The Panamagate Case, A timeline of important events

April 3, 2016: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) leaks 11.5 million secret documents coming from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Nawaz Sharif’s three children – Hassan, Hussain and Maryam – reported to own at least two offshore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. April 5, 2016: Nawaz Sharif addresses the nation and announces to set up a judicial …

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Letters to the Editor (August 2017)

Letters to the Editor (February 2018)

Give Gas to Sui It is heartening to note that the federal government is spending Rs.26 billion on Sui gas supply projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, with an aim to provide natural gas to more than 2.2 million houses of the province. The gas supply project is a source of immense joy for the people throughout the province as it …

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National & International MCQs (May-June 2017)


National 1. The Companies Act, 2017, has replaced the Companies Ordinance ______. (a) 1979  (b) 1984 (c) 1988  (d) 1992 2. On May 16, Pakistan signed an MoU with ______ to promote country’s worldwide exports by SMEs through e-commerce. (a) Google (b) Alibaba Group (c) BidPay (d) Amazon 3. On ______, the ICJ restrained Pakistan from executing convicted Indian spy …

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World in Focus (May-June 2017)

NATIONAL May 16: The Senate of Pakistan approved the draft of Companies Act 2017, replacing 33-year-old Companies Ordinance, 1984. May 16: Pakistan signed an MoU with the Alibaba Group to promote country’s worldwide exports by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through e-commerce. May 16: MSCI, a New York-based company, announced the upgrade of Pakistan’s status to the emerging market (EM) …

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Prospects for and hurdles to Peace in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a war-torn country, yearns for peace. Life in Afghanistan has been paralyzed. Its economy is in tatters – almost ninety percent of its GDP comes from foreign funding. Unemployment ratio is skyrocketing as almost fifty percent of its population is unemployed. In Afghanistan, suicide bombings, bloodshed and massacre of innocent people have become rampant. The Taliban and al-Qaeda have …

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