National & International MCQs ( Dec ’17 – Jan ’18 )

National & International MCQs ( Dec ’17 – Jan ’18 )


1. On Dec 17, ______ was the only Pakistani named in the top 11 powerful women of the world by NYT.
(a) Malala Yousafzai         (b) Maryam Nawaz
(c) Gulalai Ismail              (d) Sherry Rehman

2. On Dec 17, the ______ High Court ruled that forced abortion is a strong ground for dissolution of marriage.
(a) Peshawar         (b) Lahore
(c) Balochistan          (d) Sindh

3. On Dec 17, ______ government gave away Allama Iqbal literary awards and appreciation certificates.
(a) Federal            (b) Balochistan
(c) Punjab             (d) Sindh

4. The Laser Standard Class of competition of the Al Bareh Int’l Sailing Regatta 2017 was held in _____.
(a) UAE               (b) Bahrain
(c) Qatar              (d) Russia

5. On Dec 18, the appointment of ______ as Chairman PEMRA was declared illegal by the LHC.
(a) Pervez Rathore          (b) Ansar Abbasi
(c) Mushtaq Sukhera      (d) Absar Alam

6. On Dec 18, Pakistani wrestlers grabbed 1 silver and 4 bronze medals in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship freestyle competitions, held in ______.
(a) London            (b) Johannesburg
(c) Dubai               (d) Sydney

7. On Dec 19, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa became the ______ COAS to give a briefing to the Senate Committee of the Whole House.
(a) First            (b) Second
(c) Third             (d) Fourth

8. According to, Pakistan ranked first with a _____ jump in mobile download speed.
(a) 49.8%           (b) 50.2%
(c) 52.9%           (d) 56.2%

9. The 7th Ministerial Conference of the “Heart of Asia” – Istanbul Process was held in______, Azerbaijan.
(a) Baku        (b) Astara
(c) Tartar        (d) Shamkir

10. On Dec 21, the 10th edition of the International Urdu Conference started in ______.
(a) Islamabad     (b) Quetta
(c) Lahore           (d) Karachi

11. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony banned the Urdu translation of some sacred Arabic words on ______.
(a) Dec 18          (b) Dec 22
(c) Dec 24          (d) Dec 28

12. The three-day Speakers Conference with speakers from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey was held in ______.
(a) Beijing                  (b) Tehran
(c) Islamabad       (d) Moscow

13. On Dec 23, Pakistan and ______ agreed on joint aerial monitoring of their border.
(a) Iran                (b) India
(c) Afghanistan     (d) China

14. On ______, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) and Research Centre in Lahore.
(a) Dec 22               (b) Dec 23
(c) Dec 25             (d) Dec 27

15. Pakistan’s first and only female Pride of Performance Hafiza Qaria Rubina Khalid died on ______.
(a) Dec 22       (b) Dec 23
(c) Dec 25     (d) Dec 27

16. On Dec 25, the National Implementation Committee on Fata Reforms, chaired by ______, endorsed the merger of tribal regions with KP.
(a) President                      (b) Finance Minister
(c) Prime Minister      (d) Interior Minister

17. On Dec 25, ______ regained the Quaid-i-Azam Trophy National Cricket Championship crown.
(a) Wapda               (b) SNGPL
(c) Habib Bank      (d) PIA

18. On Dec 26, the CJP ordered all the unregistered _____ colleges throughout the country to discontinue the admission process at once.
(a) Private             (b) Law
(c) Commerce      (d) Medical

19. On Dec 26, the first China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue was held in______.
(a) Shanghai        (b) Beijing
(c) Islamabad      (d) Kabul

20. On Dec 26, ______ was appointed the Minister of State for Finance.
(a) Miftah Ismail        (b) Rana Afzal Khan
(c) Haroon Akhtar     (d) Bashir Virk

21. On Dec 26, the government appointed ______ as Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Economic Affairs
(a) Rana M. Afzal         (b) Miftah Ismail
(c) Haroon Akhtar       (d) Bashir Kahlon

22. The Elections Act, 2017, which received Presidential assent on Dec 27, was passed by the NA on Nov 16 and the Senate on ______.
(a) Dec 17         (b) Dec 18
(c) Dec 19      (d) Dec 25

23. The most iconic Urdu poet Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib was born on 27 Dec ______, in Agra into a family descended from Aibak Turks.
(a) 1614         (b) 1617
(c) 1787         (d) 1797

24. On Dec 29, Indian authorities declared ______ ‘persona non grata’.
(a) Zahid Hamid            (b) Khawaja Asif
(c) Syed Manzoor Hussain Gillani
(d) Sardar Masood Khan

25. Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Gen Khalid Shamim Wynne, died on ______.
(a) Dec 25        (b) Dec 30
(c) Jan 01          (d) Jan 04

26. On Jan 02, Pakistan became the largest recipient of _____ concessional loans in the world with over $4 billion soft loan already approved for ongoing infrastructure projects.
(a) British            (b) Japanese
(c) American       (d) Chinese

27. On Jan 03, Pakistan Navy test-fired Harbah cruise missile from ____.
(a) PNS Dehshat            (b) PNS Azmat
(c) PNS Himmat       (d) PNS Alamgir

28. On ______, the Trump administration suspended its entire security assistance to Pakistan.
(a) Jan 04       (b) Jan 06
(c) Jan 08          (d) Jan 10

29. On Jan 04, ______, the Chief Economist of Pakistan, resigned.
(a) Jaffer Qamar         (b) Dr Nadeem Javaid
(c) Hassan Tariq         (d) Nadeem Ahmad

30. On ______, eminent poet Rasa Chughtai and noted cooking expert Zubaida Tariq, aka Zubaida Aapa, passed away.
(a) Jan 01            (b) Jan 03
(c) Jan 04            (d) Jan 05

31. Former chief of the PAF and the youngest person to head this prestigious force, Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan, passed away on ______.
(a) Jan 01           (b) Jan 03
(c) Jan 05        (d) Jan 07

32. On Jan 07, Associate Adviser at Wafaqi Mohtasib Syeda Viquar-un-Nisa Hashmi was appointed the commissioner for ______ persons.
(a) Displaced       (b) Transgender
(c) Retired            (d) Disabled

33. On Jan 07, the Indus canyon, a deep fissure having an area of 27,607 sq km, was declared the ______ marine protected area (MPA) in the country.
(a) First             (b) Second
(c) Third            (d) Fourth

34. On Jan 08, the Peshawar High Court granted bail to______, chief of the banned Tehreek-i-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Muhammadi (TNSM).
(a) Qari Noor Zaman
(b) Mullah Fazlullah
(c) Ehsanullah Ehsan
(d) Maulana Sufi Mohammad

35. On Jan 09, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Revenue _____ was elevated to the status of federal minister for revenue.
(a) Haroon Akhtar Khan
(b) Miftah Ismail
(c) Rana Afzal Khan
(d) Talal Chaudhary

36. Chaudhry Mehmood Bashir Virk is the current federal Minister for ______.
(a) SAFRON         (b) Finance
(c) Law                (d) Interior

37. On Jan 10, government nominated ______ as Pakistan’s candidate for the chairman International Monetary and Financial Committee.
(a) Dr Ishrat Husain
(b) Dr Nadeem Javaid
(c) Dr Tauqeer Shah
(d) Dr Ejaz Rehman

38. The gruesome murder of Zainab, which ignited protests throughout the country, happened on ______.
(a) Jan 01        (b) Jan 03
(c) Jan 04        (d) Jan 10

39. On Jan 13, Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo of ______ was elected the new chief minister of Balochistan.
(a) PPP            (b) JUI (F)
(c) PkMAP      (d) PML-Q


1. Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year 2017 is ______.
(a) Milkshake Duck       (b) Feminism
(c) Youthquake          (d) Complicit

2. On Dec 16, the World Health Organization declared ______ a polio-free country.
(a) Afghanistan         (b) Gabon
(c) Bangladesh          (d) Nigeria

3. On Dec 16, Rahul Gandhi took over as the ______ president of the Indian National Congress.
(a) 75th           (b) 87th
(c) 99th           (d) 117th

4. Indian National Congress was established on 28 December 1885, in Bombay (now Mumbai) and its first president was ______.
(a) Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee
(b) Romesh Chunder Dutt
(c) Dadabhai Naoroji
(d) Badruddin Tyabji

5. On Dec 17, India won their ______ straight ODI series after defeating Sri Lanka in the 3rd ODI.
(a) Sixth             (b) Eighth
(c) Ninth            (d) Eleventh

6. On Dec 17, ______ won the FIFA Club World Cup.
(a) Chelsea                  (b) Corinthians
(c) Real Madrid     (d) Gremio

7. The theme of the 2017 International Migrants Day, which is observed every year on Dec 18, was ______.
(a) Together with Migration
(b) Migration Boosts Economy
(c) Safe Migration in a World on the Move
(d) Migrants contribute

8. As per the UN World Migration Report 2018, ______ has the largest diaspora population in the world.
(a) India     (b) Pakistan
(c) China       (d) Brazil

9. On Dec 18, Australia won back the Ashes after defeating England in the third Test played in______.
(a) Canberra         (b) Perth
(c) Hobart             (d) Sydney

10. On Dec 19, Dominique Mineur of ______ became the first woman ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
(a) Finland         (b) Norway
(c) Belgium     (d) Sweden

11. On Dec 20, European Union’s top court ruled that ______ should be regulated like a taxi company and not a technology service,
(a) Lyft                  (b) Uber
(c) Robo-Taxi      (d) TappCar

12. On Dec 21, ______ and Britain signed a new defence treaty.
(a) USA            (b) Germany
(c) Poland    (d) France

13. The UNGA voted to repudiate US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on ______.
(a) Dec 20      (b) Dec 21
(c) Dec 23      (d) Dec 25

14. On Dec 21, Nasa astronaut ______, the first person to fly freely and untethered in space, died.
(a) Buzz Aldrin          (b) Bruce McCandless
(c) Jeffrey Ashby      (d) John M. Fabian

15. Record for the quickest century in T20Is is jointly held by David Miller of S. Africa and ______ of India.
(a) MS Dhoni                 (b) Shikhar Dhawan
(c) Rohit Sharma     (d) Virat Kohli

16. On Dec 22, Britain announced to phase out the burgundy-coloured and return to ______ passports after leaving the EU in 2019.
(a) Blue      (b) Black
(c) Red          (d) White

17. On Dec 23, Marwan El Shorbagy of ______ won Pakistan Open Men’s Squash Championship.
(a) Indonesia      (b) Egypt
(c) Kuwait           (d) Malaysia

18. On Dec 24, China’s AG600, codenamed______, the world’s largest amphibious aircraft in production, took to the skies for its maiden flight.
(a) Weserflung       (b) Kunlong
(c) Loening             (d) Beriev

19. On Dec 25, _____ Airlines operated their first-ever flight within Africa staffed by an all-female crew.
(a) Ethiopian       (b) Nigerian
(c) Kenyan               (d) Algerian

20. The current US Ambassador to the United Nations is ______.
(a) Susan Rice            (b) Samantha Power
(c) Nikki Haley      (d) Michele J. Sison

21. On Dec 28, ______ became the first-ever Sikh woman mayor of Northern California’s Yuba City.
(a) Jagmeet Singh      (b) Preet Gill
(c) Preet Didbal     (d) Simran Jeet

22. On______, Lok Sabha, the powerful lower house of the Indian parliament, made the Triple Talaq illegal.
(a) Dec 27       (b) Dec 28
(c) Dec 29       (d) Dec 30

23. Lok Sabha consists of ______ seats.
(a) 434         (b) 545
(c) 595         (d) 616

24. On Dec 29, a football superstar George Weah was elected as the president of______.
(a) Ghana          (b) Zambia
(c) Liberia     (d) South Africa

25. After the USA, ______ has officially confirmed withdrawal from UNESCO.
(a) Israel           (b) UAE
(c) Russia            (d) Saudi Arabia

26. On Jan 01, Israel indicted a 16-year-old Palestinian girl ______ on charges including assault.
(a) Noura Erakat         (b) Ahed Tamimi
(c) Bassem Eid            (d) Raja Shehadeh

27. On Jan 01, UNESCO accepted the “bird language” of Black Sea villagers of ______ as an endangered part of world heritage.
(a) Russia          (b) UN
(c) Turkey      (d) USAID

28. On Jan 02, Mohamed Salah of ______ was named Arab Player of the Year for 2017.
(a) Egypt           (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Bahrain          (d) Kuwait

29. On Jan 03, ______ became the first country to make it illegal to pay men more than women.
(a) Kazakhstan         (b) Mauritius
(c) Iceland              (d) Sweden

30. On Jan 05, Egypt’s international player ______ won the 2017 CAF African Player of the Year award.
(a) Mohamed Salah     (b) Ahmed Abed
(c) Yosef Laben                  (d) Shadi Abu Dib

31. The world’s largest human genome research project has been launched by ______.
(a) China     (b) USA
(c) France      (d) India

32. On Jan 03, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Peru and ______ became the new non-permanent members of UNSC.
(a) Japan           (b) Moldova
(c) Poland      (d) Georgia

33. On Jan 05, ______ John W. Young, who became the first person to fly in space six times, died.
(a) France’s         (b) USA’s
(c) Germany’s     (d) Russia’s

34. “Lincoln in the Bardo” has been written by ______.
(a) Zadie Smith       (b) George Saunders
(c) Marie Claire       (d) Junot Díaz

35. On Jan 07, ______, Australia’s largest city, recorded its hottest day since 1939.
(a) Perth              (b) Melbourne
(c) Sydney        (d) Canberra

36. On Jan 07, ___ banned the teaching of English in primary schools.
(a) Bhutan          (b) Iran
(c) Maldives       (d) North Korea

37. On Jan 08, Anna Mae Hays, who was named the first female general of the ______ military after serving in three wars, died.
(a) US              (b) Polish
(c) French         (d) German

38. On Jan 11, ____ granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
(a) Latvia              (b) Venezuela
(c) Ecuador      (d) Chile

39. The current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India is _____.
(a) J Chelameswar      (b) Ranjan Gogoi
(c) Dipak Misra      (d) Kurien Joseph

40. On Jan 15, ______ and India signed nine agreements covering cooperation in cyber security, space and oil and gas exploration.
(a) Russia                 (b) Nepal
(C) Afghanistan      (d) Israel

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