How to Achieve Your Goals


How to Achieve Your Goals

Laiba Muhamamd Aamir

The modern world is a global village of great competition. Every person is chasing certain goals in his life. Goals are the reasons through which our lives get meanings and purposes. They are directions that keep us going to make our dreams come true. They also give focus to our lives and keep us motivated. Additionally, goals define us and make our identity clear to the outside world.

The lives of all successful people revolve around goals. Setting and achieving goals does not only give the power to control one’s life, but it also helps to determine if a person is going in the right direction. The process of setting a goal, and the courage to keep on struggling, matters the most in its achievement. It does not work if a person only says that he wants to do a certain thing.

Goals are not achieved by only aiming to accomplish them. They require strong will power, constant motivation, and interest as well. For this reason, the process of setting a goal needs careful consideration. In between setting and achieving a goal, there are many steps that a person needs to follow to get the best result.

The following are the three ways that will help you in setting and achieving your goals through life.

  1. Be specific

The first step to achieve a goal is that you must be specific about what you intend to accomplish. By being specific, a person realizes that his target can be transformed from an abstract to a tangible reality. It also shows that the objective is achievable. Everything looks impossible before it is achieved, but using one’s common sense works here. For example, if a person says that his goal for today is to become the richest man in the world, it is, simply, a silly notion.

In this way, one must carefully consider the factor if the target is important at all. Accomplishing a goal that turns out to be of no use is mere wastage of time. Therefore, instead of putting efforts into something meaningless, you should set such goals that are beneficial in every way. There must be a clear distinction between what is important for you and what is important to you.a

Also, it is not necessary that what is important for your friend is also important for you. Therefore, before getting determined to achieve a target, make sure it matters for you, and it is worth all your time and energy.

For example, a woman says she wants to sell ladies’ dresses that are light-weight and made from breathable material. She wants to make these dresses for female athletes in countries that have warmer climates. The woman has done her research well and she knows the market value as well. On the other hand, another woman says that she wants to sell women’s dresses. In both of these cases, the first woman is more specific in setting and achieving her goal. Therefore, keep your intentions clear. You must be sure about what you want, why you want, when you want, and what are the steps to follow.

Don’t Procrastinate; Be Consistent

One thing that keeps a person away from reaching the destination is procrastination and not being consistent in efforts. When you start going towards your goal, keep going. The more a person delays, the more he goes away from the target. Also, the habit of indecisiveness tires one’s mind to the extent that one stops struggling.

In the same way, when a person cannot decide whether to start the journey today or tomorrow, he puts himself into a puzzling situation intentionally. This state is hard to come out from. Once a person develops the habit of procrastination, he only wastes time, and does not progress in any field.Reaching-Goals

According to Sarah Ban Breathnach, “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” For this reason, if you want to do it, go for it right now because this is the right moment. If you wait for the right moment while sitting on a couch, you will never achieve your target. Right moments do not come; they are created. Sometimes, a task needs only to be initiated by you and then it keeps on happening on its own. Also, the universe brings you what you truly desire and struggle to get.

Procrastination is only a state of mind. If you have enough inner strength and positive motivating force, this obstacle can be easily removed. You know what you are capable of. Therefore, do not let doubts take control of your life. Start a journey with a strong faith in yourself.

Be consistent in your journey. Take every step with positive energy. Make yourself accountable for every action and its reaction. You can become consistent if you start keeping track of your progress.

  1. Welcome Positive Vibes and Avoid Negative Ones

When you feel de-motivated while achieving your goal, do not forget to take inspiration from the surroundings. Reading a good book, watching a powerful documentary or a movie work best when a person feels numb. While on the path to achieving a goal, positive vibes must always be welcomed because they help in progress. They also help in lifting morale.Man drawing outline of large steps with pencil

In the same way, a person must always trust in himself and must never pay attention to others opinions. People’s opinion about us has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with them and their level of mentality. Therefore, people’s judgment, negative comments, and harsh criticism must be avoided as much as possible. Instead, they should be taken more positively. It makes a person realize who are his well-wishers and who want to fall in the pit. Other cannot see or read what is going on in our mind. Therefore, they cannot understand why you are chasing a certain target.

Dependence upon others’ discouraging statements takes a person away from his goal. This situation is like imprisonment where a person behaves the way others want.

For this reason, it is advisable to live according to one’s rules, instead of living up according to others’ standards. If a person is sure that whatever he wants to do does not harm anyone, he must start his journey without paying attention to how society will respond. We are born to give meaning to our life. We are responsible to live the best of our life. For this reason, giving attention to others’ baseless views is a foolish thing ever.

In a nutshell, setting and achieving goals makes our lives meaningful. They give us recognition by helping us explore our qualities. By being specific, consistent, and by avoiding negative thoughts, a person can achieve every task.

Also, goal does not mean aiming to become the richest person or a celebrity. It can be any target that mostly goes unnoticed. For example, if you intend to wake up early and you do so, it means that you have achieved your goal. It means that you have the power to set and get the target. So whenever you accomplish a task, congratulate yourself. Feel proud as well. Feel good with every step towards your destination. It will not only give your extra-strength but bless you with small moments to celebrate as well.

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