A blessing in disguise

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Today, the world is standing on the verge of an absolute rupture due to highly-traumatic pandemic called Covid-19 that has been triggered by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Meanwhile, a hyperopic view of current scenario leads us towards an undeniable fact that this pandemic is ‘a blessing in disguise’. In the very beginning of the current year, the United Nations health agency ‘World Health Organization’ declared a pandemic emergency across the globe due to rapid spread of this virus. Originating from Wuhan, a city in China’s Hubei province, it has affected almost every state around the globe.

All the scientific researches, experiences, pharmaceutics and tools have, reportedly, failed so far in discovering an antidote to this disease. Howbeit, since this contagion spreads through human touch and breathing in open air contaminated by the virus, the only precautionary measures have been left helpful are avoiding human interaction, social distancing, living in isolation or more specifically quarantining oneself.

There is a complete lockdown in the world with dreadful silence on the roads. Jobs, trading, businesses and educational activities have borne the most brunt of it. The question that arises here is: when this morbidity has really shoved the world to the edge of collapse, then how come it is a blessing in disguise? The answer precisely lies in the gravity of this issue when analysed by using the lens of hyperopia. Although, the world is experiencing catastrophic ramifications of Covid-19, yet it has many blessings under its umbrella:6NoPRNoCopZO4uweC-pdTFCQl2t2vqMHu1IWKxzDmaM

Covid-19 has proved to be a harbinger of unity and cooperation among all the states. It has brought all the states, irrespective of their financial and political statuses, on the same table. As this ailment is not discriminatory in nature, and hence does not affect only impoverished ones, everyone stands equal before it. Pandemics don’t distinguish on the basis of material progress, religious beliefs, territorial boundaries, or racial qualities; their catastrophic impacts reach everyone like the rays of the sun.

Secondly, it has thrown a sense of realization upon the world’s hegemons about the sufferings and deficiencies of the poor and oppressed states like Kashmir, Palestine, Syria. It has also sketched recourse to palliate the sufferings triggered by the bigwigs in the name of democracy/sovereignty or authority and self-defence. The world seemed moving towards neo-imperialism and there was a massive race among world hegemons in military, political and economic spheres. The news with headlines, like USA built Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to counter China’s String of Pearls, Rivalry on South and East China Sea, US-China Trade War, Revival of Cold War between Russia and the United States, USA pulls out of Iran Nuclear Deal and so on had overwhelmed the media. But Covid-19 effected a swift shift in their concerns by taking first place and suppressing their false priorities being made at the cost of welfare of their masses.3wDnK-sQFUQabNBgmUjvR04kFlUZE69MpZLcmjjiyiw

Thirdly, Covid-19 has fully exposed the materialistic lust chased by man in the contemporary era. The nukes, mighty dollar, unbeatable military strength and un-daunting intelligentsia seem helpless, and people are desperately looking with teary eyes at their loved ones dying in their hands. It has led people to mosques, temples, synagogues, churches and other places of worship. Everybody is reverting to its faith, begging mercy from their deities. Even the atheists and polytheists are looking for a miracle to happen from the Magnificent Power residing in the heavens.

Fourthly, despite a persisting rivalry, diverse cultures, uncommon religious beliefs and thoughts, and divergent civilizations, states are cherishing mutual concerns and getting closer in order to seek help from each other. The whole world is working like a family to find the cure for this killer virus. The United States, for instance, is ready to take the guidance on combating coronavirus from China. It means rivalry, tussle and animosity are no longer serving their interests. If the United States with a substantial military might can seek cooperation from its main rival, i.e. China, for its people, then everything can be done for the people beyond materialistic, territorial, and religious boundaries. Coronavirus brings a universal massage of cooperation and betterment of the people.

Fifthly, Covid-19 is a blessing in disguise as it has exposed lacunas in governance systems throughout the world. It has also shown to the world that health sector is one of the most neglected fields in almost all states. No country is currently able to facilitate its citizens in the hour of calamity. Even the countries with economic might are failing in the provision of basic medical facilities. This worst-hitting trauma is clamouring and calling upon the world leaders to focus on “saving humanity than killing it.” Contemporarily, no country is sufficiently prepared to accommodate all its citizens if hit by a virus. Had the Covid-19 not become a pandemic, the world would have not been able to come to know about the deficiencies in the medical sector.

Finally, the most important blessing from Covid-19 comes in the form revival of nature. Nature has once again proved to be magnificent and gracious towards mankind. It looks as if it had overlooked environmental disturbances caused by man. The birds are singing the verses of freedom without any fear of being caught and caged. Water is expressing its blue-hue. Natural habitat is revamping. Atmosphere is becoming more human friendly. Marine life is paying humble tribute.environmental-engineering-natural-environment-pollution-environmentalism-green-earth-green-environment-png-3500_1639

To conclude, there is no final feeling about anything. We cannot overlook the traumatic destruction caused by this pandemic. Howbeit, every calamity comes with the bounty of lessons. It is the man who has to absorb the message hidden in the garb of curse by creating panacea for outward diseases. Covid-19 is a warning call for man to explore his drawbacks and to re-align his priorities for his own good by putting everything else behind the curtain.

The writer is a PhD scholar and a competitive exams aspirant.


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