Most Frequently Asked Questions in CSS-2016 Interview

Most Frequently Asked Questions in CSS-2016 Interview

During the CSS-2016 interviews, the FPSC panellists have mainly focused these areas


1. How US elections will impact Canada?
2. Heart of Asia Conference
3. Falling prices of oil: reasons and impacts
4. Syrian war and Iran-Saudi rivalry
5. Impact of Free Trade Agreements
6. Reasons of downfall of League of Nations
7. How do you see the tenure of Ban Ki-moon; what is Blue Beret.


8. Balochistan Problem: reasons and the way out
9. Problems of Gwadar
10. CPEC (Detailed discussion)
11. CPEC as a game-changer
12. Route of CPEC
13. Problems of agriculture in Punjab
14. Working of stock market
15. Composition and functioning of NEC, ECNEC
and CCI.
16. Vice-President of Pakistan
17. Major exports of Pakistan
18. Trading in Pakistan
19. Trade deficit
20. Simla Agreement: Important features and what Pakistan gained
21. Major problems of education sector
22. Criminal Justice System of Pakistan
23. Current Local Government System (mainly comparison with previous ones)
24. Syria Crisis and Pakistan’s stance
25. National Action Plan: achievements and grey areas
26. Basic Features of Anti-honour Killing Law
27. Causes of militancy in South Punjab
28. Causes behind Pakistan’s low ranking on Human Development Index
29. Who is Governor of Balochistan province?
30. Is Pakistani Culture Islamic?
31. Community development in rural areas.
32. What is trade volume of Pakistan?
33. Opinion about Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s report.
34. Should military conduct census?
35. Opinion about construction of Metro in Lahore and whether it be beneficial.
36. What is NFC?
37. Number of gates of Lahore and their names
38. Who made master plan of Lahore and Islamabad
39. Reasons of downfall of PPP.
40. Three highest mountain ranges in Northern Areas of Pakistan.
41. Provincial cabinet ministers (Punjab.)
42. Pak-Afghan relations and the way forward.
43. Cyber security and Pakistan’s performance
44. Foreign Service and importance of diplomacy.

CSS Subjects

45. Who was Machiavelli?
46. Akbar’s Navaratnas
47. Ranjit Singh’s era
48. Main features of Objectives Resolution
49. Causes of separation of East Pakistan
50. Important leaders of Pakistan Movement from Punjab.
51. Similarity between conditions of the then-East Pakistan with those of today’s Balochistan
52. Who is Saad bin Muaaz?
53. Questions about Tenancy Act: promulgation
and important features
54. Who was Musa bin Nusair?
55. Who become Caliph after Waleed 1
56. What is commercial forestry?
57. Difference between federation and confederation
58. What is Islamic culture?
59. Questions about Psychology and Gender Studies.
60. Islamiyat like Sihah-i-Sitta, Ashaab-e-Kahaf.


61. Reforms in FPSC
62. Candidates’ favourite books & authors
63. Theme and message of candidate’s favourite book
64. Candidates’ hobbies e.g. few questions on tennis from a candidate
65. History of candidate’s caste
66. Why join Civil Service?
67. Why CSS being a doctor/engineer
68. As Secretary Health what steps the candidate would take to improve health sector.
69. Are academies doing good job for CSS preparation.

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