(c) Sughra Sadaf                 (d) Mushtaq Soofi

4. On Dec 18, the ______ Airways announced that it will be resuming flights to Pakistan from June 2019, after a 10-year break.
(a) British         (b) Qatar
(c) Gulf                  (d) Jet

5. Pakistan has been ranked ______ out of 149 countries on the ‘Global Gender Gap Index 2018’ report of the World Economic Forum (WEF).
(a) 108th               (b) 117th
(c) 134th                (d) 148th

6. Noted film, TV, radio and stage actor Ali Ejaz passed away on ______.
(a) Dec 15             (b) Dec 16
(c) Dec 17             (d) Dec 18

7. On Dec 19, ______ was appointed the Pakistan Railways Police Inspector General (IG).
(a) AD Khawaja               (b) Wajid Zia
(c) Amjad Safi                  (d) M. Bashir

8. On Dec 19, the Pakistan Dietary Guidelines for Better Nutrition were launched by Planning Commission’s nutrition section and the ______.
(a) FAO                 (b) UNICEF
(c) UNEP                (d) UNDP

9. On Dec 19, the late Asma Jahangir was posthumously awarded ______ Human Rights Prize.
(a) UN’s                     (b) EU’s
(c) USA’s                     (d) Russia’s

10. On Dec 18, ______, an Indian who illegally crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan in 2012 and was convicted for spying and forging documents in 2015, was handed over to India.
(a) Nabi Ahmed Shakir             (b) Hamid Nehal Ansari
(c) Gurbaksh Ram                      (d) Jaswant Singh

11. On Dec 20, Pakistan and ______ signed an agreement to expand industrial cooperation in diverse fields and attract investment in special economic zones.
(a) Belgium          (b) Japan
(c) EU                   (d) China

12. On Dec 20, the Congressional Pakistan Caucus Foundation (CPCF) was launched to foster friendship, understanding and cooperation between Pakistan and ______.
(a) China                   (b) USA
(c) Sweden                (d) Afghanistan

13. On Dec 21, a Pakistani environmentalist ______ was awarded the prestigious British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2018.
(a) Dr Alia Gohar                (b) Abrar Chaudhry
(c) Sajjad Bokhari               (d) Dr Almas Aslam

14. On Dec 21, Pak-China Joint International Air Exercise ______ concluded at an Air Base of PAF.
(a) Aman–VI                      (b) Shaheen-VI
(c) Shaheen-VII            (d) Druzba–II

15. On Dec 21, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to convert the PM House into ____ National University.
(a) Federal            (b) Naya Pakistan
(d) Pakistan          (d) Islamabad

16. Pakistan legendary cricketer ______ is also known as “The Original Little Master.”
(a) Fazal Mehmood                     (b) Zaheer Abbas
(c) Hanif Mohammad           (d) A.H. Kardar

17. On Dec 21, former CEO of University of Sargodha’s Lahore campus, ______, died in prison.
(a) Dr Yousaf Zaman                 (b) Sardar Abdul Haq
(c) Mian Sarfraz Sajjad             (d) Mian Javed Ahmed

18. On Dec 23, ______ announced to provide technical and financial assistance to promote SMEs to boost cottage industries of Sialkot.
(a) Saudi Arabia            (b) China
(c) Qatar                         (d) Japan

19. On Dec 23, South Punjab’s first-ever zigzag brick kiln was made operational in ______.
(a) DG Khan                  (b) Lodhran
(c) Jahanian              (d) Rajanpur

20. On Dec 24, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, Pakistan’s ambassador to ______ relinquished his charge.
(a) China               (b) USA
(c) Canada            (d) EU

21. On Dec 24, Pakistan’s ambassador to_____ Dr Asad Majeed was designated to become new ambassador ro USA.
(a) Mexico               (b) Japan
(c) France                (d) India

22. On Dec 24, ______ won the 2nd Kyrgyz Ambassador National Mass-wrestling Championship.
(a) Sindh               (b) Punjab
(c) Army               (d) WAPDA

23. On Dec 24, Former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif was convicted in one case but was acquitted in the_____ reference.
(a) Al-Azizia Steel Mills
(b) Flagship Investment
(c) Hill Metal Establishment
(d) Iqama

24. On Dec 25, Syed Ali Raza Abidi, a former MNA of ______ was killed.
(a) ANP                  (b) PML-N
(c) MQM              (d) PPP

25. On Dec 25, ______ was made Balochistan’s minister for Home and Tribal Affairs.
(a) Kamal Khan             (b) Khalid Langove
(c) Saleem Khosa          (d) Ziaullah Langove

26. On Dec 25, ______ defeated Rawalpindi Region to clinch the National Twenty20 Cup title.
(a) Lahore Blues            (b) Lahore Whites
(c) Karachi Blues           (d) Pindi Greens

27. On Dec 27, Pakistan and the ______ signed an amended prisoner transfer agreement.
(a) UK                        (b) India
(c) Norway                   (d) Switzerland

28. On Dec 27, ______ was appointed the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
(a) Hammad Kehar            (b) Shaukat Hussain
(c) Sulaiman Mehdi           (d) Farrukh Sabzwari

29. On Dec 28, the COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa appointed Lieutenant General Bilal Akbar the Colonel Commandant of______.
(a) Mujahid Force                          (b) Punjab Rangers
(c) Frontier Constabulary                  (d) Army Services Corps.

30. On Dec 28, a section of a busy avenue in_____, a borough of New York City, was named after Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
(a) Brooklyn          (b) Queens
(c) Breukelen            (d) Manhattan

31. On Dec 29, the Punjab cabinet held its first meeting in S. Punjab, in ______.
(a) Multan             (b) Bahawalpur
(c) DG Khan          (d) Rajanpur

32. Mohmand Dam (800MW) is proposed to be constructed across ______ River.
(a) Kunhar            (b) Indus
(c) Swat               (d) Kabul

33. On Jan 01, Justice Sardar M. Shamim Khan took oath as the 48th chief justice of the ______ High Court.
(a) Balochistan         (b) Lahore
(c) Peshawar             (d) Sindh

34. On Jan 02, the ______ government appointed Rukhshanda Naz the first anti-harassment ombudsperson of the province.
(a) Sindh                         (b) KP
(c) Balochistan               (d) Punjab

35. On Jan 03, Punjab government formed a JIT, headed by _____, to probe into the 2014 Model Town carnage.
(a) Tariq Khosa               (b) Nasir Durrani
(c) Kaleem Imam            (d) A D Khawaja

36. On Jan 04, Pakistan and the ______ finalised the terms and conditions of a support package of about $6.2 billion.
(a) UAE            (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Turkey          (d) China

37. On Jan 05, the Pakistan-China joint military exercise codenamed ______ ended near Kharian.
(a) Shaheen–VII              (b) Valour–II
(c) Warrior-VI             (d) Warrior-VIII

38. On Jan 11, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the appointment of ______ as Chief Economist, Government of Pakistan.
(a) Ijaz Wasti            (b) Murad Ali
(c) Farrukh Ali             (d) Zafar Alvi

39. On Jan 11, the government reconstituted the ______ National Finance Commission which will be headed by Finance Minister Asad Umar.
(a) 6th               (b) 7th
(c) 8th               (d) 9th

40. On Jan 14, Manzoor Ahmed Kakar, the secretary general of______, won the by-election held on a Senate seat.
(a) BAP                  (b) PTI
(c) PkMAP              (d) JUI-F

41. On Jan 14, a freelance reporter Asad Hashim was named the winner of the 2018 Agence France-Presse ______ Prize
(a) Philip Meyer                              (b) Kate Webb
(c) Shining Light                             (d) DIG Award


1. The 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in ______.
(a) Brasilia                   (b) Geneva
(c) Katowice            (d) Paris

2. On Dec 16, Salome Zurabishvili was sworn in as the first female president of ______.
(a) Greece               (b) Georgia
(c) Latvia                (d) Chile

3. On Dec 16, Belgium defeated ______ in sudden death to win their maiden men’s hockey World Cup title
(a) India                     (b) Netherlands
(c) Germany              (d) Australia

4. The 2018 Hockey World Cup was played in ______.
(a) India                     (b) Australia
(c) Belgium                  (d) Malaysia

5. On Dec 17, Miss ______ Catriona Gray, 24, was crowned Miss Universe.
(a) Vietnam                (b) Philippines
(c) Cambodia             (d) USA

6. On Dec 17, US diplomats and Taliban representatives met in______ for talks facilitated by Pakistan.
(a) Dubai                         (b) Doha
(c) Abu Dhabi            (d) Riyadh

7. On Dec 18, ______ received his record fifth Golden Shoe award.
(a) Harry Kane                     (b) Cristiano Ronaldo
(c) Lionel Messi              (d) Kylian Mbappe

8. On ______, India imposed president’s rule in Indian-held Kashmir.
(a) Dec 19                      (b) Dec 20
(c) Dec 21                          (d) Dec 22

9. On Dec 19, the UN General Assembly formally ratified the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which was agreed upon at a meeting in______.
(a) Brazil                       (b) Morocco
(c) Argentina                (d) Iceland

10. Declaring victory over the Islamic State, President Donald Trump announced to pull American ground forces from Syria on ______.
(a) Dec 16                    (b) Dec 18
(c) Dec 20                (d) Dec 22

11. On Dec 21, US ______ Secretary James Mattis stepped down in response to President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.
(a) Home Security        (b) Defence
(c) Treasury                   (d) State

12. On Dec 21, ______ closed its last black coal mine.
(a) China                       (b) Australia
(c) Germany             (d) USA

13. On______, Saudi Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, a half brother of King Salman, died.
(a) Dec 20                   (b) Dec 22
(c) Dec 23                    (d) Dec 24

14. Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz was also known as ______.
(a) Crown Prince                   (b) Red Prince
(c) White Prince                    (d) Blue Prince

15. On Dec 22, ______, the Special US Envoy to the Coalition Fighting the Islamic State group, resigned.
(a) John Allen                  (b) Brett McGurk
(c) Dennis Jacobs            (d) Carol Ann

16. On Dec 22, ______ thrashed Kazakhstan to win the FIH Haier Hockey Open series at the National Hockey Stadium, Lahore.
(a) Azerbaijan              (b) Uzbekistan
(c) Malaysia                  (d) Pakistan

17. On Dec 23, a volcano-triggered tsunami left 200 plus people dead and hundreds more injured around ______ Sunda Strait.
(a) Indonesia’s            (b) Malaysia’s
(c) Cambodia’s                 (d) Japan’s

18. Sunda Strait links the Java Sea with the ______ Ocean.
(a) Indian             (b) Pacific
(c) Arctic                  (d) Atlantic

19. On Dec 23, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani appointed Amrullah Saleh the country’s new ______ minister
(a) War                    (b) Interior
(c) Finance             (d) Foreign

20. Asadullah Khaled is the new ______ minister of Afghanistan.
(a) Interior            (b) Defence
(c) Finance            (d) Foreign

21. On Dec 23, Dr Jiko Luveni, the first female speaker of ______ Parliament, died.
(a) Indonesia’s           (b) Singapore’s
(c) Fiji’s                     (d) Finland’s

22. Bogibeel Bridge is ______ longest rail-road bridge.
(a) UAE’s                   (b) China’s
(c) India’s              (d) Nepal’s

23. On Dec 26, Kylian Mbappe was crowned___ player of the year for 2018.
(a) Australian             (b) Czech
(c) French               (d) Serbian

24. On Dec 26, ______ became S. Africa’s all-time leading Test wicket-taker.
(a) Morne Morkel          (b) Jacques Kallis
(c) Dale Steyn            (d) Albie Morkel

25. On Dec 26, President Trump signed a bill to honour fallen Muslim US Army Captain ______.
(a) Humayun Khan           (b) Muazzam Khan
(c) Khizr Khan                          (d) Saqib Khan

26. On Dec 27, ______ tested a new strategic weapon, the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle, which flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound.
(a) USA               (b) Russia
(c) China             (d) Japan

27. Lok Sabha is the lower house of the parliament of ______.
(a) Bangladesh          (b) Sri Lanka
(c) India                   (d) Nepal

28. On Dec 30, Bangladesh held its ______ national parliamentary election.
(a) 11th              (b) 12th
(c) 13th                (d) 14th

29. On Dec 31, the ICC crowned India’s Smriti Mandhana as woman ______ of the year.
(a) Bowler                    (b) Fielder
(c) Cricketer            (d) Captain

30. On Jan 01, the United States and ______ officially quit the UNESCO.
(a) Israel                (b) Switzerland
(c) Canada                 (d) Australia

31. On Jan 01, Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in as ______ president.
(a) Brazil’s            (b) Argentina’s
(c) Austria’s             (d) Lithuania’s

32. On Jan 04, ______ tested its most powerful non-nuclear weapon, dubbed the “Mother of All Bombs”.
(a) Japan               (b) Russia
(c) China             (d) North Korea

33. On Jan 05, ______ became the most successful player in the history of Hopman Cup.
(a) Novak Djokovic             (b) Roger Federer
(c) Andy Murray                  (d) Rafael Nadal

34. Former US Defense Secretary, Harold Brown, who died on Jan 07, served in the ______ administration.
(a) Kennedy             (b) Carter
(c) Reagan                (d) Clinton

35. On Jan 07, India won a historic first-ever series in______.
(a) New Zealand              (b) South Africa
(c) Australia                  (d) West Indies

36. On Jan 08, Moshe Arens, the ______ politician and statesman, who was one of the last of his country’s founding generation, died
(a) Vietnamese        (b) Israeli
(c) Swedish              (d) Moroccan

37. On Jan 10, a German court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Pakistani plaintiffs against ______ over a deadly 2012 fire at a Karachi garment factory.
(a) KiK                   (b) Gerry Weber
(c) Zalando              (d) SINOIAN

38. On Jan 13, India and five Central Asian countries along with Afghanistan held the first-ever meeting of the India-Central Asia Dialogue in ______.
(a) Kabul                         (b) Tirana
(c) Samarkand           (d) Tashkent

39. On Jan 15, the International Cricket Council named ______ as its new chief executive officer.
(a) Haroon Lorgat               (b) Dave Richards
(c) Manu Sawhney        (d) Mustafa Kamal

40. On ______, British lawmakers defeated PM Theresa May’s Brexit divorce deal by a crushing margin.
(a) Jan 10            (b) Jan 12
(c) Jan 14            (d) Jan 15

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