Naqeebullah Kakar

The writer is an MPhil in International Relations and a Researcher at University of Balochistan, Quetta

Kashmir’s, Another Cause Célèbre

Kashmirs Another Cause celebre

Kashmir burns while the world fiddles The policy of appeasement adopted by Pakistan in the face of India’s tyrannical rule over Kashmir has often resulted into mayhem and chaos in the valley. Quite pitiable are the policy novices who endlessly argue on this chronic issue with their fallacious narratives which are absolutely contrary to ground realities and the aspirations of …

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The Criminal Justice System of Pakistan and the Way forward


Amidst the dismal state of affairs regarding the Criminal Justice System of Pakistan, it ordinarily, takes years for a criminal proceeding to get disposed of. Delay in litigation of criminal cases, let alone civil suits, has become enormous. The Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (hereinafter PPC), and other laws, which define offences and fix punishments (substantive criminal law), the Code of …

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