National & International MCQs (April – May 2018)

National & International MCQs (April – May 2018)


1. On Apr 16, the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, declared Pakistan the world’s largest host of refugees with their number reaching ______.
(a) 1.25 million        (b) 1.45 million
(c) 2.32 million        (d) 3.29 million

2. The current Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is ______.
(a) Raja Farooq Haider Khan
(b) Raja Muhammad Naseer Khan
(c) Yaseen Gulshan
(d) Ahmed Raza Qadri

3. On Apr 16, the government launched savings certificates for ____.
(a) Teachers                    (b) Pensioners
(c) Special people     (d) Businessmen

4. On April 16, ______ government approved the province’s first-ever agriculture and youth policies.
(a) Sindh             (b) Punjab
(c) Balochistan      (d) KP

5. On Apr 16, , the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) issued its annual report the “State of Human Rights in 2017” that was dedicated to ______.
(a) Madeeha Gohar      (b) Asma Jehangir
(c) IA Rehman              (d) Malala Yousafzai

6. On Apr 16, the Judicial Commission of Pakistan approved the elevation of Justice Munib Akhtar of _____ High Court as a judge of the Supreme Court.
(a) Lahore                   (b) Peshawar
(c) Balochistan          (d) Sindh

7. On April 18, China and Pakistan Media Forum was held in ______.
(a) Shanghai           (b) Beijing
(c) Islamabad         (d) Karachi

8. On Apr 19, ______ Pakistani peacekeepers who laid down their lives for global peace and security were honoured with the UN medal.
(a) Seven        (b) Eight
(c) Nine             (d) Eleven

9. On Apr 20, the government received the Commonwealth Government Award for Women’s ______ Empowerment.
(a) Economic      (b) Social
(c) Political             (d) Financial

10. On Apr 20, the ______ government decided to provide District Management Group training to new officers of provincial civil services.
(a) KP               (b) Balochistan
(c) Punjab        (d) Sindh

11. ______ led the Pakistani delegation that participated in the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings 2018.
(a) Waqar Ahmed        (b) Younas Dhaga
(c) Ahsan Khalid          (d) Miftah Ismail

12. On Apr 22, the HEC appointed ______ permanent Director General for its Quality Assurance Division.
(a) Uzma Qureshi         (b) Farmanullah Anjum
(c) Saadia Abbasi          (d) Alia Zaidi

13. On Apr 22, Nimroz Khan, former vice-president of the _____, died.
(a) JUI-F          (b) ANP
(c) PML-N        (d) PTI

14. On Apr 22, _____ retained the Mohenjo-Daro by winning the 17th Sindh Games.
(a) Larkana          (b) Hyderabad
(c) Karachi       (d) Sukkur

15. On Apr 23, a moot of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) was held in ______.
(a) Islamabad         (b) Karachi
(d) Shanghai          (d) Beijing

16. The CCI formally approved the National Water Policy on ______.
(a) Apr 18             (b) Apr 20
(c) Apr 24          (d) Apr 26

16. Ajoka Theatre was founded by noted playwright and actor ______.
(a) Alia Gohar      (b) Faryal Gohar
(c) Savera Ali        (d) Madeeha Gohar

17. During FY 2017-18, Pakistan’s economy grew at ______.
(a) 5.2 percent          (b) 5.8 percent
(c) 6.8 percent           (d) 6.2 percent

18. Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif was disqualified for not disclosing his salary drawn from a ______ company.
(a) Saudi         (b) Chinese
(c) Qatari        (d) UAE

19. The current PML-N government presented its sixth budget on ______.
(a) Apr 25        (b) Apr 26
(c) Apr 27     (d) Apr 28

20. On Apr 27, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Tariq Fazal Chaudhry and ______ were given the status of federal ministers.
(a) Laila Khan           (b) Anusha Rehman
(c) Talal Chaudhry   (d) Daniyal Aziz

21. The first-ever Science Festival for schoolchildren in Gwadar district was held on ______.
(a) Apr 27       (b) Apr 28
(c) Apr 29       (d) Apr 30

22. On Apr 30, Pakistan became the hottest place on earth when the temperature crossed 50 degrees Celsius in ______.
(a) Multan       (b) Nawabshah
(c) Sibbi           (d) Larkana

23. The Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan’s largest and the first greenfield airport, was inaugurated on ______.
(a) Apr 28           (b) Apr 30
(c) May 01       (d) May 03

24. On May 02, National Human Development Report (NHDR) – Unleashing the Potential of a Young Pakistan was released by ______.
(a) Ministry of Youth Affairs     (b) Ministry of Finance
(c) Ministry of Education          (d) UNDP

25. On May 03, the resolution calling for renaming the Physics department of QAU Islamabad after Abu al Fatah Abdul Rehman Al-Khazini was presented by ______.
(a) Maiza Hameed            (b) Captain (R) Safdar
(c) Marvi Memion             (d) Laila Khan

26. On May 05, Noor Fatima, an Assistant Professor at IIUI won the prestigious Martin Luther King Junior Award, becoming the ______ South Asian woman to receive this honour.
(a) First       (b) Second
(c) Third        (d) Fourth

27. On May 05, the ______ annual Judicial Conference, organised by the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, was held in Islamabad.
(a) Fifth             (b) Seventh
(c) Eighth       (d) Eleventh

28. ______ and Pakistan have signed $200 million cooperation agreement to execute Phase III of UAEPAP.
(a) UAE               (b) China
(c) Afghanistan    (d) Turkey

29. On May 06, Federal Areas defeated ______ by 5 wickets and retained their Cool & Cool presents Pepsi Pakistan Cup title.
(a) KP      (b) Punjab
(c) PIA      (d) Sindh

30. On May 07, ______ was made the 40th chief of the Intelligence Bureau, the civilian spy agency of the country.
(a) Aftab Sultan Cheema
(b) Dr Mohammad Suleman Khan
(c) Syed Ziaullah Shah
(d) Munib Akhtar Sial

31. Justice (R) Mehta Kalash Nath Kohli is the current chairman of ______ Public Service Commission.
(a) Punjab                 (b) Sindh
(c) Balochistan    (d) KP

32. On May 07, the Punjab government revived 20 percent public sector job quota for 3 divisions of south Punjab – Multan, Bahawalpur and DG Khan – besides the districts of Bhakkar and ______.
(a) Kamalia         (b) Mianwali
(c) Rajanpur        (d) Layyah

33. On May 08, the SCP suspended the notification of Senator-elect ______ for his failure to appear in court despite repeated summons.
(a) Saadia Abbasi         (b) Ishaq Dar
(c) Ch. Sarwar               (d) Nehal Hashmi

34. On May 08, Daraz Group, Pakistan’s leading online retailer announced its complete acquisition by ______ Group.
(a) BidPay            (b) In-Q-Tel
(c) NexTag           (d) Alibaba

35. On May 10, the COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was ranked the ______ most powerful person in the world.
(a) 68th      (b) 70th
(c) 74th         (d) 75th

36. On May 11, _____ won the first Pakistan Super Kabaddi League.
(a) Peshawar Haiders           (b) Multan Sikandars
(c) Gujrat Warriors        (d) Faisalabad Sherdils

37. On May 12, the government appointed ______ the Chairman SECP.
(a) Shaukat Hussain         (b) Murad Ali
(c) Ghazanfar Ali                     (d) Zafar Alvi

38. On ______, Rao Tehsin Ali Khan was appointed DG Radio Pakistan.
(a) May 11           (b) May 12
(c) May 14          (d) May 15

39. On May 15, Brig (Retd) Khalid Sajjad Khokhar was re-elected as the president ______ for a second term.
(a) PHF         (b) PCB
(c) PKL            (d) PSB

40. Arif Nawaz Khan is the incumbent Inspector General of Police ______.
(a) Sindh                   (b) Punjab
(c) Balochistan          (d) KP


1. ______ countries participated in Joint Gulf Shield-1 military drill held in Saudi Arabia’s Jubail city.
(a) 18          (b) 20
(c) 24        (d) 26

2. On Apr 16, _______ was appointed a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.
(a) Prince Charles          (b) Prince Harry
(c) Meghan Markle        (d) Prince Williams

3. Former US first lady Barbara Bush, who died on Apr 17, was the wife of the 41st US president, George H.W. Bush, and mother of the______, George W. Bush.
(a) 42nd         (b) 43rd
(c) 44th          (d) 45th

4. On Apr 18, President Erdogan of Turkey called snap elections in his country to be held on ______.
(a) June 24       (b) June 26
(c) June 28          (d) June 30

5. On Apr 18, Saudi Arabia launched its first commercial movie theatre with screening of the movie ______.
(a) X-Men              (b) Black Panther
(c) Deadpool 2      (d) Avatar

6. Sooronbai Jeenbekov is the current president of ______.
(a) Ukraine                 (b) Solvakia
(c) Kyrgyzstan       (d) Azerbaijan

7. Moroni is the capital of ______.
(a) South Sudan       (b) Chad
(c) Comoros          (d) Senegal

8. On Apr 19, Iran, Iraq, Syria and ______ held a meeting of military and security officials in Baghdad.
(a) Russia         (b) China
(c) France            (d) Germany

9. On Apr 19, Miguel Diaz-Canel was elected as the new president of ______.
(a) Brazil              (b) Cuba
(c) Argentina      (d) Venezuela

10. On Apr 19, the Commonwealth Summit kicked off in ______.
(a) Dublin           (b) Canberra
(c) London      (d) Toronto

11. On Apr 19, the king of Swaziland announced that his country had changed its name to ______.
(a) Rhodes           (b) eSwatini
(c) Comoron         (d) Swazica

12. North and South Korea opened a hotline between their leaders on ____.
(a) Apr 18         (b) Apr 19
(c) Apr 20     (d) Apr 22

13. Blue House is the official residence of the President of ______.
(a) North Korea    (b) South Korea
(c) Thailand           (d) Mongolia

14. On Apr 20, an Indian court acquitted ______ who was sentenced to 28 years in jail in 2012 over the killing of 97 Muslims in the worst massacre during Gujarat riots.
(a) Narendra Modi        (b) Maya Kodnani
(c) Nirmala Panday      (d) Nanavati Mehta

15. On Apr 21, India’s cabinet approved the death penalty for rapists of girls below ______ of age.
(a) 10 years      (b) 12 years
(c) 14 years       (d) 16 years

16. On Apr 21, Indian veteran Rahil Gangjee won the Panasonic Open that was held in ___.
(a) Japan     (b) China
(c) Nepal         (d) Australia

17. On Apr 21, ______ centre-left Social Democrats elected Andrea Nahles as the first woman leader of the 155-year-old party.
(a) Germany’s    (b) France’s
(c) Sweden’s           (d) Norway’s

18. On Apr 23, Mario Abdo Benitez was elected the president of ______.
(a) Vietnam     (b) Paraguay
(b) Brazil          (c) Peru

19. On Apr 23, ______ world champion Marc Marquez won his 6th MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas.
(a) German     (b) Spanish
(c) British        (d) Australian

20. Covering an area of roughly 1,249,000 sq km, the East China Sea is a part of the ______ Ocean.
(a) Pacific     (b) Indian
(c) Arctic         (d) Atlantic

21. On Apr 25, the United Nations launched a project to support youth-driven initiatives in education, science, culture and the media in Jordan, Libya, Morocco and ______.
(a) Tajikistan     (b) Afghanistan
(c) Tunisia      (d) Pakistan

22. On Mar 28, ______ signed the largest arms procurement deal in its history, with the United States.
(a) UAE             (b) Kuwait
(c) Poland      (d) Malaysia

23. On Apr 26, the ICC announced that all its 104-member nations – both men and women’s team – will be granted ______ status.
(a) Test          (b) T20I
(c) ODI          (d) T10I

24. On Apr 26, former CIA director ___ was approved as secretary of state.
(a) Gina Haspel            (b) Gary Cohn
(c) Mike Pompeo    (d) Joe Hagin

25. A historic summit between the leaders of North and South Korea was held on ______.
(a) Apr 27        (b) Apr 28
(c) Apr 29           (d) Apr 30

26. The world’s only handwritten newspaper is ______.
(a) Nawa-i-Islam        (b) The Musalman
(c) Islami Akhbar       (d) The Muslim

27. Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil and gas company by revenue, is based in ______.
(a) Riyadh           (b) Jeddah
(c) Dhahran    (d) Makkah

28. On Apr 29, Rafael Nadal won his ______ career clay-court title.
(a) 55th         (b) 58th
(c) 60th           (d) 64th

29. On Apr 30, Japan and its top trade partner in the Middle East, ___, signed an investment protection agreement.
(a) Qatar      (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) UAE      (d) Iraq

30. The world’s oldest known spider that died in Australia on Apr 30, was named ______.
(a) Number 16      (b) Sudan
(c) Bluey                     (d) Tuatara

31. On Apr 30, British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Sajid Javid the Britain’s ______.
(a) Interior Minister     (b) Foreign Minister
(c) Justice Minister             (d) Finance Minister

32. On May 01, Liverpool’s ______ forward Mohamed Salah was voted Footballer of the Year by the Football Writers’ Association (FWA).
(a) Saudi              (b) Iraqi
(c) Egyptian     (d) Jordanian

33. On May 02, ______, the data firm embroiled in a scandal for handling Facebook user data ceased operations.
(a) SCL Elections              (b) Cambridge Analytica
(c) Oxford Observers       (d) Electobooks

34. A per a WHO report, released on May 02, ______ is home to the world’s 14 most polluted cities.
(a) Pakistan     (b) China
(c) India         (d) Japan

35. On May 05, Nasa launched its latest Mars lander, called ______.
(a) InSight     (b) Tess
(c) RedFace      (d) Challenger

36. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 was held in ______.
(a) Canberra       (b) Montreal
(c) London       (d) Zurich

37. On ______, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was sworn in for a new term that will see him in office until 2024.
(a) May 04       (b) May 05
(c) May 06       (d) May 07

38. On ______, President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal.
(a) May 06          (b) May 07
(c) May 08       (d) May 10

39. On May 10, ______ was sworn in as the world’s oldest elected leader.
(a) Kim Yong-nam                         (b) Beji Caid Essebsi
(c) Mahathir Mohamad         (d) Najib Razak

40. On May 10, a 104-year-old Australian scientist ______ committed assisted suicide in Switzerland.
(a) Carol O’Neill               (b) David Goodall
(c) David William            (d) F. G. Gregory

41. On May 11, ______ Supreme Court ousted its chief justice, Maria Lourdes Sereno.
(a) Cambodian                  (b) Thai
(c) The Philippine      (d) Austrian

42. On May 14, Kevin O’Brien scored ______ first hundred in Test Cricket.
(a) Ireland’s               (b) Zimbabwe’s
(c) Jamaica’s                  (d) Hong Kong’s

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