Facts and Figures about FATA

1.Bajaur Agency Its administrative headquarter is at Khar. It is divided into two sub-divisions Khar, Nawagai and seven tehsils – Khar, Salazai, Uthmankhel, Nawagai, Charmar, Barang, Mamund. The total area of the agency is 1290 sq. km. The important rivers are Khwar and Panjgora – the main tributaries of Swat River. It was declared as a full-fledged Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in 1973.

1. Place of Interest

Sikandaro is the area historically known for the arrival of the Alexander, the Great, to this area in pursuance of his conquests. The famous shrines are Ghazi Baba, Sakhi Baba, Sheikh Baba, Meer Ali Baba and a historical Scout Fort Khar.

2. Mohmand Agency

Its name is taken from the Mohmand Tribe. Its headquarter is at Ghalanai. Its area is 2296 sq. km. Important rivers are Kabul and Swat. Kabul River makes boundary between Mohmand and Khyber Agency. Warsak Dam is situated on Kabul River and Munda Dam is on Swat River. Warsak Dam was completed in 1960. The power house is situated in the Mulla Gori area of Khyber Agency, some 32 km from Peshawar.

Administrative set-up _ two sub-divisions and seven tehsils – Safi, Upper Mohmand, Utmankhel, Pirghar, Halimzai, Pindiali, Yake Ghund.

3. Khyber Agency

Khyber Agency is named after the world famous Khyber Pass which has served as the corridor connecting the Asian subcontinent to the Central Asia through Afghanistan. Its headquarter is Landi Kotal. The total area of Khyber Agency is 2576 sq. km.

Place of Interest

Bab-i-Khyber is the gateway to Khyber near Jamrud, Jamrud Shagai, Landi Kotal, Ali Masjid Fort and Torkham Post. The Agency is divided into three sub-divisions and seven tehsils.

4. Kurram Agency

Its headquarter is Parachinar on the Kurram River. Its area is 3380 sq. km. The mountain range is Koh-e-Safed and its highest peak is Sikaram (4760m). Parachinar is the headquarter of the Agency. It is also famous for timber and dry fruits.

Sadda and Dagar are famous towns of the Agency. The Agency is further divided into three sub-divisions — Upper Kurram, Lower Kurram and F.R. Kurram.

5. North Waziristan

Its headquarter is Miranshah and its area is 4707 sq. km. Razmak Valley is a summer resort. North Waziristan consists of three sub-divisions — Miranshah, Mirali, Razmak and nine tehsils.

6. South Waziristan

South Waziristan Agency is the largest in size of all FATA. Tank is the winter headquarter of  the Agency while Wana is its summer headquarter of the Agency. Its total area is 6619 sq. km. The Agency is divided into three sub-divisions — Sarwakai, Ladha, Wana and eight tehsils.

7. Orakzai Agency

Its headquarter is Kalaya and its area is 1538 sq. km. The Agency is divided into two sub-divisions upper and lower sub-division.

(i)    Its total area is 272270 sq. km. which cover 3.4 per cent of the area.
(ii)    Highest peak of FATA is Sickram (4760 m) is in Kurram Agency.
(iii)    Suffrage (adult franchise) was given to the FATA people in 1997.
(iv)    Seats for FATA in the National Assembly are 12 and in Senate eight.
(v)    Parachinar Airport name is changed Benazir Bhutto.
(vi)    Important Rivers-Kabul, Kurram, Tochi, Gomal.

Important passes

    Kand Pass
Khyber Pass
Tochi Pass
Kurram Pass
Gomal Pass
Salal Pass

Mountain Ranges

Waziristan Hills

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