Accountability without Impartiality will be of No Use to Pakistan

Many are the factors responsible for hauling Pakistan towards the situation it is confronted with at the moment. Political instability, economic disorder, social degradation, administrative chaos: this is that best defines the prevailing conditions in the beloved country of all Pakistanis. How to move forward and put things back at the right track is a question every Pakistani demands an immediate, accurate and unambiguous answer to. The most effective solution to all the problems confronted by the country seems to be the process of accountability that is presently the talk of the town. Accountability; the basic principle of which is to hold everyone answerable for their words and deeds, has certainly proved to be a single key to a hundred locks in all the countries of the world that have ensured its application in different walks of life. It is, however, worth bearing in mind that the requisite results will be available in Pakistan only if the element of impartiality is ensured in the whole process, starting from its designing to application. When the government in Pakistan professes that it has principally decided not to spare anyone if found involved in committing any sort of misconduct harming the interests of the nation and state, it should ensure that it actually does so but in an unbiased and impartial manner. Political or institutional victimization neither is, nor should be, the objective of accountability process; otherwise, it would produce nothing except adding to the already prevailing turmoil and chaos.

Fifth Generation War Challenges for Pakistan

Change is the only permanent feature in the world. Since the inception of life on the globe, everything had gone through many changes – at times as a process of evolution and at times as a part of revolution. So is the case with warfare and its techniques. Started as a brutal use of man’s animal power, it now stands at a point where a fighting military force is no more required to defeat the enemy. Yes, this is what the fifth generation war is: a war that uses the general public of the enemy state to destroy it on all fronts. Just like other states of the world, Pakistan, too, is prone to the catastrophic effects of the war that stand irresistibly at its door with highly horrible face. Precisely speaking, the fifth generation war poses serious challenges not only to the political ideology and infrastructure of the country, but also to social, economic and religious sectors of the society. Because of the powerful tentacles of the monster, many things including the reputation of the national heroes and institutions, security of people belonging to minority sects and religions, unity within and between the federating units, and growth and stability of the economy are continuously under serious threat and in jeopardy.

Poverty Alleviation The Most Daunting Challenge for Pakistan

Not many happy and comfortable moments have been seen by this country since its inception. From political instability to economic turmoil, Pakistan has gone through many testing times and still the trials are not over. Among all the issues that it has been confronted with the one that has proved to be the most problematic and most troublesome is poverty. Poverty, the actual gravity of which is in its capacity and potential to keep the government and the citizens confined in a vicious circle that is by no means easy to break, is the root cause of many issues of the country. Poverty alleviation programmes initiated by different governments have done nothing more than costing the national exchequer billions and billions of rupees without bringing any significant change in the situation of poverty in real terms. As far as the factors responsible for poverty in Pakistan are concerned, they are many in number and diverse in nature, requiring, thereby, meticulous planning and relentless implementation for their complete redressal. Poverty, which has serious implications for all the sectors of the country, if not gotten rid of completely, will gradually destroy the foundations of the country and even our status as an independent nation will be jeopardized.


Shift in US Policy towards Pakistan Implications and the way forward

Started warmly immediately after the establishment of Pakistan, developed strongly during Afghan-Russia war, flourished vehemently in the wake of 9/11, and rolled back quickly after Trump assumed the charge: the story of US-Pak relationship looks strange and surprising, yet this is the way it is of now. Right now, the United States is no more interested in carrying on with Pakistan as the famous wealthy elder brother. More painfully, all that Pakistan had been doing for the US was outright negated when President Trump openly declared Pakistan to be as a country that had done nothing despite receiving billions of dollars from the United States. Though such a salty behaviour was never unexpected of Trump, as even during his presidential campaign he had always been a critic of Pakistan’s role in the region, yet there was still a hope that he might treat his campaign rhetoric just as a political slogan and, hence, avoid taking a position unbecoming of the office of the President of the country that is the Leader of the Free World. Brushing aside all positive hopes, Trump has now openly spat the venom that he carries against Pakistan. The shift in US policy has certainly many implications for all the sectors of Pakistan. On one side, the war on terror will start showing its economic implications as the reimbursement is no more available from Coalition Support Fund (CSF), while on the other, the economic turmoil of the country can get further aggravated owing to the absence of economic packages that were directly or indirectly available because of the intimate relationship with the US. Similarly, the social and administrative sectors will also bear the cost of the situation in different terms and currencies. In the whole scenario, however, the silver lining and more important will be the fact that the government of Pakistan will have to adopt an extremely unemotional and logical approach while tackling the situation. Exploration of more avenues for the export of goods and services, efforts for normalizing and then improving relations with its neighbouring countries including India and Afghanistan, and addressing the complaints of the US in a justified and honest manner can be the best option available at the moment.

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