CSS Papers 2021


Precis & Composition Q1 (A): Synonyms1. Defenestration: Ejection 2. Sot: Drunkard3. Visceral: Intuitive4. Deracinated: Uprooted5. Bricloge: Fusion (Note: The word was wrongly spelt; it should have been Bricolage) 6. Miscegenation: Crossbreed 7. Demiurge: Deity8. Alluvial: Muddy 9. Hagiographic: Flattering 10. Tousled: Disheveled Q1 (B): Antonyms1. Clerisy: Commoner2. Feral: Tamed3. Demagogue: Conformist4. Bibulous: Nonabsorbent5. Pabulum: Trash6. Quisling: Loyalist7. Chiaroscuro: Bright8. Caitiff: …

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