PHILOSOPHY (PAPER-I) (PMS Past Paper 2015)



Combined Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the

Posts of Provincial Management Service, ETC. – 2015


TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS                                          MAXIMUM MARKS: 100

Note:  Attempt any FIVE questions. Attempt in English or Urdu language. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1.     Explain Plato’s theory of Ideas.

Q.2.     Elaborate and examine Plato’s concept of “Philosopher king”.

Q.3.     The great Greek philosopher Aristotle introduced logic. Define logic and its importance and significance.

Q.4.     According to Descartes “Philosophy begins with doubt”. Discuss.

Q.5.     Subjective Idealism is very important to develop human creative thinking. Explain in detail.

Q.6.     Explain Hegel’s dialectical method, and give examples of human social life in this regard.

Q.7.     Discuss in detail Nietzsche’s concept of superman.

Q.8.     Jean Paul Sartre is of the opinion that “Existence Precedes Essence”. Discuss.

Q.9.     Write a detailed note on Logical Positivism.

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