Islamiat (CSS Paper 2015)

Islamiat paper for css 2015

2: Explain concept & structure of Muslim Ummah and give suggestions for its revival.

3: What is differnce between Jihad and Fasaad? Discuss the possibility of practical application of Quranic concept of Jihad in current international scenario.

4: The entire faith in Prophethood is unacceptable without faith in finality of the Prophethood. Discuss in the light of Quran & Sunnah.

5: Highlight the importance of Zakaat and prove that economic stability of a society can be ensured through its effective implementation.

6: Write a comprehensive note on the importance of sunnah in interpretation and legislation.

7:  Argue for supremacy of “Wahi” as the solution of human problems against other sources of knowledge.

8: Stability of modern society depends upon a strong family system in the light of islamic principles. Discuss

9: Give comparison of Islamic Ideology and modern Western thought about the present trends of individuality.

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