Reviving the UN spirit

Reviving the UN spirit It is a world of profound transition. It is also a world where we see renewal of east and west tensions, renewal of geopolitical tensions. They are at a peak after decades. Many times countries are obliged to make a choice. When talking of geopolitical tensions, we are also looking at tech wars between numerous countries. …

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Peace Deal Between Taliban and United States of America

Peace Deal Between Taliban and United States of America The theoretical framework of the deal is now set, but its implementation on the ground and manifestation in the Arg (Afghan Presidential Palace in Kabul) are yet to be seen. The United States has done a tremendous, yet a tricky, job by accepting Taliban as a legitimate political force in Afghanistan. …

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Green Economy

Green Economy2 The world is not in a good shape at the moment — food prices are rising, freshwater sources are depleting, energy prices are soaring, biodiversity is dying out, intense storms are damaging towns and cities, while floods and droughts are threatening the livelihoods of millions. Clearly, climate change is playing a major role in taking its toll on …

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