M. Atif Sheikh

World Migratory Bird Day 10 May 2016

Migration is a trait that the humans and animals have in common and it is driven by almost similar kind of stimuli. Safety of life and access to continuous food supply are some basic reasons which impel humans and birds alike to migrate. The only difference in the migration patterns of both these beautiful creatures is that humans choose their …

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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, Eliminating Gender-based Violence

16 days of activism

Violence against women is, in fact, a delineation of the flawed thinking that is not willing to grant women and girls their due rights. People with this mindset treat women only as an object of sexual satisfaction, sumptuousness and unconditional slavery and loyalty. Those infested with this thinking, owing to their ego and false beliefs, think that degrading women is …

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Universal Children’s Day

Universal Childrens Day

Lives of 1.8 million Pakistani children are in danger Once there was a time when we were kids and were at the centre of our parents’ lives; and now when we have our own children, our lives revolve around them. But, we must not limit our love and care only to our own children rather we should widen this circle …

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International day of the Girl Child

International day of the girl child

“If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.”  (An African proverb) The above-quoted saying, in fact, exhibits the realization that the African societies do have, but we are oblivious to which even today. Perhaps, a lack of this recognition is impeding our girls’ way to …

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International Literacy Day 2015

International Literacy Day

Let’s Resolve to Promote Education in Pakistan Education is the foundation stone of a civilized society. It is the ladder that helps in reaching the pinnacles of social, moral and economic development in a country. All the saner minds around the world, individually and collectively, are amply aware of the importance of education because a person’s power of reasoning and …

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Population of Pakistan

Form Yesterday to Today and Tomorrow The difference of human development standards between developed and developing countries, makes life luxurious at some places but miserable at some. And that is just because of not acting upon the ages-old proverb “cut your coat according to your cloth,” meaning that population growth should be directly related to resources. And many developed countries …

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The Call of Nature

The call of Nature by Muhammad Atif Sheikh

40 Million Pakistanis Defecate Openly Imagine for a while, you are a guest or a host and you want to answer the call of nature, but there is no toilet in the house, nor you have the facility of public toilet outside your house. What will you do in this situation? Forty million Pakistanis have to face this situation daily. …

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World Press Freedom Day

At a time when the media — often called the fourth pillar of state – is in chains and is fighting to gain its rights in the developing countries, in the West, where it enjoys the right to freedom of speech, it is making great contributions to foster human development, good governance, social and democratic values, and is playing its …

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