Letters to the Editor (August 2017)

Letter to the editor

Give Gas to Sui

It is heartening to note that the federal government is spending Rs.26 billion on Sui gas supply projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, with an aim to provide natural gas to more than 2.2 million houses of the province. The gas supply project is a source of immense joy for the people throughout the province as it has been their demand since long. However, it is important to mention here that Sui, in Balochistan province, has the largest gas field of the country, yet the residents of the very area are, unfortunately, facing an extreme shortage of gas. Consequently, people are compelled to purchase gas cylinders and use firewood. This serious issue must be dealt immediately by the federal government.

Mannan Samad (Turbat)

Hollow Promises

Pakistan has been facing an acute energy crisis since long. During their election campaign, the PML-N leaders vowed to rid the country of this endless crisis. However, the promises remained unfulfilled as the menace of load shedding has not been controlled. The industrial sector has been adversely affected due to unscheduled and prolonged outages. This has negatively impacted the country’s economy. Instead of making false promises, our politicians should better focus on finding ways to relieve the people of the chronic vices.

Ubaid Zehri (Khuzdar)

Science Teachers Required

Kech, the second largest district of Balochistan, has 56 government high schools, but unfortunately, students in these schools are facing a shortage of science teachers. This has been taking a heavy toll on students’ learning. Therefore, I humbly request the Secretary Education Balochistan to take immediate measures regarding this serious issue and appoint more science teachers as early as possible. Balochistan is far behind other provinces in terms of educational standards and it is only through appointing more and more teachers that we can catch up with the rest of the country.

Imran Badeer  (Turbat)

Equitable Development

Not a single day passes without some kind of tragedy, but there is no one to accept responsibility and take preventative measures to stop tragedies from happening again and again. Our representatives, instead of formulating proposals for social uplift, fight for development funds in order to strengthen their own personalities and positions.

People need basic necessities of life, namely; safe drinking water, food, healthcare facilities, education, electricity and security. The government’s most basic duties should be to use taxpayers’ money on schemes that are beneficial to the public across the country, but the current government is instead making development in some certain areas of only one province, causing frustration among the people of other provinces.

The government should change its priorities and pay more and equal attention to the needs of all people of all the provinces.

Salman Khan Soomro (Larkana)

Religious Intolerance in India

The Indian Hindus have been belligerently showing intolerance since Modi has become the Prime Minister. A group of Hindus killed two Muslims, for they were allegedly stealing cows. The Hindus consider a cow sacred and they worship it. However, the Muslims eat cow-meat. In today’s India, the communal crisis over the issue of cow slaughter has reached to such an extent that Muslims are not allowed to eat beef and those who do so are severely punished, even lynched and brutally killed.

Many of the Indian states have imposed a ban on cow-slaughter. It is tantamount to denying Muslims the right to live a life according to their own religion. The Indian government does not protect the minorities. The police also failed to save the lives of Abu Hanifa and Reyazudin Ali who were beaten to death by angry mob.

The United Nations must take notice of the killings of Muslims. The Modi administration must protect the lives of Indian Muslims.

Naeem Ahmed Solangi (Khairpur Mir’)

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